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Cultural References


  • This is the second time on season 27 where Lisa performs a CPR. The first was during the non-canon future episode "Barthood".
  • This is the fourth episode Bill Plympton has done a couch gag for. The previous three were for "Beware My Cheating Bart", "Black-Eyed, Please" and "Married to the Blob".
  • Gerstronkenplatzen is not a real German word.
  • There was a cut gag with the homeless street rat looking at a store's window, where he rambled on about peanut butter.
  • The "Fish that swim up your wiener" that Bart mentions are actually a real fish species. This species is a parasitic catfish known commonly as the "candiru fish". If a human were to urinate in a body of water where candiru reside, the fish can jump up the urine stream and go inside the urethra. Rolling around in snow is not the cure, but surgery might help.
  • Martha Prince speaks for the first time since "Worst Episode Ever".


  • Bart gets a haircut from the old ceiling fan. The last time he had a haircut was in "Blazed and Confused".
  • After getting a haircut, Bart wears his red hat right up to the end of the episode. The last time he wore it was also in "Blazed and Confused".


  • At the car crash scene, when Marge was talking with Chief Wiggum, The crash was a head-on or a rear-end impact between a red and a purple vehicle, but when Marge start cleaning the scene, It's a T-bone crash.
    • When Marge was talking with Clancy, there were two ambulances and one fire truck at the crash site, but when Marge starts cleaning the scene, there's only one ambulance.
    • The buildings surrounding the crash change appearances between scenes.
  • Martin's mother, Martha Prince, was voiced by Tress MacNeille, when normally she is voiced by Russi Taylor.
  • If everyone recorded Lisa doing CPR with a raccoon, how did the crowd get their phones when they are in they’re swimwear? They probably put it in a wallet, purse, or somewhere safe.
  • At Nibbles’ funeral, Lisa tells the crowd to stand for Nibbles’s final journey, but none of them are standing up.
  • Lisa says that the raccoon was her first real kiss, which makes Nelson sad, but her first real kiss was with Nelson on "Lisa's Date with Density". She also kissed Milhouse during "Homer Scissorhands" and many other boys.
    • Marge implies that she said that "she was not in the mood" three times, but she already mentioned it several times during the series.


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