Natural Born Kissers
Lard of the Dance
The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace


  • A framed picture of Bleeding Gums Murphy can be seen, except he's completely bald in Lisa's bedroom.
  • FOX aired this episode earlier than the rest of the season as it was used to promote the debut of That '70s Show. It is also one of the few episodes to air in August.
  • Nelson is seen talking to his friends about huckleberries. He previously expressed interest in picking huckleberries in "This Little Wiggy".
  • An article from The New York Times from 2012 highlighted this episode about grease theft from restaurants.
  • Acne Grease Co is a reference to the Acme Co. from the Loony Toons that makes Everything.

Cultural References

  • This episode title is a reference to 1984 novel Lord of the Dance by Father Andrew Greeley.
  • Alex tells Lisa not to be a "Phoebe", referring to Lisa Kudrow's character from the TV show Friends.
  • Lisa's new appearance looks similar to Olivia Newton-John's character's new look in the film Grease.
  • Homer's grease heist scheme might have been inspired by the Fight Club novel, although the episode aired over a year before the movie based on the novel was released, giving it more mainstream fame.


Marge with her eyes drawn over her nose

  • When Marge is dancing, her eyes are briefly so low down that they cover almost the entirety of her nose.
  • Despite being the first day of school, a calendar in the back of Ms. Hoover's classroom says March. Ms. Hoover is lazy and does not care much for being a teacher. Her neglecting to change the calendar is not out of character. However, at the grease collecting plant, the calendar shown in the background also says March.

Sherri and Terri are bright yellow

  • When Alex is complaining to Lisa about the students' childishness, Sherri and Terri are bright yellow instead of pale yellow.
  • In some FXX reruns and on Disney+, from the part when Lisa says "Enjoy the dance" to Willie shrieking seeing Bart and Homer, the talking and sound effects are out of sync.

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