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Lisa's Classmate 2 is an unnamed character in Ms. Hoover's second grade class.


This character usually appears at Springfield Elementary School, but there has been a few episodes where he appeared outside of the school.

He often appears when the episode centers around Lisa or the school in general. He is also one of a handful of African American characters in the show.

So far, he never spoke in the show. He hangs out with another boy in his class, who also resembles Lewis and Lewis' lookalike.


He usually wears a gray shirt with long sleeves, long purple pants, and brown shoes. His hair color is either brown or gray. Because he's a background character, his appearance isn't finalized, so appearance does change.


  • He appeared in a flashback during the episode "Pranks and Greens", which took place ten years ago. This is likely a goof as this character wasn't even born ten years ago.
  • He closely resembles Lewis and Lewis' lookalike.


Episode appearances

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