The Burns and the Bees
Lisa the Drama Queen
Take My Life, Please


  • The premiere of this episode was watched by 5.75 million people in America.


  • This is the last episode to have the old opening (which was around since the show's second season) and to be broadcast in standard definition. This is also the only episode to air in 2009 to use the SD mode.
  • The title is a callback to the Season 4 episode: "Lisa the Beauty Queen".
  • This is the last episode to use the 1987 Gracie Films Logo.
  • This is the first episode to air in 2009.

Cultural references

  • Elements of the plot loosely resemble the Peter Jackson film Heavenly Creatures, or a more recent film "Bridge to Terabithia", in some of the scenes where the girls imagine themselves in their fantasy world and how Marge forbids Lisa from hanging out with her friend Juliet, who is loosely based on Juliet Hulme. Also, the girls obsession with Josh Groban mirrors the obsession of the girls in Heavenly Creatures with opera singer Mario Lanza. The song "Wipeout" was played while they were visiting the Folk Art Museum (although the wipeout at the beginning was replaced by folk art).
  • Juliet, in appearance, resembles Thora Birch's character in the film Ghost World.
  • Colin from The Simpsons Movie can be seen in the art class.
  • Bart mentions M&M's.
  • The song played in the credits is a cover of The Simpsons theme song by the rock band Fall Out Boy. The band was named after the character Fallout Boy.
  • Juliet references the law film 1996 A Time To Kill, where she points out that her father discovers that the legal system is the true villain in the film.


  • At the Recreation Center, the kids only have one painting frame per easel, but when the teacher orders them to paint twenty laps, they all have two painting frames.
  • Lisa's saxophone case disappears when the girls go to sleep.
  • When Homer was giving his friendship advice to Lisa, his "Ned" mug and newspaper disappear.
  • One of the Yo! Gurt customers disappear between scenes.
  • When Jimbo and Dolph are about to burn the Equalia book, Lisa's clothing is pink instead of red.


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