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Duffman can't die! Only the actors who play him.
― Larry
And I've got a bottomless mug of new Duff Extra Cold for...Barney! Gumble!

Larry was the second known actor of Duffman.


In his first appearance, Larry parades into Moe's Tavern with multiple cheerleaders. He takes out a gigantic Duff Beer in which Barney Gumble had won, but since Barney was the designated driver as Moe's Sid took the beer away. This caused Barney to be upset, and steal Homer's car. In his next appearance Larryhosted a convention of bartenders to contest to be on the Duff Calendar. Moe ended up winning the challenge, but Moe discovered they put stickers of his face, despite the fact he won the challenge.


Moe, angered by the stickers censoring his face became furious since this happened, and Moe got plastic surgery. As revenge Moe shoved multiple stickers on Larry's face, presumably killing him.