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Limited Appeal Theatre is a movie theatre that has been deserted. This place is probably forgotten, why lots of people in Springfield don't go to this movie theatre. It is unknown how old this movie theatre is.

Main Entrance

When you enter the theatre, there are posters of movies everywhere. It is possible that those movies have already been shown, but barely anyone worked there. So no worker was bothered to take it down. However, someone must have worked there because the movie had to be turned on.


The lobby is on the right side of one of the main hallways in the theatre. It is possibly that the food has been there for a very long time. In the episode Home Away from Homer, Bart finds a pedestal with weird comic books on top of it. All of them were called Queer Side. When the Simpsons arrived to the lobby, Marge was looking at the popcorn and drinks. However, when she went to see Kosova Autumn (the movie that Lisa won free tickets to), the Simpsons didn't bring or buy anything.

Cinema Rooms

Inside the rooms were disgusting, Homer didn't like the Limited Appeal Theatre. The chairs are far too skinny for anyone to sit on. Homer was stuck in one of the chairs. The wallpaper was rotten and stained. It is possible that the wallpaper was there for a very long time. The screen was half the size of a regular one (mentioned again by Homer)

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