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Laddie was a collie owned by Bart.

Bart ordered him from a catalog using a credit card he obtained through forgery. He was designed to be the ultimate dog, able to use a flushing toilet and perform multiple household chores. His charm quickly won the hearts of the whole family. When Bart's credit card went unpaid, the repo man came to take the dog away. Bart fibbed and mentioned that Santa's Little Helper was the dog he ordered. Santa's Little Helper was taken to the pound instead of Laddie. Eventually, Bart felt guilty because of that and then chose to give him away to the police force and try to recover Santa's Little Helper.[1]

Laddie was later seen in the park when Marge was rushing home.[2]


As a welcome gift, Laddie gives new owners fruit as he was trained to do it. He is also a guide dog who helps blind men. He also was watering the lawn when the repo men came for him.

Physical Appearance

He has white and tan fur, dark brown ears, and wears a purple collar. For special occasions, he wears an orange fur collar with a heart-shaped name tag.