King Leer
Lisa Gets the Blues
Forgive and Regret


  • Because of this episode, The Simpsons has tied with Gunsmoke as the longest-running television series. Bart also mentions the radio show that ran from 1952-1961, nearly the same time the television series was on the air.
  • After overeating, Homer asks for the nearest vomitorium. In reality, a "vomitorium" was a term in Ancient Rome for a place where spectators would exit from an event such as a gladiator battle.
  • The credits dedicated the episode to R. Lee Ermey, who voiced Colonel Leslie Hapablap, and who passed away one week before the episode aired.
  • In the opening sequence, if Homer was in the classroom writing on the chalkboard, then how did he get all the way to the Power Plant so fast?

Cultural References

  • In the opening credits, the title of The Flintstones was shown instead of The Simpsons.
  • The title of this episode is a reference to the film "Schultze Gets the Blues".
  • Bart is forced to dress as Little Orphan Annie, complete with his pupils being painted over with white paint, referencing to the show's odd animation style, of not giving pupils to their characters.
  • The man on the plain holding three glass bottles and wearing a red bandana is a reference to the character of Luther, played by David Patrick Kelly in the 1979 film "The Warriors".
  • Homer tells the kids about how their show will have outranked Gunsmoke in the next episode. Bart suggests they factor in Gunsmoke's radio shows, which ruins the moment.


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