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  • This is the first future episode in The Simpsons
  • While Homer is at Moe's, Kent Brockman announces a list of celebrities arrested that day. The list goes as follows: The Baldwin Brothers Gang - Dr. Brad Pitt - John John John Kennedy - George Burns - Infamous Amos - Grandson of Sam - The Artist Formerly Known As (Prince Symbol) - Tim Allen Jr. - Senator and Mrs. Dracula - The Artist Formerly Known As Buddy Hackett - Madonnabots, Series K - Sideshow Ralph Wiggum - Martha Hitler - Johnny Neutrino
  • This episode takes place in the year 2010, 15 years from 1995, when the episode aired. Unsurprisingly, however, mid to late Season 21 episodes have been set in 2010 like its broadcasting year (2009–2010) and also early Season 22 episodes (2010–2011). This was also reconnected by canon episode ("Boy Meets Curl") set in the present where the Simpsons go to the 2010 Olympics. Also, it has passed 2010 and none of the technology like the hologram tree has actually been made (but in The Simpsons, nothing ages).
  • Maggie, now 16, tries to speak twice, but is interrupted. Her voice is never heard, which is ironic due to Homer saying she never shuts up and apparently is always talking on the phone. She is also said to have an incredible singing voice, but before she can begin singing Amazing Grace at Lisa's wedding after clearing her throat, Hugh Parkfield interrupts to announce the wedding is off.
    • This running gag is continued in "Holidays of Future Passed", where an adult Maggie, now a world famous rock star and the lead singer in her band, is pregnant and cannot speak until she gives birth due to research discovering that the umbilical cord is actually a vocal cord. After she gives birth, she opens her mouth to speak when Grampa asks her who the father of her baby is, but he cuts her off.
  • Hugh Parkfield is a parody of English actor Hugh Grant.
  • The Clock Tower at the Palace of Westminster is now a digital display, but is not reliable like the old analogue clock was. Whether Big Ben and other bells are still inside is not known.
  • Marge says that in England a mile is called a kilometer.
  • In the episode "The Way We Weren't" Homer talks about bad stuff he has done and remarks Like ruining Lisa's wedding in the future, even though Lisa was the only Simpson to witness the fortune. However, this future is still non-canon. It's possible that Lisa told him after the events of this episode.
  • Bart has a Pirate Krusty tattoo on his right shoulder.
  • Bart reveals that he has been married twice in this episode, when he tells Lisa that looking at her in her wedding dress makes him want to get married for a third time.
  • Bart mentions that he is in his demolitions job until he can go to Law school, which is likely referencing the episode "Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie" where it is shown in a later future that Bart will become Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
  • Lisa is revealed to later become a vegetarian. This foreshadows a future episode, "Lisa the Vegetarian".
  • Lisa's middle name "Marie" is mentioned in this episode for the first time.
  • Even though this takes place in the future, all characters except for Martin Prince keep the same voices, including Bart who is still being voiced by Nancy Cartwright despite becoming a grown-up man.
  • This marks the point in the series in which Film Roman has animated more episodes than the original Simpsons animation studio, Klasky-Csupo, Inc..
  • The taxi that Lisa uses to exit the airport resembles the Ghostbusters car.
  • On the actual date of the events shown in the episode (August 1, 2010), "Lisa Simpson" was a trending topic on Twitter. Most of the Twitter users that tweeted her name wished her a happy wedding day.
  • Bart holds Maggie while Marge uses the loom. This is a rare occurrence for Bart to be holding Maggie.


  • Yellowmouth

    The inside of Maggie's mouth is yellow.

    In this episode, Edna Krabappel and Maude Flanders are seen at Lisa's wedding as elderly people, despite their deaths at a young age. This is non-canon, so that could be why. Just as well, this episode was made years before both characters were killed off.
  • When the Simpson family is rudely scarfing down food in front of Hugh, the inside of Maggie's mouth repeatedly turns the color of her skin.
  • For some reason, Marge thinks that a mile and a kilometer are the same thing.
  • Marge says that in England a mile is called a kilometer but in the UK kilometers aren't used, miles are used.


  • Several of the "futuristic" sound effects during the future sequence are taken from The Jetsons (such as the "flying car" sound) and Star Trek (such as the door-opening sound).
  • During a conversation between Miss Hoover and Principal Skinner, Miss Hoover mentions that Martin Prince died in a boiler explosion, but the scene immediately cuts to the basement of the school building where Martin Prince, dressed similarly to The Phantom Of The Opera (wearing a half-mask, fedora, cape and formal attire), remarks that he did not die, but states that "some days he wishes he had". The scene closes with Martin playing Walter Murphy's "A Fifth of Beethoven" on a pipe organ.
  • A movie theater can be seen playing James L. Brooks and Julie Kavner's 1994 movie I'll Do Anything, now in its "17th smash year".
  • When talking to Hugh's parents, Homer talks about the James Bond movie Octopussy.

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