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Liliana "Lily" Bancroft is the daughter of Mimsy Bancroft and is the biological mother of Larry Burns, who dated Charles Montgomery Burns in 1939.


Lily Bancroft first met Mr. Burns at the 25th Yale Reunion Feast for the Class of 1914, at age 21. During their time together, Burns took Lily to the local cinematorium, where their passions were inflamed by Clark Gable's use of the word "damn". Afterwards, they would sneak into the Peabody Museum, where they would express their love physically inside an Eskimo exhibit, while being watched by a janitor.

Lily became pregnant, giving birth to Larry Burns a year later. However, due to a scandal, the Bancroft family forced her to give him up for adoption, and was bundled off to a convent in the South Seas, where Burns never heard from her again. She later died there.