Legs is a member of the Springfield Mafia. He accompanies Fat Tony and Louie.


Legs is the muscle, as well as Louie. Fat Tony is his boss and he always listens to him, doing whatever told. He isn't afraid to kill or wound.

Legs is an accomplished mob surgeon as he sews Homer's thumb back on after Marge cut it off [1]. Legs mentions that he has a sister, and says that Barney takes pictures of her [2].

Behind the Laughter

Fans often get the Legs and Louie confused due to neither of them having any real definitive characteristic and because they are almost always seen together. Legs has a short haircut and raspy voice. Louie has a slight afro and a more high-pitched, even squeaky tone. He says that tear gas is "[his] one weakness," though this is likely an embellishment.


  • It has been established that Joseph Kennedy, father of former President John Kennedy, had something to do with Legs acquiring his nickname, though this is never properly explained.



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