Lisa's bike is a pink bicycle owned by Lisa. It has a green basket with white flowers, although in some episodes it's missing.[1]

Opening Sequence

The red version of her bike appears in the opening sequence when she rides it on the way home. From the episode "Take My Life, Please", the bike changes its color to pink during the sequence.


Milhouse once "lends" Lisa's bike to go with Bart to a cave where Milhouse has found firecrackers. Boys then enjoy blowing things up, including the front wheel of Lisa's bike.[2]

When Lisa pretends to be Springfield University student, she removes her basket and hides it to her bag to let her bike look like an adult bike.[3]

Homer had to use Lisa's bike to get to work after his license was suspended for drunk driving.

In the very first opening, we can see her ride her bike more, and she gets home first, so Homer only has to dodge Marge and Maggie. This was changed so Home rsaid "D'oh!" when she passes Homer.

During Friend with Benefit, Lisa mentions that Homer assembled the bike himself. She also mentions that she has to pedal backwards to go fowards, but this is not seen in any episode.


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