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Homer competes with Comic Book Guy and Chief Wiggum at the "Gorge at the Gorge" and wins but in the process his brain explodes. Krusty gets an honorary degree from Springfield U but it turns out to be a real doctor's diploma as the school ran out of honorary ones. Homer's brain explosion results in him losing all his sense of food taste as he doesn't enjoy food and drinks diet beer. Lisa tells Marge that it should be good as Homer is losing weight but Marge feels like she can't "satisfy" her husband and is prone to judgment from Agnes Skinner, Helen Lovejoy and Maude Flanders. The only problem is that Maude is dead and Ned for some reason dressed up as her. Krusty is told that he needs to treat all SPringfield's patients after both Doctor Hibbert and Rivera are incapacitated. Failure to do so means that Krusty goes to some torture device and Krusty reluctantly does his job with Sideshow Mel having to fill in for him on the Krusty Show. Marge decides to pay off a chef to make sure that Homer's sense of food is still there, but the food Homer eats makes him fall unconscious. In the meantime, Krusty's father Rabbi Krustofsky is happy his son is a doctor and when he hears that if Hibbert and Rivera were gone Krusty must stay a doctor, he attempts to pull out the life support but gets caught. Krusty is sent to his home practice and tries to cheer up Homer (which was his plan to treat everyone else before him) but Homer fails to stay out of pain, Hibbert and Rivera are back to normal and fix Homer up, sending Krusty back to TV and getting Homer's sense of food back, at the expense of his fashion sense.

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