Knockers is a bar located near Springfield. The bar's trademark is hiring large-breasted women to work as barmaids, and one of its regular events is "Wet T-Shirt Day". However, ironically the bar also has a sign saying "Do not stare at our waitresses' large breasts".[1]

One of the employees at Knockers is Titania, who competed in a Duff Beer bartending contest. .[2]

Homer visits Knockers when he gets kicked out of Moe's Tavern for spoiling Lenny's surprise birthday party. While at Knockers, Homer meets Ray Magini the roofer and (because it's Wet T-Shirt Day) he manages to get into trouble for staring which the sign says no staring at our waitresses enormous breasts.[1]

Behind the Laughter

Knockers is a parody of Hooters.



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