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Krustyland is a theme park owned by Krusty the Clown. The rides in the park were infamous for decapitating several visitors in the park, which Krusty denied, saying that the people were decapitated before they even went inside the park.


The Simpsons Ride[]

The Simpsons Ride is set inside Krustyland. In the ride, the Simpsons family were to be the first ones to try out Krusty's new thrill ride. However, Sideshow Bob attempted to kill the Simpsons family again, pursuing them through various rides in Krustyland.

Tapped Out Krustyland Entrance

Tapped Out

A large map of Krustyland is displayed at the queue, which lists and displays the following attractions/locations:

Krustyland 3

A map of Krustyland displayed at the queue of The Simpsons Ride.

1. Krustyland Main Entrance
2. Krustyland Main Street ("The America of 1895 at Today's Prices!")
3. Mt. Krustmore
4. Itchy and Scratchy Land Main Entrance
5. Unoriginal Log Ride
6. Krusty's One-Plate-Maximum Buffet
7. Krusty's Waterless Waterslide
8. Poochie's Half-Pipe ("Warning: Pipe may be less than one-half")
9. Krusty's Giant Wheel ("Not affiliated with "Ferris Wheel" brand amusement wheels")
10. Scratchy's Cat-anooga Spew-Spew
11. Sleeping Itchy's Castle
12. Scratchy's Flea-Dip Dipper-Flipper ("Voted Krusty's Worse Ride!")
13. Krusty's Spit 'n' Watch Aerial Gondolas
14. Krusty's Wet-and-Smokey Stunt Show
15. Captain Dinosaur's Pirate Rip-off
16. Happy Little Elves in Panda-Land
17. The Tilt 'N' Spew
18. The Change-Loser
19. Krusty's Dine-in-the-Sky Food Needle ("No elevator")
20. Krusty's L.A. Traffic Jam
21. The Dragon Boat Ride
22. Castle-Resembling Stadium
23. Gazebo just north of the Dragon Boat Ride
24. It's a Long, Long Line!
25. Krusty's Haunted Condo ("Visit our 999 Unhappy Teen Employees!")
26. The Tooth Chipper (Slated for Demolition)
27. Krusty's Deathbowl Jalopy Rush ("Race your friends to Krusty-infornia!")
28. Krusty's Futuristic Rootin' Tootin' BBQ Review 3000!
29. Krustylu Studios
30. Duff Pavilion ("Where fake ID's get you beer.")
31. Sea Captain's Quesy-Time Lagoon Ride
32. Krustyland Hotel
33. The Krusty Karousel
34. Death Drop
35. Moe's Tunnel of Shame and Rejection
36. Radioactive Man: The Ride
37. The Screamatorium of Dr. Frightmarestine
38. Apu's Concession Stand
39. Madam Manjula's Future Looker-After
40. Get Probed by Kang and Kodos!


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Tapped Out[]

Krusty Land was a separate map in the game added in as part of the Krustyland Expansion released to promote the real-life park, and was required to be visited twice. The first was with "the Krusty-est Place on Earth", where the characters have to help Krusty rebuild the park due to Krusty being in massive debt. The second time was nearing the end of The End of the Beginning story arc, where Homer was forced to go to Krustyland to locate R.O.S.A.'s feather duster (as it contained the surrogate motherboard) after drawing straws with Lenny, Carl, and Moe (since it was the only place unaccounted for). After finding it, Homer says that he is gone for good with relief. It is heavily implied in the story arcs that Krusty Land was of a significant distance away from Springfield.

The Simpsons Arcade[]

The Krustyland was part of the stage (mostly the fourth stage) where Homer takes the boss battle with Sideshow Mel and Krusty before advancing to the next stage.



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