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Left Below is a Christian movie that was shown at the theater at Springfield Mall.


A woman named Helen Thompson attempts to convince her husband to go to church with her two sons and one daughter, but he says that he'd rather go golfing. Helen warns Mr. Thompson that problems in the Middle East and ominous signs show that the rapture may soon be coming, and Mr. Thompson responds that religion is "just an old wives' tale" (according to scientists, that is) and to stop spending so much on their credit cards. While kissing another woman named Shawna in a limosine, there is a loud flash, and the limo driver (who is later revealed to be a Christian) disappears, leaving only his clothing. The same thing happens to many other individuals, including a pious husband and a child who has been baptized. After the rapture, the planet floods, leaving only the ones who refused to believe in God, including gays, Buddhists, and atheists. "We were fools!" shouts Mr. Thompson, "And because we rejected God - tacitly, accepting Satan - we must suffer through the apocalypse."

Behind the Laughter

Left Below is a parody of the Left Behind Christian book series, with a similar plot.