Krusty klump bar

A Krusty Klump Bar is a candy bar and is part of the merchandise Krusty the Clown endorses and sells.


Homer gets two tickets to the candy industry trade show from Krusty Klump Bars at the Kwik-E-Mart. Tickets were hidden in every millionth Krusty Klump Bar and Krusty Klump Bar with Almonds. Apu catches Homer opening the candy bars without buying them looking for the winning tickets.

Behind the Laughter

A similar contest of winning tickets in candy bars is in the book and movies Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Universal Studios sells an actual version of the Krusty Klump Bar and a Krusty Klump Bar with Peanuts (instead of almonds) in its Springfield section of the theme park. The real life Krusty Klump Bar has milk chocolate, marshmallows, pretzels and potato chips. The peanut version has all of the same ingredients with the addition of peanuts.



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