I'm walking here
―Legs' catchphrase
We brought someone to spring ya.

Max Legman, better known as Legs, is a member of the Springfield mafia. He accompanies Fat Tony and Louie.


Legs is the muscle, as are Louie and Johnny Tightlips. Fat Tony is his boss and he always listens to him, doing whatever told -- including eating people or shooting at them.

Legs is an experienced mob doctor as shown when he sews Homer's thumb back on after Marge accidentally cut it off.[1] Legs mentions that he has a sister, and says that Barney takes pictures of her, and it is implied that he hates Barney for that.[2]

Behind the Laughter

Fans often get Legs and Louie confused because neither character has been very developed and because they are almost always seen together. Legs has a short haircut and raspy voice. Louie has a slight Afro and a more high-pitched, even squeaky tone.


  • In "Mayored to the Mob", Legs says to Homer that Joseph Kennedy, father of former President John Kennedy, had something to do with Legs acquiring his nickname, though this is never properly explained as he was interrupted by Homer finding a canoli.




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