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La Maison Derrière is a burlesque house in Springfield.


The house was rumored by the local children to be owned the home of a witch, although some (Ralph) claimed a "Frankenstein" lived there and others (Milhouse) believed that it was the home of an evil scientist who creates a race of "super-zombies". Bart ventured onto the property of the house. He climbed onto the roof to retrieve the model airplane, but slipped and fell after performing a dance while spelling the word success.

Bart's fall got the attention of Belle, the property's owner. She took him to Homer and he agreed to having Bart work there. When Bart arrived at the house he saw gambling, drinking and a burlesque show and exclaims to Belle that he had been wrongly informed about witches. Bart eventually takes on a number of odd jobs around Maison Derrière, including taking over as M.C. one evening.

Marge, Reverend Lovejoy, Flanders and other people called a town meeting where Marge incited the town's citizens to form an angry mob which mob then flocked to the house to try to bulldoze it to the ground.

Maison Derrière was fortunately saved (at least in part) after Homer led the townfolk in the song "We Put the Spring in Springfield," which revealed that a lot of prominent townspeople frequented the house. However, a still-zealous Marge, who missed the song, accidentally damaged the mansion by forgetting to put the parking brake on the bulldozer while trying to sing her own response to the song and had to work for Belle to pay for the damage. Marge's first job for the La Maison Derrière was acting as a Ventriloquist, although her act was a bit too "wooden", causing Homer to heckle her by shouting "Take it off" and Bart, acting as a bouncer, escorting Homer off of the premises.

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Among the people who have gone to the mansion are:

Even though Belle called it a place where she provides cheeky, fun entertainment for men, some women patrons (besides Patty) are seen. Some may be prostitutes, in Belle's employ, lesbians like Patty, on a date, or simply there to get a drink.

Behind the Laughter

  • In French, "derrière" means both "behind" (something that is not in front of you) and "buttocks". In this episode's case, it is most likely the latter ("Maison Derrière" thus meaning "Buttocks House"). The name of Belle's house is a pun and a double entendre.

Belle explains to Bart in the episode that the name means "The Back House".