A number of people have been identifed as (or implied to be) lesbian, gay, bisexual or transsexual (commonly abbreviated LGBT).


Ssi 5

Marge and Lindsey Naegle in Homer's fantasy

Hinted to be Lesbian

  • Martha - Sometimes hinted as being attracted to the assistant librarian.[3]


Openly gay characters

  • John - A nostalgia store owner who befriends the Simpson family.[4]
  • Roscoe - Manager of the Ajax Steel Mill. He and his workers are all gay, and at breaks they turn the mill into a gay nightclub.[5]
  • Grady and Julio - Were a couple when Homer roomed with them[6]; apparently later broke up.[7]
  • Thad - Marries Julio (with Homer as the officiant) subsequent to Julio's and Grady's breakup.[8]

In the closet

  • Waylon Smithers - There are numerous references to Smithers' orientation (or at least his fixation on Mr. Burns) and his efforts to keep it a secret. However, a blatant example occurs when Smithers boots up his home computer and an animation of Mr. Burns appears, saying (in obviously cobbled-together sound clips), "Hello, Smithers. You're quite good at turning me on." Smithers then says to Lisa (who was standing behind him), "You should probably ignore that."[9]
  • Unnamed Latino Man - When he saw Homer's graffiti tag of "El Homo," he said, "If only I had your courage, Señor."[10]
  • Dewey Largo - Was in a many-vehicle car crash and rescued from the same car as Waylon Smithers; then was quick to state that they were just carpooling[11]. Later has Nelson Muntz customize a bicycle for him and brings it back complaining that it fell apart during a pride parade. When Nelson asks what kind of pride parade, Largo sharply replies, "Never you mind!"[12]

Hinted to be Homosexual

  • Lenny Leonard - Sometimes hinted as being attracted to Carl.
  • Carl Carlson - Sometimes hinted as being attracted to Lenny.
  • KarlKissesHomer

    Karl kisses Homer.

    Karl - Kissed Homer on the lips after stating that his mom taught him to never kiss a fool. However, it should be noted that Karl is implied to be of German origin, and men kissing men doesn't necessarily equate to homosexuality as much as just respect in some European countries. Karl also patted Homer on the behind after giving him a pep talk, but in the context of the situation it could easily be considered a comradely gesture rather than an affectionate one. Further clouding the issue is that Karl was friends with the women in the power plant's typing pool, and, after being fired, made a point of returning to say goodbye to them. However, it isn't known whether he was romantically inolved with any of them. There is a lot of ambiguity surrounding the issue of Karl's sexual orientation, and not enough information to definitively settle the question[13].
  • Dr. Smith actor at the Bi-Mon-Sci-Fi-Con - Implied that he wanted to molest Bart Simpson[14]. It is important to note, however, that tendencies toward paedophilia (even same-sex paedophilia) don't automatically equate to homosexuality.


Hinted to be Transsexual

  • Helen Lovejoy - The Parson tells Reverend Timothy Lovejoy that he "remember[s] when [Helen Lovejoy] was Helen Schwartzbaum. In fact, I remember when she was Harold Schwartzbaum."[17] This is questionable due to her and Tim having a daughter together[18], as well as a flashback clearly depicting her as a little girl[19].
  • Waylon Smithers - Smithers hinted at possible transgendered tendencies when Marge was selling prescription medication at a garage sale and he bought bottles of estrogen for "a friend...who's trapped in the body of another friend."[20]
  • Dewey Largo - Sought gender reassignment surgery from Dr. Nick, but because Nick had the surgery files mixed up, Largo ended up getting an operation intended for Moe which made him shorter[21].
  • Frank Simpson - Homer Simpson's history about Frank Simpson implied that Frank changed his gender in 1976[22].


Hinted to be Bisexual

  • Duffman - Slept with Titania, who was competing in a bartending contest that he was judging[23]. However, Bart mentions that Duffman is supposedly in a long-term gay relationship after seeing him dining with Booberella[24]. He is later in a relationship with Julio[25]. It should be noted, however, that there are several different actors portraying Duffman[26], and not all of them necessarily have the same sexual orientation.
  • The Sea Captain - Apu delivers pornographic magazines to keep the Sea Captain's crew from resorting to situational homosexuality for about ten minutes, at least[27]. However, the Captain is also seen taking pictures of Selma and Patty in the nude to cope with being out at sea[28].
  • Santa's Little Helper - Intrigued by male dogs at the Springfield Gay Pride Parade[29]. However, he mated with both She's The Fastest[30] and Rosa Barks[31], both of whom were definitely female as both unions produced puppies.
  • Ralph Wiggum - Declares "I like men now!" after seeing Bart naked on a skateboard[32]. However, Lisa Simpson was his first crush[33]. It should be noted, though, that nothing Ralph says about himself is reliable since his understanding of everything is questionable.
  • Milhouse Van Houten - Noted as having "flamboyantly homosexual tendencies" by Dr. J. Loren Pyror[34], but has a long-standing crush on Lisa Simpson and has dated other girls.
  • Martin Prince - Generally effeminate and was shown to have a crush on Ralph Wiggum at one point [citation needed]. Accused of being gay by Nelson and protests, "I'm not anything yet!"[35]; has a male robot boyfriend in the future[36]. On the other hand, he did have an attraction to Princess Kashmir on seeing Bart's photo of her dancing with Homer, even referring to it as being "quite exciting" and calling her a "sexy lady" when he asked Bart who she was[37].

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