I understand that Krusty... Krusty! Was that [the response to the questions on the incident with H2WHOA!] exactly what you said just before the recall of tainted 'Krusty Brand Mayonnaise'?
―Kent Brockman[src]

Krusty-Brand Mayonnaise was a brand of mayonnaise endorsed by Krusty the Clown. It had been branded as "perfectly safe" by Krusty, and claimed that a case of tainted mayonnaise was an isolated incident sometime in the past, although despite this, it ended up being tainted to such an extent that Krusty was later forced to recall all mayonnaise, which proved to be a very sore issue for Krusty.

Kent Brockman, when questioning Krusty regarding an incident with the H2WHOA! water slide at Mt. Splashmore, another property of Krusty's, where a grossly overweight male patron ended up clogging the slide and causing a media spectacle, pointed out that Krusty's claim of the slide being perfectly safe was the same thing he said about the Krusty-Brand Mayonnaise before they were recalled, causing Krusty, who was already irritated at the reporters' constantly hounding him of the incident, to angrily call off the interview citing that referencing it was "out of bounds."


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