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Lisa's saxophone is a Baritone (formerly Alto) saxophone which is owned by Lisa Simpson. She has had three saxophones. Lisa wants to be a famous jazz musician when she grows up. Unfortunately, she inherited stubby fingers from Homer that are not good for playing the sax.


Bleeding Gums Murphy, Lisa's idol, gave his Alto saxophone to her in the hospital. Lisa took it for her school recital. It started off terribly, but Lisa got up and performed a solo routine, becoming the star of the show. However, when she returned to the hospital, she was saddened to learn that Bleeding Gums had passed away. It is unknown what happened to his sax then, but it's possible Lisa currently has two saxophones.


During the school band audition, Lisa tried to get the first chair. However, Allison Taylor, who also plays the sax, tried to get it too. They both started playing over each other trying to outdo each other as the other children stood up and danced. Lisa suddenly lost her breath and passed out. When she woke up and learned that Allison got the first chair, she was pretty terrified.

Lisa once needed a new reed for her sax, because there was a talent show that evening. Lisa asked Homer to buy it, but he rather decided to go to Moe's. When he ended drinking, the shop was already closed and its owner was at Moe's, too. Homer convinced him to let him buy the reed, but he didn't get to the school, on time and Lisa had to play without the reed, humiliating herself. As an apology for not bringing the reed in time, Homer got Lisa her long-time dream: a pony.

Homer was once forced to barf into Lisa's saxophone after he and the entire family contracted food poisoning from eating Mother Nature Burgers (of which he himself ate 12 of them), due to tainted barley from Ogdenville, as the rest of the bathrooms were occupied by the family.

Maggie playing Lisa's sax

Although Lisa is very good at playing sax, Maggie once played it too and it sounded much better than Lisa's playing. Lisa then quickly took the sax from Maggie, saying it is not for babies.


  • Lisa's saxophone sounds like a baritone saxophone and resembles one as well but isn't to scale.
  • In The Simpsons Guy, Lisa, when the Griffin Family was about to leave Springfield and go back to Quahog, supplied Meg Griffin with her own saxophone as a token of their friendship. However, Meg would never get the chance to use the saxophone as Peter Griffin, her father, proceeded to immediately dump it in the trash due to there "not being enough room in the car."


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