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Kodos Johnson (pronounced Koh-dohs) is one of the two secondary antagonists (alongside Kang) of the series. She is a Rigellian from Rigel 7. She[1] is the sister of Kang. Together, Kang and Kodos try to take over Earth and are usually seen attacking Springfield.

Kang & Kodos have a lot of space weaponry at hand and have their own spaceship. They speak the Rigellian language, which, by coincidence, is identical to English. Although they look identical, Kodos has a higher voice than Kang.


Either she or Kang was seen in the FBI lineup in "The Springfield Files" with other aliens.


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Kang and Kodos once impersonated Bob Dole and Bill Clinton respectively in order to become elected President of the United States. When they were revealed to be aliens, they were still more popular than a third party [2].

Kodos and Kang

Kang and Kodos have both ruled over Springfield until they found they were not welcome and fled from their primitive weapons [3].

Kodos acted harmless to Bart while her plan was to activate the beacon to call the other Rigellians including Kang but Earth got the upper hand and she failed. She was male in this episode.

The Simpsons Game

Kodos (along with Kang) appears at the end of Mob Rules, when they cause Dolphins to attack humans, cause Lard Lad to assault the industrial zone of Springfield, and invade the mall. However, when they are thwarted, they decide to start attacking Springfield. This causes the Simpson family to enter the game engine to find the creator, but Groening isn't enough to defeat the aliens because he doesn't want to. Soon after God is defeated, God decides to replenish Springfield, returning peace to the city. Kodos is male here.


  • Kang and Kodos are the only characters outside of the Simpson family to have appeared in every Treehouse of Horror Halloween special.
  • Kodos has been referred to as both male and female. Female in "Treehouse of Horror VII" and male in "Treehouse of Horror XVIII", though this may be due to humans being unable to tell male and female Rigellians apart. Also, Kodos mentioned her "700 testicles" in "Treehouse of Horror XVIII", however, in "Treehouse of Horror XXII", Kamala, a female Rigellian, also made a reference to having testicles. Kodos is not as feminine as Kamala. However, in "Treehouse of Horror XXX", Kodos reveals that she has "32 sexual identities."
  • In several DVD commentaries, Matt Groening and other writers confirm that Kodos is indeed written as female, as consistently as possible.
  • Matt Groening had an idea about Kang and Kodos appearing on Futurama, but strangely they never did. However, they did appear in the Simpsons-Futurama cross-over episode "Simpsorama", where Kang and Kodos are both depicted as females. Their last name is also revealed to be Johnson.
  • In the video game, Simpsons Hit & Run, Kodos works with Kang to make an Intergalactic reality show in Springfield, Foolish Earthlings and is killed in the production due to the actions of Homer's plan of using nuclear waste to destroy the UFO.
  • In the Family Guy/Simpsons crossover "The Simpsons Guy", it is revealed that Kang and Kodos went to summer camp with Roger the Alien from American Dad!.
  • Kodos is Jewish, according to "Treehouse of Horror XVIII", although in "Treehouse of Horror IX", she and her brother are Presbyterians however this is likely non canon due to Treehouse of Horror episodes being non canon in general.
  • Kang and Kodos appear in the Rick and Morty couch gag from "Mathlete's Feat" in the background.


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  1. While Kang has consistently been referred to as a male, in "Treehouse of Horror VII" Kodos was introduced as Kang's sister. However, this has been contradicted in several episodes (she is referred to as male) both before and since. However, in "Treehouse of Horror XXX", Kodos makes public for the first time that she has "32 sexual identities."
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