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The Land Behemoth is an RV that features a satellite dish, big-screen TV and a deep-fryer. It is being sold at Bob's RV Round-Up, and is only second best to the Ultimate Behemoth. Ned buys it and takes Rod on a father-son outing [1].

Ned Flanders driving his RV

When Bart, Milhouse and several other children went to Shelbyville to rescue the Springfield Lemon Tree, their parents went on the Flanders' RV to find them. After finding the children and realizing the children were trying to take back the tree from an impound lot, Bart made Ned Flanders park the RV on an Ambulance-Only parking space, with everyone hiding inside the RV while the Tow Truck carried the RV to the Impound Lot (like a Trojan Horse). At night, the Springfieldians took back the tree and roped it onto the roof of the RV, and they barely escaped the Impound Lot as the gate closed. The side of the RV was scratched severely in the process [2].

Flanders opted to sell his RV to help fund Springfield Elementary after a mobster scam caused it to close due to low funding, but Homer flatly told him, "Shut up." [3]

The exterior Land Behemoth is based on a 1987 Tiffin Allegro. In The Call of the Simpsons, it is shown that Flanders financed the RV and is making payments on it; In When Flanders Failed, the RV is not shown being sold off by Flanders or getting repossessed, so it is likely that Flanders paid off the loan at some point before then. It is also not know why the Flanders family was living in their station wagon when they had a motorhome. The motorhome is used as a Trojan Horse of sorts to steal back the lemon tree in Lemon of Troy; The motorhome is significantly damaged (though still driveable) in this same episode (as mentioned above).