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Ralph, you're failing English.
Principal Skinner
Me fail English? That's unpossible.
Ralph Wiggum

"Lisa on Ice" is the eighth episode of Season 6.


Lisa is failing gym. To make up the grade, she joins a pee-wee hockey league. Soon, her team must face off against Bart's party, putting the pair in direct competition.

Full Story 

Bart vs. Lisa

One night, Bart and Homer are watching tv, Lisa tells Bart that there is a test tomorrow but Bart tells her it's supposed to snow tomorrow so it's no big deal. The next morning Lisa throws a snowball at Bart, excited he runs out in his pajamas, but surprisingly, there is no snow and he’s laughed at by some of the kids. As it turns out the snowball Lisa threw was just some frost from the freezer. Because of impossibly low test scores, Principal Skinner starts to give out academic alerts so the children's parents can understand they are doing poorly. After the various failing kids receive their alerts, Lisa is called up, surprising everyone. It is then revealed that she is failing gym. She thinks that is stupid until she fails to land a paper ball into the trash can. Lisa tries her hand at the different sports at school, after doing poorly at all the sports, she goes to her PE teacher and is told that she can pass gym but only if she joins a Pee-Wee team outside of school.

In the meantime, Bart shows that he is excellent at sports, in one match knocking the Gouger's goalie Milhouse down so that he has to be tied to the net to act as goalie, which is about as effective as can be expected.

After a successfully catching a hockey puck with her hand, Lisa joins the Gougers, which is sponsored by Apu - which is also Bart's rival team. Turning out to be a far superior goalie, Lisa helps turn the team around and Homer starts paying more attention to her. Bart is troubled about the lack of attention and this is not improved when Marge tries to hang out with him. Homer than starts to pit his own kids against each other.

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After Lisa excels at both sports and school, Bart thinks he might become a scholar. This doesn't work out and after class, Nelson and the bully trio confront Bart and prepare to bully him by beating him up, accusing him of wasting Mrs. Krabappel's time. He is inadvertently saved by Lisa who scares off the bullies and instead of being grateful, he accuses her for stealing Homer's affections away from him. This leads to a rivalry between the entire family, which Marge is less then pleased about, having tried to keep the peace with them and Homer.


When Lisa and Bart play each other, Homer tries to get Marge to choose a side (not taking into account Maggie who actually saves Homer from a flying beer bottle). She refuses and tells him that she loves all three of their kids regardless. Marge proceeds to reprimand Homer for escalating the rivalry and telling him off how bitterly disappointed she is in him for it. The game gets down to the wire, with the stadium split between Bart fans and Lisa fans, while Marge is the only one maintaining neutrality. However, when Bart is chosen to take the penalty shot against Lisa, the goalie, they both reminisce about how they helped each other as younger kids (Lisa giving Bart a bandage after he falls off his skateboard, Bart giving Lisa one of his scoops of ice cream when her own falls on the ground). Lisa and Bart throw their hockey gear on the ice and hug. Homer then remarks that they are losers and the stadium erupts into a riot. Marge is proud of Bart and Lisa, and even Snake is touched, but of course he elects to join the riot as the stadium is torn apart. As the rioting continues, Homer focuses his attention to Maggie.

Broadcast History

United States

Broadcast date(s) Channel aired
  • November 13, 1994
  • April 2, 1995
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  • December 20, 2020
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