I'm walking here.
―Legs' catchphrase
Shut up-a ya face!
―Legs, when telling someone to be quiet
I'm gonna whack ya in the labonza!
―Legs, when threatening to beat someone up
We brought someone to spring ya.

Max Legman, better known as Legs, is a member of the Springfield Mafia. He accompanies his old boss, Fat Tony, his current boss, Fit-Fat Tony, Louie, and, at times, Johnny Tightlips. Legs is the muscle, as are Louie and Johnny. Fat Tony is his boss, and then later, Fit-Fat Tony became his new boss, and he always listens to both of them, doing whatever told, including eating people and/or shooting at them.


Legs is an experienced mob doctor as shown when he sews Homer Simpson's thumb back on after Marge Simpson accidentally cut it off.[1]

Legs also mentions that he has a sister, when he asks in suspicion and anger to Homer (Dressed as Krusty the Clown, making Legs, Louie, and Fat Tony think he is Krusty) that if Homer is the same Barney Gumble who keeps taking pictures of her before, implying that he hates Barney for that. (And the reason Legs asked Homer that is because Homer, wanting to escape the mafia, claimed that he is Barney and not Krusty)[2]


In his debut in Bart the Murderer, he and Louie brought Bart Simpson to the Legitimate Businessman's Social Club to Fat Tony. Soon enough, Bart becomes a bartender for them. Legs, the rest of the goons, and even Bart were eventually arrested for the suspected murder of Seymour Skinner. They all played against Bart in court, until Skinner barged into the courtroom, revealing himself to be alive the whole time, thus ending the trial and releasing Bart and the mafia from prison.

Legs then appeared in Homie the Clown, where Fat Tony, Louie, and him went to Krusty, demanding the money he owes them in a bet. The latter easily escaped them, by saying he had to go to the bathroom, and then leaving out the window. Legs seemed to fall for this at first when he said "When he's done in there, I gotta go." Later in the episode, Legs tried to shoot Homer (Who is dressed as Krusty, making Fat Tony, Legs, and Louie think he is Krusty), but only bought three bullets, resulting Fat Tony to shame him for this when he ran out, and they resort to just kidnapping Homer.

In Mayored to the Mob, Legs told Homer that Joseph Kennedy, father of former President John Kennedy, had something to do with Legs acquiring his nickname when Homer asked him how he got that said nickname, though it was never properly explained when he was interrupted by Homer finding a cannoli.

In Moe Baby Blues, he, along with Fat Tony's gang, the Castellaneta Family, and President of the Italian-American Anti-Defamation League, almost unknowingly got Maggie Simpson killed in an attempted "Italian-American-Mexican Standoff" at Luigi's. But thankfully, that tragedy didn't happen when Moe Szyslak arrived and saved her by pointing out how her innocence changed his life before, making Legs cry with Fat Tony's gang, the Castellaneta Family, and President upon being touched by it, as shown even more when he tearfully hugged Fat Tony, who tearfully hugs back in comfort, and then collapsed on the floor to bury his face in his arms to cry in.

In The Fat Blue Line, he and the other members of the mafia originally had Johnny as his boss instead after the latter temporally betrayed Fit-Fat Tony by framing him for the wallet pickpocketing, but after Fit-Fat Tony cleared his name and exposed Johnny as the real pickpocket with the police's help, Legs then reaccepted Fit-Fat Tony as his boss again along with the other members of the mafia.

In his cameo appearance in Diary Queen, when Louie asked Fit-Fat Tony if he, Legs, and Johnny can kill Bart and Milhouse Van Houten upon spotting them seeing them dump Frankie the Squealer's body into the river, Fit-Fat Tony told them no because they don't kill nosy children unless they are 18 years old or over.


Legs was originally about to be in The Simpsons: Hit & Run, yet was scrapped. His voice files could be found on Youtube: https://youtu.be/2MY8OFTIoNU

Legs also appears in the comic Simpsons Super Spectacular No. 11 in the issue "I'm Rubber, You're Glue" as Mega Legs. He was defeated by GlueStick. (Ralph Wiggum's superhero form and name)

Legs also has an unnamed son who is part of Michael D'Amico's mafia, alongside Louie's son, Louie Jr., in the comics.

Behind the Laughter

Fans often get Legs and Louie confused because neither character has been very developed and because they are almost always seen together. Legs has a short brown haircut and raspy voice. Louie has a black slightly afro hairstyle and a more high-pitched, squeaky voice.

Even Legs, in some episodes, has his raspy voice changing from deep raspy to rough raspy in some episodes when he is voiced by Harry Shearer. And in one episode when Karl Wiedergott temporally voiced him in Chief of Hearts, he has his rough raspy voice. However, when Hank Azaria formally voiced him, he sounded almost like Johnny with his Jersey accent (In Bart the Murderer) and then had a rough raspy Jersey accented voice. (In Homie the Clown)


  • In some episodes, Legs never says anything at all.
  • In Seasons 3-13, his business suit and pants were charcoal grayish dark blue at first, then starting in Season 14, their color officially changed to a charcoal grayish dark green coloration.
  • His necktie and business suit, in some shots of some episodes, also keep changing from loose and unbuttoned to and/or from tucked in and buttoned at times. Even his necktie and business suit keeps changing lengths between short and/or long in different shots in some episodes.


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