Koyaanis-Scratchy: Death out of Balance is an Itchy & Scratchy cartoon that was shown in movie theatres. Bart and Homer saw it in 3-D.


Itchy saws off Scratchy's head with a hacksaw and throws it into the Grand Canyon. As the head falls into the canyon, bouncing off of many ledges on its way down, Scratchy's headless body rides down into the canyon on a burro, attempting to catch up. The head lands in the Colorado River and is pushed downstream by the current, and Scratchy's body continues the pursuit, paddling in a rubber raft. Scratchy's head goes to Hoover Dam, where it gets stuck in a spillway vent, but the pressure builds up enough to push the head through, and it goes flying through the air. Scratchy's head screams as it starts to fall. An eagle catches the head and carries it to the top of a tall outcrop.

Much time passes, as illustrated by several time-lapse sequences. Scratchy's body makes it to the top of the outcrop and finds the head upside down with two eagle eggs resting in the stump of its neck. Scratchy puts his head back on and smiles in relief. However, the eagle eggs hatch and the newborn eaglets burst out of Scratchy's eyes. Scratchy grabs the eaglets and gives them a dirty look. Just then, Itchy comes along and shoots Scratchy with a shotgun, splattering his guts everywhere.

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