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This is a list of jobs held by Homer Simpson.

One main source for these jobs is when he lists them to Marge in "Poppa's Got a Brand New Badge". Right before he goes to bed, Homer tells her, "You know, I’ve had a lot of jobs: boxer, mascot, astronaut, imitation Krusty, baby proofer, trucker, hippie, plow driver, food critic, conceptual artist, grease salesman, carny, mayor, grifter, bodyguard for the mayor, country western manager, garbage commissioner, mountain climber, farmer, inventor, Smithers, Poochie, celebrity assistant, power plant worker, fortune cookie writer, beer baron, Kwik-E-Mart clerk, homophobe and missionary, but protecting Springfield, that gives me the best feeling of all."[1] Also a source is the "Picture a Day..." spoof where the last few seconds of the spoof shows jobs and other types of Homer before "You Kent Always Say What You Want".[2] According to an interview with Matt Groening, Homer has held 188 jobs in the first 400 episodes.

Default Job[]

Springfield Nuclear Power Plant

The Springfield Nuclear Power Plant

Nuclear Technician (Homer's Odyssey and earlier)

His job in Season 1, before promotion to safety inspector. It was unclear to everyone (including his employer and Homer himself). He called himself a "technical supervisor", others thought he was a "supervising technician". He was hired as part of "Project Bootstrap," a government program to bring in unskilled workers implemented by the Ford administration.[3]

Nuclear Safety Inspector (since Homer's Odyssey)

His day job and main source of income.

In the episode "Much Apu About Nothing", Homer's paycheck is revealed to the world when he looks at the check and sees his pay is "drastically" short. It appears as an itemized check with the following:

Springfield Power Company

Employee: Homer J Simpson

Sector 7G

40HRS PAY....................................................................

Fed W/H........... $56.25

Bear Patrol Tax........$5.00


State W/H..........$10.45

Municipal Tax.....$9.37

Net Pay...........................................................................$362.19

When this is stretched over a year, it appears that Homer brings home $24,395.80 before deductions and $18,833.88 after deductions. It doesn't seem like he is getting what he deserves as a Nuclear Safety Inspector. Though given the plant's less than stellar conditions this might be true for all other employees. However, in the episode American History X-cellent, Carl exclaims to Homer, "Homer, that's a $60,000 bottle of wine!", which Homer, who is drinking the wine, replies "Woohoo! I'm drinking my salary!" which suggests that's his actual salary.


Account Executive ("The Man in the Blue Flannel Pants")
Acrobat ("Goo Goo Gai Pan")
Actor ("Homer the Whopper", "A Midsummer's Nice Dream", "Ned 'N Edna's Blend")
Army private (2 times)
Homer's old military sergeant comes to dinner.[4]
Homer accidentally signs up to the army, and takes part as the enemy in a military drill nearly endangering his
Homer Simpson as an Astronaut

Homer working for NASA

own life in the process. [5]
Agent (3 times)
Fat Tony [6]
Lurleen Lumpkin [7]
Lisa and Cameron, Aka Johnny Rainbow [8]
Ambulance driver [9]
Amateur-Division Professional Arm Wrestler [10]
Asking man at products demonstration ("Springfield Up")
Astronaut for NASA [11]
Assassin ("Treehouse of Horror XVIII")
Attack-dog trainer for the Pitiless Pup Attack Dog School [12]


The Homer They Fall (Promo Picture) 2

Homer as a boxer

Baby Proofer for his own baby proofing company "Wee Care" ("Bye Bye Nerdie")
for Moe's Tavern and Homer's Hunting Club ("Homer the Moe")
for O'Flanagan's Pub ("In the Name of the Grandfather")
Bass player ("Covercraft")
Beef Jerky Manufacturer ("Smoke on the Daughter")
Blackjack dealer of Monty Burns Casino ("$pringfield")
Bodyguard of Mayor Quimby ("Mayored to the Mob")
Of beer as the "Beer Baron" ("Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment")
Bowling alley employee, or "Pin Monkey", of Barney's Bowlarama ("And Maggie Makes Three")
(His dream job, but held only briefly, due to Maggie's birth)
Bounty Hunter ("Sex, Pies, and Idiot Scrapes")
Boxer ("The Homer They Fall")
Butler ("The Frying Game")
Bum Wrestler


Homer Car

Homer in the car of his own design

Candle maker of Ye Olde Candlemaker Shoppe, Olde Springfield Towne ("I Married Marge")
Car designer for Powell Motors ("Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?")
Caricaturist of open coffins ("Springfield Up")
Carny ("Bart Carny")
CEO of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant ("C.E. D'oh")
Chauffeur for Classy Joe's ("Homer vs. Patty and Selma")
Springfield Chief of Police ("Poppa's Got a Brand New Badge")
Child Caretaker of Uncle Homer's Daycare Center ("Children of a Lesser Clod")
Choreographer for the Super Bowl Halftime Show ("Homer and Ned's Hail Mary Pass")
Chiropractor ("Pokey Mom")
Coach for Bart's Little League American football team ("Bart Star")
Cook at a diner when fleeing from a Florida sheriff ("Kill the Alligator and Run")
Con artist/Grifter with son Bart ("The Great Money Caper")
Conceptual artist ("Mom and Pop Art")
Convenience store night-clerk for the Kwik-E-Mart ("Lisa's Pony")
Curling player ("Boy Meets Curl")



Homer as Duffman

Detective ("King-Size Homer" not shown, but mentioned by Marge)
Drug Smuggler when Burns cancelled the prescription drug program ("Midnight Rx")
Door-to-door knife salesman for Slash-Co. ("I Married Marge")
Door-to-door sugar salesman ("Lisa's Rival")
Door-to-door spring salesman ("The Old Man and the "C" Student")
Duffman ("The Duffman Cometh!, Waiting for Duffman")
Deacon of the Church ("Pulpit Friction")


Employee at Gulp 'n' Blow Drive-through ("I Married Marge")
Executive of Globex Corporation, Cypress Creek ("You Only Move Twice")
Executive Vice President of Power Plant ("Weekend at Burnsie's")



Homer as a farmer

Farmer ("E-I-E-I-D'oh")
Film critic ("A Star is Burns")
Film producer ("Beyond Blunderdome")
Fireman (volunteer) ("Crook and Ladder")
Fish gutter ("Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo")
Fisherman ("The Wife Aquatic")
Food critic for The Springfield Shopper ("Guess Who's Coming to Criticize Dinner?")
Foot Locker employee ("Marge Gamer")
Fortune cookie writer ("A Hunka Hunka Burns in Love")
Founder and Junior Vice President Compu-Global-Hyper-Mega-Net ("Das Bus")



Homer as a garbage commissioner

Garbage Commissioner ("Trash of the Titans")
Grease collector ("Lard of the Dance")
Greek Restaurant dishwasher ("The Girl Code")
Greenhouse Manager ("The Burns and the Bees")
Grim Reaper ("Treehouse of Horror XIV")
Guard of Springfield Juvenile Correctional Facility ("The Wandering Juvie")
Guard of Springfield Women's Prison ("Orange is the New Yellow")


Hitman ("Treehouse of Horror XVIII")
Hairdresser ("Homer Scissorhands")


Ice Cream of Margie (with the Light Blue Hair) (Promo Picture)

Homer as an ice cream man

Ice Cream Truck Driver ("Ice Cream of Margie (with the Light Blue Hair)")
He takes the Ice cream truck from an ice cream truck driver who dies.
Impotency Spokesman for Viag rogaine ("Barting Over")
Informant for the F.B.I. ("The Trouble with Trillions")
Internet Service Provider ("Das Bus")
Sets up his own small business, "compuglobalhypermeganet" in which he gives himself the title "Junior Vice President."
Inventor ("The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace, Flaming Moe's, The Old Man and the "C" Student")


Krusty Impersonator ("Homie the Clown")


Dancin homer

Homer as Dancin Homer

Mall Santa Claus ("Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire")
Marriage Counselor ("Marge and Homer Turn a Couple Play")
Mascot, known as "Dancing Homer" ("Dancin' Homer")
Mattress Salesman ("The Boys of Bummer")
Manure Salesman ("Springfield Up")
Mayor of New Springfield ("A Tale of Two Springfields")
Mayoral candidate ("See Homer Run")
Mexican wrestler ("Jazzy and the Pussycats")
Mini-golf assistant for Sir Putt-A-Lot's Merrie Olde Fun Centre ("I Married Marge")
Missionary ("Missionary: Impossible")
Mob Boss ("The Mook, the Chef, the Wife and Her Homer")
Springfield Monorail conductor ("Marge vs. the Monorail")
Mountain climber ("King of the Hill")
Medical Whitening Advisor for Flashmouth ("3 Scenes Plus a Tag from a Marriage")(non-canon)
Grammy Award-winning Member/Songwriter/Frontman of The Be Sharps ("Homer's Barbershop Quartet")
Composer of "Everybody Hates Ned Flanders" single with David Byrne ("Dude, Where's My Ranch?")
Composed songs for Lisa Simpson's music career ("A Star is Torn")
Member/Songwriter/Frontman of the grunge band Sadgasm ("That '90s Show")


Navy Homer

Homer in the navy

Nuclear Power Plant manager ("Kiss Kiss Bang Bangalore")
Navy Reservist ("Simpson Tide")


Oil-rig worker ("Half-Decent Proposal")
One Man Band ("Bart Gets Famous")
Opera singer ("The Homer of Seville.")
Ordained Minister ("There's Something About Marrying")
Outsider Artist ("Mom and Pop Art")

Homer in SpringShield

ZiffCorp ("The Ziff Who Came to Dinner") Majority Stock Holder
SpringShield ("Poppa's Got a Brand New Badge")
the Denver Broncos ("You Only Move Twice")
Compu-Global-Hyper-Mega-Net - Internet based company - ("Das Bus")
the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant ("C.E. D'oh")
Mr. Plow ("Mr. Plow")



Homer as a paparazzo

Paparazzo ("Homerazzi").
Performance artist -Getting hit with a cannonball ("Homerpalooza")
Personal assistant
Plastic Artist/Conceptual Artist ("Mom and Pop Art")
Briefly becomes the assistant and friend of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger. ("When You Dish Upon a Star")
Briefly taking Smithers' place as Mr. Burns' right-hand man. ("Homer the Smithers")
Briefly became the assistant of Carl Carlson ("The Devil Wears Nada")
Briefly became the assistant of Roz Davis ("Replaceable You")
Police officer/Police Chief ("Pappa's Got a Brand New Badge")
Prank monkey for Mr. Burns ("Homer vs. Dignity")
Public speaker ("HOMЯ")


Quiz-Master ("Kill the Alligator and Run")


Roadie ("How I Spent My Strummer Vacation")
Railroad Engineer (implied) ("Maximum Homerdrive")
Rollercoaster Rebuilder ("Please Homer, Don't Hammer 'Em")


GABF21 Salamander

Homer as the safety salamander

Safety Inspector for New England Kandy Company ("The Town")
Safety Salamander ("See Homer Run")
Sailor in the Naval Reserve ("Simpson Tide")
Sanitation Commissioner ("Trash of the Titans")
Security Officer of SpringShield ("Poppa's Got a Brand New Badge")
Sideshow freak ("Homerpalooza")
Silhouette Model ("Midnight Towboy")
Singer ("Homer's Barbershop Quartet")
of beer ("Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment")
of prescription drugs ("Midnight Rx")
of fruits and vegetables ("Itchy & Scratchy Land")
of Sugar ("Sweets and Sour Marge")
of an exotic snake ("To Courier with Love")
Snowplow proprietor and driver ("Mr. Plow")
Soccer referee ("Marge Gamer" and "You Don't Have to Live Like a Referee")
Soldier ("G.I. (Annoyed Grunt)")
Softball Player ("Homer at the Bat")
Stand-up comedian ("Simprovised")
Street musician ("Bart Gets Famous")
Superhero ("Simple Simpson", "Treehouse of Horror XXII")
Spokesperson/Walking Billboard ("My Fair Laddy")
Sprawl-Mart greeter ("Goo Goo Gai Pan")


Maximum Homerdrive 102

Homer as a trucker

Talk Show Host ("Today, I Am a Clown")
Teacher ("Secrets of a Successful Marriage")
Television Producer
Telemarketer ("Lisa's Date with Density")
Tomacco Creator/Farmer/Salesman (see Farmer) ("E-I-E-I-D'oh")
Tow Truck Driver ("Midnight Towboy")
Town crier ("Lisa the Iconoclast")
Traveling salesman of Simpson & Son Revitalizing Tonic ("Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy")
Trucker ("Maximum Homerdrive")
TV Show Host ("Politically Inept, with Homer Simpson")


Union leader ("Last Exit to Springfield")
Used Car salesman ("Diatribe of a Mad Housewife")



Homer as a voice actor

Voice actor ("The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show")
Playing Poochie ("The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show")
Playing Angry Dad ("Angry Dad: The Movie")


Webmaster ("The Computer Wore Menace Shoes")
Co-author of The Troll Twins of Underbridge Academy ("The Book Job")
Fortune cookie writer ("A Hunka Hunka Burns in Love")