Kill the Alligator and Run
Last Tap Dance in Springfield
It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge

Cultural references

  • Strictly Ballroom - The scenes of the movie El Tango de la Muerte that are shown are similar to that of the 1992 Baz Luhrmann movie.
  • ACMEChief Wiggum uses rat traps (to catch the assumed culprit of the mall vandalism) from the same company Wile E. Coyote patronized.
  • Dawn of The Dead — Much of the montage of Bart and Milhouse having fun in the empty mall mirrors the same as the protagonists, Peter, Stephen, Fran and Roger after driving the zombies out.
  • Jaws — Wiggum's remark about being "crazy about the safety of the public" is taken from the 1975 thriller.
  • Korg and Moog synthesizer — The "MORG" synthesizer at Stan's Keyboards (a store at Springfield Mall) combines the brand names of the synthesizer and keyboard.
  • Last Tango in Paris — The episode title is a play on the movie's name.
  • RoboCop — The "Cyborganizer" show Homer watches is a spoof of the 1980s science fiction-police movie.
  • Shirley Temple — Former child actress Lil' Vicki Valentine is based on Temple.[1] However, Shirley Temple went into a different line of work as an adult, having become a U.S. Ambassador. She often used the name Mrs. Charles Black (after her husband) to gain credibility in her adult life and not be solely associated with a child actress.
  • The Red Shoes ---- Lisa's self-tapping shoes wouldn't stop controlling her feet, similarly to how the red shoes forced a girl named Karen to dance endlessly. The Red Shoes is a story written by Hans Christian Andersen.


  • Ralph is usually very clumsy, but he can tap-dance very well in this episode.
  • Homer apparently can't tell the difference between Marge's voice and someone impersonating her (cf. the scene of Homer being kidnapped and tricked into buying Jack Daniels and cigarettes for Dolph, Jimbo, and Kearney). And it never shows nor explains how Homer's eyes go back to normal.
  • So far, this episode is first with a visual variation of the Gracie Films logo, where after the "Shhh!" we hear Little Miss Vicki saying "Tappa, tappa, tappa" and then the logo's main animation slides up to take up the top half of the screen, while the bottom half has an animated black-and-white scene of a cat rubbing its eyes (with fake prop arms from offscreen) and smiling (this was in an old Miss Vicki movie Lisa was watching). Another one would later appear 17 seasons later with Looking for Mr. Goodbart in Season 28

Gracie Films Cat.gif


Jimbo with a gold hat

  • Why would Kearney need Homer to buy Jack Daniels and cigarettes for him when Kearney is of age to get it himself (unless Kearney was setting Homer up for the crime of buying beer and cigarettes for minors [i.e. Dolph and Jimbo])?
  • When Homer is unknowingly in the car with Kearney, Dolph and Jimbo, Jimbo's hat is gold instead of its normal color, purple.

The puma with white eyes

  • This episode takes place in February (just before the Presidents' Day weekend), and yet Bart and Milhouse plan on going to camp for a week. It may be spring break week camp.
  • When Bart and Milhouse sees the Puma in the bushes Milhouse is barefoot. During the chase he is now wearing his shoes.
  • After the puma plays with the first ball of yarn, its eyes are white.
  • It is never explained what happened to Bart and Milhouse after the puma ate the ball.


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