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Donut Homer.jpg This episode is considered non-canon, and the events featured are not part of the timeline of the series' continuity.

Hmph. First they hate other, now all of a sudden they love each other. Oh, it doesn't make any sense to me.
―Librarian about Lisa and Hugh

"Lisa's Wedding" is the nineteenth episode of Season 6.


Lisa visits with a mysterious fortune teller at the Renaissance Fair who tells of Lisa's future courtship in 2010 with an Englishman she meets at college named Hugh Parkfield.

Full Story

The episode begins with the Simpson family visiting a renaissance fair. Homer eats eight different kinds of meat and an ashamed Lisa wanders off to discover "Friar Wiggum's Friar Wiggum's Fantastical Beastarium." One of his underwhelming creatures, an "Esquilax" (a horse with the head of a rabbit and the body of... a rabbit) runs off into the forest; Lisa follows it and finds a fortune telling booth. Although Lisa is at first skeptical, the fortune teller manages to name Lisa's entire family and their activities that they are doing, then begins to tell Lisa of her first true love.

The story then shifts into a flash-forward, to an eastern University in the year 2010 (at the time, 15 years in the future) where a now 23-year-old Lisa gets annoyed by a British student named Hugh Parkfield. At first, the two quarrel over a book in the library, but the pair eventually fall madly in love. The two realize they have a lot in common and Hugh invites Lisa to come back to his home in England so she can meet his parents, and is impressed with the Parkfield manor as well as their impeccable manners. Hugh proposes to Lisa and she immediately accepts.

The next day, Lisa calls home to tell Marge of the news and Marge promises that she will prevent Homer from ruining the wedding. Marge is still a housewife, Bart is a 25-year-old who works as a twice divorced building demolition expert (and plans on going to law school), Maggie is a 16-year-old teenage girl who apparently never shuts up (although she never talks in the episode, and whenever she tries to she is interrupted), and Homer still works at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant (in Sector 7G, with Milhouse as his supervisor). When Homer mentioned that Lisa is getting married, Milhouse states that Lisa was his 'one true love' and starts to tear up. Lisa and Hugh travel to Springfield, where Lisa is worried that her family will embarrass her, and things get off to a bad start when Bart and Homer accidentally set a British flag on fire - but by accident, not to offend - only to put out the fire by stomping onto the flag and throwing compost onto it by Marge's suggestion.

742 Evergreen Terrace in 2010

At dinner, Lisa plans on going for a wedding dress fitting, and Homer decides to take Hugh out on the town to Moe's Tavern. Homer presents Hugh with a pair of tacky pig-themed cufflinks that Abraham Simpson wore on his wedding day, who then gave them to Homer to wear at his wedding to Marge, and Hugh grudgingly agrees to wear them during his wedding. Later that night, Lisa apologizes profusely for the behavior of her family and although Hugh says it was nothing, he loses sleep over it. Lisa manages to find her something old, which is her signature white pearl necklace she wore when she was little, her something new, which is her wedding dress, her something borrowed, which is Hugh’s mother’s antique brooch and her something blue which is a lock of Marge’s blue hair.

On the day of the wedding, Homer meets Hugh's parents and, to Hugh's relief, doesn't act too harshly. Meanwhile, Homer talks with Lisa and she discovers that Hugh didn't wear Homer's cuff links. She finds Hugh and asks him to wear them. He agrees, but says that after the wedding they will return to England and never see her family again (with the possible exception of Marge when their children are born). Lisa says that although she complains about her family, she still loves them and can't marry someone who doesn't understand that, calling the wedding off.

Back in the present once more, the fortune teller says that Hugh returned to England and never saw Lisa again and that there is nothing Lisa could do to prevent it - although she should "try to look surprised". Lisa questions the fortune teller about her "true love" and the fortune teller reveals that although Lisa will have a true love, she "specializes in foretelling relationships where you get jerked around." Lisa leaves the booth and finds Homer, who brags about his day at the fair and Lisa listens raptly as the pair walk home together.

Behind the Laughter

The Simpson Children In The Future


The idea for the episode came from James L. Brooks, who called David Mirkin and pitched the idea as traveling to the future and Lisa meeting the perfect guy, who in turn can not stand her family. Believing that it would be a tough episode to write, the job was given to Greg Daniels, who was enthusiastic about it and has said that was a lot easier and more fun to write than expected. The part involving Homer's cuff links was not in the original draft, it was later added because the writer's felt that something was needed to represent Hugh's dislike of the Simpson family. The end theme was redone by Alf Clausen as a "Renaissance version" including a harp.

Everything in the episode had to be redesigned, which included new sets and all of the characters had to be remodeled for their age. In most cases, the adults were made heavier, had a few lines added to the face and less hair. On Homer, the redesign was minimal, making him a bit heavier, removing one hair and placing an extra line under the eye, although Homer now wears a different style of white shirt that now resembles George Jetson's. Krusty's design is based on Groucho Marx. The night sky was intentionally made a more reddish color in a subtle joke about how the producers thought the world would be much more polluted in 2010. Nancy Cartwright's Bart voice was electronically lowered a couple of notches.

This is the first of four future-themed episodes. The second was "Bart to the Future" in Season 11 and the third was "Future-Drama" in Season 16 and "Holidays of Future Passed" in Season 23. The first three have been separated by five year margins. While both "Lisa's Wedding" and "Future-Drama" were nominated for an Emmy, Entertainment Weekly named "Bart to the Future" the worst episode ever.


The episode won an Emmy Award in 1996 for Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program, becoming the third episode of The Simpsons to win the award.

Twitter Reaction

On the real date of the wedding according to the episode, 1 August 2010, the topic "Lisa Simpson" trended on Twitter in the US.


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