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Lisa's Classmate 1 is a boy who attends Springfield Elementary School.


He is a background character, who is regularly seen in various areas around the school. Even though he mostly appears at school, he's sometimes he's seen in other places around Springfield.

He's never been heard speaking, but has been seen speaking with his classmates a few times. He's enrolled in Ms. Hoover's second grade class.

He normally appears when the episode centers around Bart or Lisa and in some cases both. He was one of a number of children that was part of Uncle Homer's Daycare Center, which was being held at the Simpson's house.


Because he's a background character, his appearance isn't finalized yet. He usually wears either a pink or green shirt with stripes. The stripes on his shirt are either light blue or yellow.

Sometimes he's seen wearing a shirt without stripes. He wears long blue pants and wears sneakers that are blue and white. He has either dark brown or black hair that appears to be spiked up.



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