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Leslie Robin Swisher aka Veronica is a pro-Golfer who once disguised as a woman to participate in a LPGA tournament, he may be gay because he is usually seen in the gay crowd.


When Patty and a group of other women went to the tournament, they were questioned by Krusty, so Veronica attempted to hit him with a golf club, but it missed and it hit Patty instead. Veronica then woke up Patty and Patty quickly fell in love with him. After same-sex marriage is approved, Patty admits to Marge that she has been lesbian all of her life and is about to marry Veronica. Marge then invites Veronica over for dinner, where Marge discovers Veronica is a man after seeing him keeping the toilet seat up and shaving while singing "Dude Looks Like a Lady" from Aerosmith. At the wedding Marge uncovers Veronica's huge Adam's apple, and everyone discovers that he is a man. He then offers Patty to marry him, but Patty refuses and states she is a lesbian, rejecting Veronica, now revealed to be Leslie Robin.

Veronica's real name is a combination of two unisex names (Leslie and Robin) and his surname (Swisher) is an epithet for gay men.

Behind the Laughter

  • Veronica is one of the few adult male characters voiced by a woman, in this case, Tress MacNeille.