Ned 'N Edna's Blend
Lisa Goes Gaga
The Longest Daycare
Lady Gaga: Someone in Springfield needs my help. Light up the after-bras!

Lady Gaga dancers: (chanting) There is no over the top, there is no over the top.
Jimbo Jones: Run! With an egg that big, there's gotta be an even bigger chicken!

Lady Gaga: Never forget, you're all my little monsters.
Moe: Actually, I'm half monster, half Armenian. Pick your poison.

Lady Gaga: Hey, easy with the soda.

Nelson: Lisa, what you did is like my mother sticking ten bucks in her own g-string.

Homer: I cheat on my diet, but nobody knows cause the damage is on the inside and the first warning sign is sudden death.

Bart: Without awards show, how would I know what movie has the best beheading or that Glee is a comedy?

Chief Wiggum: (on Ralph) Ah, he's a dumb kid, but he's an above average dog. Roll over, son!

Homer: Stay dehydrated. Oh, I'm on the wrong tree!

Lisa: (Crying) Look, if I could just spend a few days in my room without anyone trying to cheer me up, I think I might have a chance to...
Homer: (Interrupting her) Hey! Why don't we go see Lady Gaga? That'll turn your frown upside down.
Lisa: That's not a frown! It is a straight line of resignation. Looks just the same upside down.
Homer: What are you talking about? (Grabs Lisa and turns her upside down) Y-You're right! (Starts turnung her upside down repeately) Voop! Voop! Voop! Voop!
Lisa: Dad, if you really want to help, please stop trying to help!
Homer:I will, but you know me and my crazy number thing where I always have to get to 17. (Repeately flips her again) Voop! Voop! Voop! Voop! Voop! Voop! Voop! Voop! Voop! Voop! Voop! Voop! Whoops, I lost count. Better start again. Voop! Voop! Voop! Voop! (Lisa sighs)

Lady Gaga: Lisa. (Lisa rolls her eyes) Lisa! Listen to me! This pitty party's being shut down by the smile police. Here's what you gonna do...
Lisa: (Outraged at her) Why do you keep telling me what i'm gonna do? This isn't about me!
Lady Gaga: Well, who else would it be about?
Lisa: You! It's about "Hello! Hello Springfield! It's me, Gaga! why is everyone looking at my purple hair full of blue birds?" Well, I denounce thee!
Lady Gaga: Wha...?
Lisa: I denounce thee for giving people ambitions they cannot fulfill. And I denounce thee for positing a world where social acceptance and walking on heels are easy!
Lady Gaga dancer: Please, may we kill the kid? (Another dancer shakes his head negatively)
Lisa: I denounce thee! I denounce thee! I denounce thee!
Lady Gaga: (Sad) Whoa... easy little monster.
Lisa: (Whispering to Lady Gaga Quietly) Don't "Monster" Me! (Everyone gasps)
Lady Gaga: Watever you say (Starts crying a glowing dust)
Lisa: Are you crying glitter?
Lady Gaga: Tiny diamonds. Hurts like hell!
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