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Cultural References

  • The scene in Judge Snyder's courtroom where Lisa is put on trial for stealing the skeleton is seen as a reference to the 1920s Scopes Monkey Trial in Dayton, Tennessee, which dealt with issues of separation of church and state and the debate between creationism and evolutionism. It would also be referenced in the episode The Monkey Suit.
  • The publicity stunt created by the mall developers in the episode has been compared to scientific hoaxes such as the Cardiff Giant and the Piltdown Man.
  • At the end of the episode, when Lisa asks if the townspeople are outraged for being fooled by a publicity stunt, Chief Wiggum is about to answer her, but is distracted when he catches sight of a Pottery Barn in the new Heavenly Hills mall.
  • The students digging by the sunset and their silhouettes are shown is similar to the scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark when Indiana Jones and Sallah free the Egyptian excavators from the Nazis, and they in turn help Indy. The scene against the sun is when Sallah tells Indy that the workers have found the Well of Souls.
  • When Jimbo, Dolph and Kearney are digging in the Archaeological Site, their detention slacks are a parody of orange prison transit slacks, but with the word 'Detention' on them. Clearly they were among the students 'punished' with the dig.


  • Homer's hat is in front of the window

    In the opening scene when Homer is driving the Pink Sedan, his sailor hat is for one frame drawn in front of the top of the car window when it should be behind it.
  • Barney has no body behind the Lovejoys

    When the crowd arrives at the door of 742 Evergreen Terrace, part of Barney Gumble's body disappears for a frame, specifically the part behind Timothy Lovejoy and Helen Lovejoy.
  • Stephen Jay Gould with gray teeth

    Towards the beginning, when the Simpsons stop at a traffic light, the car's front wheels are slightly in front of the stopping line. However, in the next shot, the car is totally behind the line.
  • When Stephen Jay Gould assures Lisa that he can perform a DNA test, his teeth are colored gray for a frame.
  • Charlie with white glasses

    In the Simpsons' garage, Charlie's glasses are white instead of aqua.
  • The bottom of Marge's necklace is flat

    When Lisa and Marge argue about the existence of angels, the bottom of Marge's beads is briefly flat.
  • While the angel supporters are wrecking the museum, Moe is crushed by a mammoth tusk and claims to be paralyzed. In the very next shot, Moe can be seen in the mob heading toward the laboratory.
  • Carl (bottom right) is yellow

    When the "angel" ascends into the air, Carl is colored yellow.
  • When everyone goes to the Heavenly Hills Mall it is completely dark, however it was merely minutes after sunset.
  • Maggie without a bow

    During the scene where all the Springfield residents head to the Heaven Hills Mall, Maggie's bow is missing.


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