The Lamborgotti Fasterossa is an Italian sports car produced by the Lamborgotti company.

Mr. Burns ordered a Lamborgotti Fasterossa (specifically the XT550 with the ABS Sport-Tec package) and gave Homer the task of picking it up from the factory, driving it to a port, and having it shipped to Springfield. Homer managed to wreck the car twice: once by hitting a wheel of cheese that fell into the road, and once by driving into some Roman ruins, and remained their as The Simpsons was able to get back to the States, Thanks to Krusty.

The color of Mr. Burns' Lamborgotti is Rosso (red). Its features include leather seats, radio, and an onboard computer with telephone and SatNav capabilities.

Krusty the Clown drives a convertible version of the Lamborgotti Fasterossa.

In the episode To Surveil With Love, McBain is seen with in the Simpson back yard drag racing with Snake in another Fasterossa.

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