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The Springfield mafia conducts their business and socializes in the Legitimate Businessman's Social Club. The club is located below ground level (at least on one side).

Bart Simpson was briefly employed there as a bartender, after he made what Fat Tony described as one of the best Manhattan cocktails. This landed Fat Tony in hot water when Bart was late for work on a day Fat Tony had invited a rival mafia Don to try one of Bart's Manhattans. (Bart had received detention that day, and thus was unable to make it.)

Don Vittorio DiMaggio drove Homer and Krusty the Clown crazy, here, and nearly killed them both.

It was also used when making "business dealings" with Mayor Quimby, including the distribution of rats milk to the schools (although Quimby did not know about the actual origin of the milk until his then-bodyguard Homer Simpson stumbled upon this, having earlier been promised the quality of the milk would be "dog or higher").

The mobsters also glued cotton balls onto ferrets, here, to sell to the pet store as "toy poodles" -- until SpringShield bursted in and busted them.

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