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Kyle's Sister is an unnamed student at Springfield Elementary School.


She usually appears at the school, but has been seen in a number of other places around Springfield. She was also a student in Mrs. McConnell's class.

In "Bart vs. Lisa vs. the Third Grade", her partner for the field trip to Capital City was her brother Kyle, who is in the same class.

She has made subsequent appearances with Kyle since the episode, implying that Kyle is her brother. She also has a sister, who also appeared in the same episode, but had a different partner.


Kyle's Sister usually wears a light pink shirt, a jumper with a darker shade of pink, and pink shoes. She has brown hair with bangs.

In "To Surveil With Love", her hair was black and her clothes were blue colored. Her shoes were black and she wore pearls around her neck, similar to what Lisa wears.



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