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This is a list of Simpsons Comics that have been released over the many years The Simpsons has been on the air. The first ever comic was published in 1991 and they’re still being made today.


Image Title Earliest Issue Latest Issue
Simpsonsillustrated001 Simpsons Illustrated Spring 1991 Summer 1993
Simpsonscomicsandstories001 Simpsons Comics and Stories January 1993 January 1993
BongoComicsGroupSpec001 Bongo Comics Group Spectacular 1993 1993
Theofficalhistoryofbongocomics001 The Official History of Bongo Comics August 1993 August 1993
Simp Com1 US Simpsons Comics November 1993 October 2018
Itchyandscratchycomics0001 Itchy & Scratchy Comics December 1993 November 1994
Bartman001 Bartman December 1993 July 1995
Bartmanandradioactiveman001 Bartman and Radioactive Man May 1994 May 1994
Radioactivemancomics001 Radioactive Man January 1994 July 2007
Krustycomics001 Krusty Comics January 1995 March 1995
Lisacomics001 Lisa Comics April 1995 April 1995
Bartsimpsonsjokebook001 Bart Simpson's Joke Book June 1995 June 1995
TheSimpsons'TreehouseofHorror001 The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror September 1995 September 2017
Bart Simpson Issue 1 Bart Simpson Comics August 2000 February 2016
[[File:|100px|link=Simpsons Summer Special (Aus & NZ only)]] Simpsons Summer Special (Aus & NZ only) December 2001 December 2001
FuturamaSimpsonsInfinitelySecretCrossoverCrisis001 Futurama/Simpsons Infinitely Secret Crossover Crisis August 2002 December 2002
TheSimpsonsFuturamaCrossoverCrisisII001 The Simpsons Futurama Crossover Crisis II January 2005 March 2005
Freecomicbook001 Bongo Comics Free-For-All May 2005 May 2018
Superspectacular001 Simpsons Super Spectacular October 2005 January 2013
Simpsons Winter Wingding 1 The Simpsons Winter Wingding November 2006 November 2013
The Simpsons Summer Shindig 1 The Simpsons Summer Shindig June 2007 May 2013
ComicBookGuyTheComicBook001 Comic Book Guy: The Comic Book July 2010 November 2010
BestSuperheroStoriesEver!001 The Simpsons Best Superhero Stories Ever! July 2011 July 2011
TheSimpsonsGofortheGold001 The Simpsons Go for the Gold July 2012 July 2012
Mrburnsfrinkebulk001 The Malevolent Mr. Burns & Professor Frink July 2013 July 2013