The Boy Who Knew Too Much
Lady Bouvier's Lover
Secrets of a Successful Marriage
(after having danced with Mr.Burns in a Nightclub)
Jacqueline: Why Monty, you're the devil himself.
Mr. Burns: WHO TOLD YOU THA- oh yes. Excellent.

Marge: You know, Mom, you and Abe have a lot in common.
Jacqueline: Um-- Hmm.
Marge: You both got swindled by that telemarketing scam.
Jacqueline: Oh, it's not a swindle. What you do is, see, you give them all your credit card numbers, and if one of them is lucky they'll send you a prize.

Mr. Burns: She said no to me! Do you know how many women have said no to me? 130, but only one since I've become a billionaire!

Mr. Burns: Smithers, come over here and help me write a mash note to my girlfriend.
Smithers: Fine. (woefully) Darling one, read my words and hear my heart speak of a love soft and undying. Love that with you always. (beat, offhand) Sincerely, yadda-yadda-yadda.
Mr. Burns: That's marvelous! How did you think of that so fast?
Smithers: I...said it to you on your birthday. (wipes a tear) Excuse me, I have something in my eye!

Bart: (imitates Grampa and Jacqueline) Don't forget the Smeckler's powder.
Grampa and Jacqueline: Don't make fun!

Marge: I have a neat idea. Why don't you get my mother and we can go out to dinner?
Grampa: I'll be back in a jiffy! (gets an old lady in a wheelchair)
Marge: That's not my mother!
Grampa: I'll be back in a jiffy! (leaves again)
Old Lady: Can I come too? (Homer rolls up his car window) (sadly) Oh.

Homer: Marge, please, old people don't need companionship. They need to be isolated and studied so it can be determined what nutrients they have that might be extracted for our personal use.
Marge: Homer, would you please stop reading that Ross Perot pamphlet?

Grampa: I'm gonna smooch her like a mule eating an apple!

Grampa: You know, you remind me of a poem I can't remember, and a song that may never have existed, and a place I'm not sure I've ever been to.

Marge: [about Mr. Burns] He's an awful, awful, awful man! But I guess if he makes Mom happy, that's all that really matters.
Homer: That's right, money. Your money's happiness is all that moneys.

(Bart answers the door)
Deliveryman #1: Yeah, hi. I got a special delivery for Homer Simpson.
Bart: That's me.
Deliveryman #1: (punches Bart in the face.) Don't write no more letters to Mr. Sinatra.
(The doorbell rings Bart answers it)
Squeaky-voiced Teen: I got a special delivery for Homer Simpson.
Bart: Uh that's me.
Squeaky-voiced Teen: (punches Bart in the face) Stop stealing golf balls from the driving range!
(The doorbell rings)
Deliveryman #2: (through the door) Homer Simpson! I've got a uh.. special delivery for you.
Bart: Go away.
Deliveryman #2: If you do not open the door, Mr. Simpson, I cannot give you your special delivery.
(Bart sees it's his animation cell that he ordered)
Deliveryman #2: Here's your special delivery.
Bart: Thanks...
Deliveryman #2: (punches Bart in the face) And that's for keeping me waiting.

Homer: Well, I'm opposed to the whole thing! Damn opposed!
Bart: He's damn opposed! Damn damn damn opposed!

Bart: You know, Grandma really likes it when her boyfriends are nice to me. She especially likes it when they give me money.

Homer: Maggie, can you point to the monkey? [Maggie points at Homer] Pfft, what do babies know.
Lisa: Maggie, can you point to the credenza? [Maggie correctly points at the credenza]
Homer: D'OH!

Marge: Homer, you didn't do a very good job frosting Maggie's birthday cake.
Homer: What, it's not Magaggie's birthday? [pauses and looks at the incorrectly-frosted cake] Oh. [removes the extra A and G, followed by the other letters in "MAGAGGIE", and eats them]
Marge: Hey, hey, hey! Stop it! I made a special cake for you to ruin. It's over there. [points at a cake covered in various letters]
Homer: Ooh. [starts removing and eating the letters]

Patty: Hello everyone except Homer.

(Matlock gets a defibrillator used on him)
Jasper: What's the matter, Abe? All week you were talking about meeting Matlock, now you've met him, swiped his pills...
(An ambulance drives past)
Paramedic: Clear!
Homer: If he marries your mother, Marge, we'll be brother and sister! And our kids will be horrible freak things with pink skin, no overbites, and five fingers on each hand! [imagines Bart, Lisa and Maggie turning from yellow "monsters" to white humans.]
Maggie: [sucks her pacifier]
Homer: [Screams]

Grampa: I feel all funny [gasps] I'm in love-- no wait, it's a stroke.
[He is sent to hospital by ambulance, Abe recovers]
Grampa: NO WAIT, IT IS LOVE! [the ambulance stops and ditches him to a highway]. IT IS LOOOVE!... [rolls away to the busy traffic.]

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