The La-Z Couch Gag, also known as the Retro Couch Gag, is the couch gag from the Season 27 episode, "Teenage Mutant Milk-caused Hurdles".


Homer sits on the couch. After a moment to make sure he is alone he puts sunglasses on and the couch drops to a lower level via a hidden elevator. Then, a montage showing Joe "Kaz" Kazinsky (Homer) and his partner, a high-tech couch, chasing down their enemy, Fernando Withmore (Ned) in Miami of the '80s. In the end it's revealed that the scenes are a rerun from a 1980's television show (probably Knight rider), to which Homer replies, "damn reruns," only for the family to be surprised by Maggie imitating "Kaz" and setting the living room's floor on fire. 

Character Appearances

Cultural References / Trivia

  • The title "La-Z Rider" may be a reference to the La-Z-Boy brand of furniture.
  • This Couch Gag is based off various 1980s TV shows and movies, such as Scarface, Knight Rider, Miami Vice, Back to the Future and many others (including other modern takes on 1980s culture, such as Kung Fury).
  • The song's name is Push It To The Limit, from the Soundtrack of the movie Scarface.
  • The scene in the Miami-fied version of Moe's in which Ned holds Selma hostage contains Marty McFly and Doc Brown from Back to the Future.
  • The restaurant scene with Marge has a television in the background playing the news, with the headline "Jaundice Epidemic Sweeps Miami".
  • Joe "Kaz" Kazinsky's name is a reference to Synthwave artist Kavinsky.
  • Joe's partner is a gun-wielding high-tech couch by the name of Chaise Long. A "chaise lounge" is a type of sofa.
  • The guest animator, Steve Cutts, is British, and there are two hints to this in the video; the first is the British-style license plate on the first sports car ('SKINNER'), and the second is the spelling of "Neighbour" on Ned's chest.
  • The gag also has visual similarities to the video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


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