Kurt Hardwick is an artsy counselor who works at a camp in Sprooklyn as well as the sandwich shop Sprubway.


When Lisa goes to the arts camp Expressions, she meets Kurt and Ethan Ballantyne, the two counselors of the camp. Lisa falls in love with the camp and, after going home, goes to Sprooklyn to find Kurt and Ethan. She finds out that they lied about how great Sprooklyn was and wants to go home. Kurt and Ethan paint a mural of Lisa before she goes. He, and Ethan, were last seen on top of the building with the mural after, a minute earlier, they were seen outside their flats, 652 8th Avenue. They said that they had magical arty powers and they could fly too.


  • His surname, 'Hardwick' is a play on the term Hard Work.
  • His name, 'Kurt' is most likely a reference to the famous musician 'Kurt Cobain', lead singer of the grunge band Nirvana.


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