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Lard Lad is an advertising mascot used to promote Lard Lad Donuts. He stands on top or next to the donut shops.


Lard Lad appears in the new Opening Sequence, after the head of Jebediah Springfield's statue lands on Ralph Wiggum. As the camera zooms past Ralph, Lard Lad appears on the left side of the screen and the Billboard gag on the right side.

Non-Canon Appearances

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Treehouse of Horror VI

A T-shirt featuring the statue in question.

Lard Lad came to life (along with many other advertisements in Springfield) after a mysterious storm passed over Springfield and the advertisements were struck by lightning. Coincidentally, Homer had just stolen Lard Lad's colossal donut, so on coming to life, Lard Lad went after Homer to get his donut back. But not after Homer tricks him into destroying Ned Flander's house. He then joined in with the other advertisements in trashing the town, hitting things with his donut. He and the other advertisements were defeated when Lisa (with help from Paul Anka) got the townspeople to stop looking at them. However, it took some extra effort to make Homer quit looking at Lard Lad.[1]

The Simpsons Game

A trucker cap- now all you need is a semi!

In a call-back to the above Treehouse of Horror, Kang & Kodos bring him to life using the laser from their space ship. At that point, Homer and Bart rush into the area where he is wreaking havoc. Bartman either opens his hatches using his slingshot and then flies down onto the hatch, or HeliumHomerball uses gummy bears to open the hatch and then hovers onto the hatch. The whole battle was watched and reported on by Kent Brockman. After all of his wires had been disabled, he fell to the ground and Homer kicked his 'Lard Crotch'.[2]


In the future, Lard Lad Donuts becomes First Church of Lard Lad, and Lard Lad wears a white coat.[3]

Lard Lad appears in The Simpsons Spin off Game Lego Dimensions. Lard Lad is seen standing by Lard Lad's Donuts as Lord Business's Micro Managers attack Springfield. Groundskeeper Willie and Joe Quimby Are seen running past him. Lard Lad later appears as minikit Event in The Simpsons world after getting all the Minikits in Meltdown at Sector 7-G.

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Every time Lard Lad Donuts appears, Lard Lad appears too.