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  • When Homer says to Moe "I used to hate the smell of your feet. Now it is the smell of victory", he is quoting a line from Apocalypse Now.


  • After Lisa chooses who she thinks she is going to win, she states that she will bet her entire college fund on it. Homer then calls Moe to place his bet and tells him to put $23 on New York (though "Lisa's First Word" revealed that Homer put Lisa's college fund in with Lincoln Savings and Loan, which was infamously shut down in 1989. The $23 could be all that was left of it).
  • Ugolin and Cesar appear for the first time since The Crepes of Wrath, only now, they are out of prison, living near Paris (we can see The Eiffel Tower by the window), and watching Jerry Lewis movies in an apartment.
  • Lisa says she and Homer used to have burping contests, possibly a callback to how in the Tracey Ullman Shorts she did burping contests with Bart.
  • When this episode aired as a repeat in 1993, the episode was redubbed as "Washington" and "Redskins" were replaced with "Dallas" and "Cowboys," respectively, beginning when Homer makes his Super Bowl pick, as the Dallas Cowboys and the Buffalo Bills played in Super Bowl XXVII on January 31, 1993.


  • When Homer is watching Denver vs. New England the end zones correspond to say the two teams in each end zone. Really the end zones should have the name of only the home team in both.
  • After Homer tells Lisa to keep the gambling a secret from Marge, she switches from standing on the couch to sitting on it between cuts.

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