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This article is about the character. If you’re looking for the guest star, see Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is an American singer well known for her eccentricity and odd costumes.


Laga Gaga first appeared on the show when she accompanied Elton John, walking on the Red Carpet and in a dinner of Golden Globe Awards.[1]

She was then mentioned by Manjula, who reveals that she is jealous of her because Apu pays more attention to the singer.[2]

She was also parodied as Lady Pumas.[3]

She made her first major appearance on the show when she arrived in Springfield while on her way to a concert; at that point, she is depicted as having psychic visions.

One of these visions prompts her to stop by at Springfield when she realizes the town's civilians have low self-esteem. Gaga sings Monster to cheer everyone up, and the song reaches to everyone except a heavily-depressed Lisa.

In an attempt to cheer Marge up, Gaga starts making out with her. Afterward, Gaga takes it upon herself to cheer Lisa up, but her attempts fail. Finally, Lisa becomes fed up with Gaga and yells at her, cheering herself up in the process as she is finally able to unleash her rage, which she has bottled up prior to the outburst.

Gaga leaves in tears, but Lisa realizes how happy she feels and catches up with the singer, apologizing. The two perform a duet called Super Star together.[4]

Marge mentions that Lady Gaga inspired Lisa and was never again.[5]

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  • She changes clothes very quickly.
  • She has her own tour train: Lady Gaga Express.
  • She is the only woman to kiss Marge, which Marge appeared to enjoy. This is a sign that Gaga is a lesbian or a bisexual.
  • She is mostly disliked by fans because of her episode "Lisa Goes Gaga". Most fans didn't like that it was mostly song.