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This article is about the game level. For the episode, see Lisa the Tree Hugger.

Lisa the Tree Hugger is the fourth level of The Simpsons Game. In this level you play as Lisa and Bart trying to destroy Mr. Burns' lumbering company.


Play as Bart and Lisa as they save the trees.


Bart uses his slingshot to shoot a conifer cone at the target to destroy the factory

Bart and Lisa are outside Mr. Burns' "Auntie Nature" lumbering company. Bart tells Lisa of his powers and, after she sees she has powers too, she decides to stop Mr. Burns' company from cutting down trees. Lisa also convinces Bart to help her, saying that he can hurt a lot of bad guys as much as he wants, to which he agrees. While Mr. Burns and Smithers are in the office commenting Mr. Burns' logging evil plans, Bart and Lisa start knocking out the workers to enter the lumbering plant.

Once inside, Lisa uses her "Hand of Buddha" power: when entering a meditation point on a statue of Buddha Lisa's hand appears in the sky and she can move it to grab big objects and drop them on specific places. She drops logs to make a ladder to a switch that opens the gate to another section of the plant. Now, she uses her Hand of Buddha to rip off the cover off a pipe, which releases smoke. Bart opens his Bartman cape and jumps on the smoke to be launched to a big log conveyor belt.

Lisa jumps on a spring to the conveyor belt. They disable a machinery in the belt, and continue along when they get to a section of spinning saw blades. Bart uses his slingshot to destroy it and, after the saw blades stop, they both proceed to a section full of saw blades, which they turn off. To cross a green pool, Lisa drops a big part of the conveyor belt with Buddha's Hand on the river as a bridge. Then Carl and Lenny are seen on a tree, watching birds, when they listen to a weird sound, which turns out to be a chainsaw cutting down the tree. They both fall to a conveyor belt, but can't get up because they're trapped on the debris. After knocking out some loggers, Lisa uses Buddha's Hand to drop big canisters on a conveyor belt.

They explode, and destroy the machine, which launches a spring that Bart uses to jump to a river. He grabs a zipline and crosses the river. In a parody of the video game Frogger, Lisa jumps on several logs, giant turtles and three-eyed crocodiles to get to the other side. With Buddha's Hand, Lisa picks up and drops some pipes so Bart can get on some machines jumping on the smoke. Carl and Lenny head to some spinning gears. Lisa grabs the debris on them and saves them, though Carl and Lenny don't remember Bart and Lisa's names.

Bart uses his slingshot to shoot at a target that makes the logging plant explode, though several loggers are now unemployed. Mr. Burns decides to have his revenge on Al Gore.

Lisa the Tree Hugger Characters

  • Bart: Bart is one of the playable characters, he can jump, punch, kick, use his slingshot, open his cape to release bats and turn into Bartman to glide, climb walls and ziplines and grapple. He can also turn into Robo-Bart (only in the Xbox 360 & PS3 version).
  • Lisa: Lisa is one of the playable characters, she can jump, punch, kick, play her saxophone to stunt enemies and use the Buddha's Hand to pick up and drop big things and kick enemies from above. She can also turn into Clobber-Girl (only in the Xbox 360 & PS3 version).
  • Loggers: The loggers are the main enemies. They attack Bart and Lisa by punching them, hitting them with wooden boards, and shooting wood chips at them from afar.
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