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The following is a list of couch gags seen in the opening sequence of The Simpsons.

The Simpsons

Season 1

# Airdate Screenshot Gag Name Episode Code
1 December 17, 1989 no gag (Christmas special) "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire" 7G08
2 January 14, 1990 Bart the Genius couch gag (Bart squeezed in the air).png
Bart the Genius (Couch gag).png
The family sits on the couch and squashes Bart into the air. He comes back down about six seconds later, during the TV scene. "Bart the Genius" 7G02
3 January 21, 1990 CouchGagS1E03.jpg The family sits, but the couch falls apart, leaving them sitting on cushions on the floor. The side table slides away as well. "Homer's Odyssey" 7G03
4 January 28, 1990 Couch gag (There's No Disgrace Like Home).png The family sits on the couch and Homer gets "squashed" off, landing with a soft "D'oh!" on the ground. "There's No Disgrace Like Home" 7G04
5 February 4, 1990 No gag (shortened opening) "Bart the General" 7G05
6 February 11, 1990 CouchGagS1E06.jpg The family sits, but Maggie gets squashed into the air and is caught by Marge. "Moaning Lisa" 7G06
7 February 18, 1990 Normal.jpg

The family sits normally.

NOTE: This was originally going to be the first couch gag.

"The Call of the Simpsons" 7G09
8 February 25, 1990

Bart the Genius couch gag (Bart squeezed in the air).png

Bart the Genius (Couch gag).png

repeat of 7G02 "The Telltale Head" 7G07
9 March 18, 1990 no gag (shortened opening) "Life on the Fast Lane" 7G11
10 March 25, 1990 CouchGagS1E03.jpg repeat of 7G03 "Homer's Night Out" 7G10
11 April 15, 1990 Couch gag (There's No Disgrace Like Home).png repeat of 7G04 "The Crepes of Wrath" 7G13
12 April 29, 1990 CouchGagS1E06.jpg repeat of 7G06 "Krusty Gets Busted" 7G12
13 May 13, 1990 Normal.jpg repeat of 7G09 "Some Enchanted Evening" 7G01

Season 2

# Airdate Screenshot Gag Name Episode Code
14 October 11, 1990 CouchgagS2.png
The family sits down and the couch falls through the floor. Homer shouts "D'oh!" "Bart Gets an "F"" 7F03
15 October 18, 1990 CouchGagS2E02.jpg The Simpsons do an Egyptian dance before jumping on the couch in a "Ta-da" pose. "Simpson and Delilah" 7F02
16 October 25, 1990 None (shortened Halloween intro) "Treehouse of Horror" 7F04
17 November 1, 1990 CouchGagS2E04.jpg The Simpsons sit, and the couch opens into a bed, flinging the family into the air and landing on it. "Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish" 7F01
18 November 8, 1990 CouchGagS2E05-02.png
Everyone except Maggie sit on the couch. Maggie then peeks out of Marge's hair, sucking happily on her pacifier. "Dancin' Homer" 7F05
19 November 15, 1990 CouchGagS2E06.jpg The Simpsons, along with Snowball ll and Santa's Little Helper, sit on the couch. Bart notices then faces the TV as usual. "Dead Putting Society" 7F08
20 November 22, 1990 CouchGagS2E07.jpg Grampa is asleep on the couch and is startled awake when the family comes in. "Bart vs. Thanksgiving" 7F07
21 December 6, 1990 CouchGagS2E08.jpg Homer tips the couch over on its side with everyone except Maggie, who ends up on a fallen couch cushion. "Bart the Daredevil" 7F06
22 December 20, 1990 CouchGagS2E09.jpg The family comes in and finds the couch missing. "Itchy & Scratchy & Marge" 7F09
23 January 10, 1991 CouchGagS2E10.jpg The family gets pushed off the couch by Homer, who gets the couch all to himself while the rest of the family sits on the floor. "Bart Gets Hit by a Car" 7F10
24 January 24, 1991 CouchGagS2E11.jpg The couch falls over backwards, and Maggie peeks from behind. "One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish" 7F11
25 January 31, 1991 CouchgagS2.png
repeat of 7F03's gag, but without Homer's "D'oh". "The Way We Was" 7F12
26 February 7, 1991 CouchGagS2E02.jpg repeat of 7F02's gag "Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment" 7F13
27 February 14, 1991 CouchGagS2E04.jpg repeat of 7F01's gag "Principal Charming" 7F15
28 February 21, 1991 CouchGagS2E05-02.png
repeat of 7F05's gag "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?" 7F16
29 March 7, 1991 CouchGagS2E06.jpg repeat of 7F08's gag "Bart's Dog Gets an F" 7F14
30 March 28, 1991 CouchGagS2E07.jpg repeat of 7F07's gag "Old Money" 7F17
31 April 11, 1991 CouchGagS2E08.jpg repeat of 7F06's gag "Brush with Greatness" 7F18
32 April 25, 1991 CouchGagS2E09.jpg repeat of 7F09's gag "Lisa's Substitute" 7F19
33 May 2, 1991 CouchGagS2E10.jpg repeat of 7F10's gag

"The War of the Simpsons"

34 May 9, 1991 CouchGagS2E11.jpg repeat of 7F11's gag "Three Men and a Comic Book" 7F21
35 July 11, 1991 CouchgagS2.png
repeat of 7F03's gag, but without Homer's "D'oh". "Blood Feud" 7F22

Season 3

# Airdate Screenshot Gag Episode Code
36 September 19, 1991 TippingCouch.png The family sits, and the couch tips over backwards and crashes through the wall. The hole in the wall resembles the family's silhouettes. "Stark Raving Dad" 7F24
37 September 26, 1991 CouchS3.png
The family sits on the couch, but Homer sits on Santa's Little Helper, whom he pulls out from under him. "Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington" 8F01
38 October 3, 1991 CouchGagS2E02.jpg repeat of 7F02's gag "When Flanders Failed" 7F23
39 October 10, 1991 CouchGagS3E04.jpg The family forms a human pyramid on the couch with Maggie on top. "Bart the Murderer" 8F03
40 October 17, 1991 CouchGagS3E05.jpg A space alien is on the couch with a drink in its hand. Before the family comes in, it opens a trap door in the floor and escapes through it. The family comes in and sits as normal. "Homer Defined" 8F04
41 October 24, 1991 FamilyWithoutBart.jpg
Everyone except for Bart sits on the couch. Bart comes in moments later and lies stretched out on everyone’s laps. "Like Father, Like Clown" 8F05
42 October 31, 1991 None (shortened Halloween intro) "Treehouse of Horror II" 8F02
43 November 7, 1991 CouchGagS3E08.jpg Homer lies down on the couch and ends up sat upon by the rest of the family. "Lisa's Pony" 8F06
44 November 14, 1991 CouchGagS3E09.jpg The family sits on the couch and sinks halfway in. "Saturdays of Thunder" 8F07
45 November 21, 1991 CouchGagS3E10.jpg Two burglars are in the process of carrying off the couch. The Simpsons come in and sit, but the burglars throw them off and leave with the couch. "Flaming Moe's" 8F08
46 December 5, 1991 CouchGagS3E11.jpg Santa’s Little Helper is asleep on the couch. When the family comes in, he growls ferociously, and the family backs away slowly. "Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk" 8F09
47 December 26, 1991 CouchGagS3E12.jpg
The family (except Maggie, who hops after failing to do a proper cartwheel) cartwheels to the couch and lands with a "ta-da" pose. "I Married Marge" 8F10
48 January 9, 1992 CouchGagS3E13.jpg The family sits on the couch and end up bouncing over and under each other until they're in completely different places on the couch. "Radio Bart" 8F11
49 January 23, 1992 CouchS3.png
repeat of 8F01's gag "Lisa the Greek" 8F12
50 February 6, 1992 CouchGagS3E04.jpg repeat of 8F03's gag "Homer Alone" 8F14
51 February 13, 1992 CouchGagS3E05.jpg repeat of 8F04's gag "Bart the Lover" 8F16
52 February 20, 1992 CouchGagS3E17.jpg The family runs to the couch but knocks themselves unconscious in the process. Maggie, the only one who isn’t knocked out, ends up on the couch. "Homer at the Bat" 8F13
53 February 27, 1992 FamilyWithoutBart.jpg
repeat of 8F05's gag "Separate Vocations" 8F15
54 March 12, 1992 CouchGagS3E08.jpg repeat of 8F06's gag "Dog of Death" 8F17
55 March 26, 1992 CouchGagS3E09.jpg repeat of 8F07's gag "Colonel Homer" 8F19
56 April 9, 1992 CouchGagS3E10.jpg repeat of 8F08's gag "Black Widower" 8F20
57 April 23, 1992 CouchGagS3E11.jpg repeat of 8F09's gag "The Otto Show" 8F21
58 May 7, 1992 TippingCouch.png repeat of 7F24's gag "Bart's Friend Falls in Love" 8F22
59 August 27, 1992 CouchGagS3E12.jpg
repeat of 8F10's gag "Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes?" 8F23

Season 4

# Airdate Screenshot Gag Episode Code
60 September 24, 1992 CouchGagS4E01Flintstones.jpg The Flintstones (Fred, Wilma, and Pebbles) are on the couch. When the Simpsons come in, Fred smiles at Homer and invites him to sit. "Kamp Krusty" 8F24


October 1, 1992 CouchGagS4E02.jpg The family sits on the couch, which transforms into a monster and swallows them all. "A Streetcar Named Marge" 8F18
62 October 8, 1992 CouchGagS4E03.jpg The Simpsons sit on the couch. The wall rotates around, leaving an empty couch from the other side. "Homer the Heretic" 9F01
63 October 15, 1992 CouchGagS4E04.jpg Maggie is already on the couch. Homer, Marge, and Bart run off the edge of the film onto an empty white space and quickly run back. Lisa jumps in at the last minute. "Lisa the Beauty Queen" 9F02
64 October 29, 1992 CouchGagS4E05.jpg The Simpsons are skeletons who rush to the couch and sit as normal. This is based on the promotional poster for "Treehouse of Horror II". "Treehouse of Horror III" 9F04
65 November 3, 1992 CocuhGagS4E06.jpg The Simpsons sit on the couch, which deflates like a balloon. "Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie" 9F03
66 November 5, 1992 CouchGagS4E07.jpg The family’s heads are mismatched. Everyone undoes the mistake by taking back their proper heads, and Maggie takes her pacifier out of Homer’s mouth. "Marge Gets a Job" 9F05
67 November 12, 1992 CouchgagS2.png
repeat of 7F03's gag, but without Homer's "D'oh". "New Kid on the Block" 9F06
68 November 19, 1992 CouchGagS4E09.png
The couch is replaced by a small wooden chair. The family crowds together on it. "Mr. Plow" 9F07
69 December 3, 1992 CouchGagS4E10-02.jpg
Couch gag 2.jpg
As the standard theme music stops, the family forms a chorus line, joined by a line of Rockette-like women, all high-kicking to a Vegas-like rendition of the main theme melody. The living room walls are lifted to make way for a large production number, featuring hand-standing elephants, magicians, Santa's Little Helper leaping through a ring of fire, and more all set to circus style music. The standard theme music then returns, concluding normally. (This is the first extra-long couch gag, as well as the first to cut into the standard theme with alternate music. This couch gag is also used for edited versions of other episodes from all seasons.) "Lisa's First Word" 9F08
70 December 17, 1992 CouchGagS4E11.jpg The family is shrunken and climbs the "giant" couch. "Homer's Triple Bypass" 9F09
71 January 14, 1993 CouchS4.png
The Simpsons sit down, followed by three rows of secondary characters (such as Kent Brockman, Apu, Krusty, Principal Skinner, Marge's mother Jackie, Mr. Burns, Smithers, a black-haired Princess Kashmir, Nelson, Milhouse, Martin, and Mrs. Krabappel) who obstruct the family's view. "Marge vs. the Monorail" 9F10
72 January 21, 1993 CouchGagS4E13.jpg The family is caught in a rope trap set up on the floor. "Selma's Choice" 9F11
73 February 4, 1993 CouchGagS4E03.jpg repeat of 9F01's gag "Brother from the Same Planet" 9F12
74 February 11, 1993 CouchGagS4E10-02.jpg
Couch gag 2.jpg
repeat of 9F08's gag "I Love Lisa" 9F13
75 February 18, 1993 CouchGagS4E04.jpg repeat of 9F02's gag "Duffless" 9F14
76 March 11, 1993 CouchGagS4E02.jpg repeat of 8F18's gag "Last Exit to Springfield" 9F15
77 April 1, 1993 CouchGagS4E07.jpg repeat of 9F05's gag "So It's Come to This: A Simpsons Clip Show" 9F17
78 April 15, 1993 CouchGagS4E10-02.jpg
Couch gag 2.jpg
repeat of 9F08's gag "The Front" 9F16
79 April 29, 1993 CouchGagS4E09.png
repeat of 9F07's gag "Whacking Day" 9F18
80 May 6, 1993 CouchGagS4E11.jpg repeat of 9F09's gag "Marge in Chains" 9F20
81 May 13, 1993 CouchGagS4E13.jpg repeat of 9F11's gag "Krusty Gets Kancelled" 9F19

Season 5

# Airdate Screenshot Gag Episode Code
82 September 30, 1993 CouchGagS5E01-01.jpg
A director does three couch gag takes. Take one: The runs into the living room and shatter like glass when they collide with each other, with Santa's Little Helper walking in to look at the mess on the floor. Take two: The Simpsons run in and coalesce into a multicolored, five-headed blob. Take three: The Simpsons run in and explode on contact, with Maggie's pacifier falling onto the blackened crater. (syndicated reruns use the “take one” couch gag only, and takes two and three are used as individual couch gags in different episodes) "Homer's Barbershop Quartet" 9F21
83 October 7, 1993 CouchGagS4E10-02.jpg
Couch gag 2.jpg
repeat of 9F08's gag "Cape Feare" 9F22
84 October 14, 1993 CouchGagS5E03.jpg The Simpsons sit on their couch but get crushed by the cutout foot from the opening sequence of Monty Python's Flying Circus. "Homer Goes to College" 1F02
85 October 21, 1993 CouchGagS5E04.jpg The Simpsons run in and find an identical Simpsons family on the couch. (This one is frequently used as the opening couch gag on syndicated versions of Simpsons episodes from seasons one to five.) "Rosebud" 1F01
86 October 28, 1993 CouchGagS5E05.jpg The Simpsons are zombies who break through the floor and groan as they sit on the couch. "Treehouse of Horror IV" 1F04
87 November 4, 1993 CouchGagS5E06.jpg The family runs in and crashes through the wall, as it turns out the couch and other living room furniture are painted on a backdrop. "Marge on the Lam" 1F03
88 November 11, 1993 CouchGagS5E07.jpg The family runs in and finds an obese man taking up the entire couch. The man tries to give the Simpsons room to sit, but it's a tight fit. "Bart's Inner Child" 1F05
89 November 18, 1993 CouchGagS5E08-01.jpg
The lights are out as five pairs of eyes enter. The lights turn on revealing only eyes, as the eyeless family rushes in and sits down, reconnecting with their eyes. "Boy-Scoutz 'n the Hood" 1F06
90 December 9, 1993 CouchGagS5E09.jpg The family sits, then realizes the couch is on the set of the Late Show with David Letterman; next to the couch, Dave spins in his chair to face forward at his desk. "The Last Temptation of Homer" 1F07
91 December 16, 1993 CouchGagS5E01-01.jpg repeat of the first of 9F21's three gags "$pringfield (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling)" 1F08
92 January 6, 1994 CouchGagS5E01-03.jpg repeat of the third of 9F21's three gags "Homer the Vigilante" 1F09
93 February 3, 1994 CouchGagS5E01-02.jpg repeat of the second of 9F21's three gags "Bart Gets Famous" 1F11
94 February 10, 1994 CouchGagS5E13.jpg Homer, Marge, Bart, and Lisa poke their heads out from behind the couch, and Maggie pokes out from behind the center cushion. "Homer and Apu" 1F10
95 February 17, 1994 CouchGagS5E03.jpg repeat of 1F02's gag "Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy" 1F12
96 February 24, 1994 CouchGagS5E07.jpg repeat of 1F05's gag "Deep Space Homer" 1F13
97 March 17, 1994 CouchGagS5E16.jpg There are two identical couches in the living room. The Simpsons split themselves down the middle and each half sits on the couches. "Homer Loves Flanders" 1F14
98 March 31, 1994 CouchGagS5E08-01.jpg
repeat of 1F06's gag "Bart Gets an Elephant" 1F15
99 April 14, 1994 CouchGagS5E18.jpg
The Simpsons are balls that bounce onto the couch. Bart almost bounces away, but Homer grabs him and hurls him onto the couch. "Burns' Heir" 1F16
100 April 28, 1994 CouchGagS5E19-01.jpg
The Simpsons sit on the couch just as a translucent Fox screen bug appears in the lower right hand corner of the screen. Homer gets up from the couch, peels it off and stomps on it, with the family joining him before returning to the couch. "Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song" 1F18
101 May 5, 1994 CouchGagS5E09.jpg repeat of 1F07's gag "The Boy Who Knew Too Much" 1F19
102 May 12, 1994 CouchGagS5E01-01.jpg repeat of the first of 9F21's three gags "Lady Bouvier's Lover" 1F21
103 May 19, 1994 CouchGagS5E01-03.jpg repeat of the third of 9F21's three gags "Secrets of a Successful Marriage" 1F20

Season 6

# Airdate Screenshot Gag Episode Code
104 September 4, 1994 CouchGagS6E01.jpg The roles of the family and the couch are reversed; the couch builds itself on the Simpsons, who are sitting in mid-air, crushing them. "Bart of Darkness" 1F22
105 September 11, 1994


The living room floor is a shallow body of water, and The Simpsons swim their way to the couch. Once on the couch, Bart removes his scuba mask and Homer dries out his ear by sticking his finger in it. "Lisa's Rival" 1F17
106 September 25, 1994 CouchGagS5E03.jpg repeat of 1F02's gag "Another Simpsons Clip Show" 2F33
107 October 2, 1994 CouchGagS6E04.jpg The family is beamed onto the couch Star Trek-style. "Itchy & Scratchy Land" 2F01
108 October 9, 1994 CouchGagS5E08-01.jpg
repeat of 1F06's gag (first airing)/no gag (repeats) "Sideshow Bob Roberts" 2F02
109 October 30, 1994 CouchGagS6E06.jpg The Simpson family members are built à la Frankenstein’s monster with each other’s body parts. They exchange body parts until they nearly match. "Treehouse of Horror V" 2F03
110 November 6, 1994 CouchGagS5E08-01.jpg
repeat of 1F06's gag "Bart's Girlfriend" 2F04
111 November 13, 1994 CouchGagS6E08.jpg The Simpsons sit on the couch and get shot into the ceiling, with only their legs and feet showing. "Lisa on Ice" 2F05
112 November 27, 1994 CouchGagS6E09.jpg In a loose parody of the film Time Bandits, the family chases after the couch and the back wall as it slides down an endless hallway. "Homer Badman" 2F06
113 December 4, 1994 CouchGagS6E10.jpg The family runs in from the side past a repeating background shot of the couch and TV (a parody of how 1950s and 60s cartoons repeated backgrounds in order to save money.) "Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy" 2F07
114 December 18, 1994 CouchGagS4E10-02.jpg
Couch gag 2.jpg
repeat of 9F08's gag "Fear of Flying" 2F08
115 January 8, 1995 CouchGagS6E12.jpg The living room is at the center of an M.C. Escher Relativity-style environment with multiple staircases and conflicting perspectives; the family enters from various directions (and dimensions) and sits. "Homer the Great" 2F09
116 January 22, 1995 CouchGagS6E13.jpg The living room is seen through the barrel of a gun with music typically heard in a James Bond film playing. Homer walks in and fires at the unseen gunman, and the screen “bleeds” red and falls. "And Maggie Makes Three" 2F10
117 February 5, 1995 CouchGagS6E14.jpg The living room is shown in black and white. The Simpsons, animated as smiling, rubber-hosed cartoon characters, come in and do a stiff dance. "Bart's Comet" 2F11
118 February 12, 1995 CouchGagS6E01.jpg repeat of 1F22's gag "Homie the Clown" 2F12
119 February 19, 1995 CouchGagS6E02.jpg repeat of 1F17's gag "Bart vs. Australia" 2F13
120 February 26, 1995 QuantumLeapCouchGag.jpg repeat of 2F01's gag (except The Simpsons now appear on the couch in a burst of whitish-blue light much like the show Quantum Leap) "Homer vs. Patty and Selma" 2F14
121 March 5, 1995 CouchGagS6E18.jpg The family's sizes are reversed; Maggie is now the largest while Homer is the smallest, except Bart's height is still the same. "A Star is Burns" 2F31
122 March 19, 1995 CouchGagS6E08.jpg repeat of 2F05's gag "Lisa's Wedding" 2F15
123 April 9, 1995 CouchGagS6E09.jpg repeat of 2F06's gag "Two Dozen and One Greyhounds" 2F18
124 April 16, 1995 CouchGagS6E12.jpg repeat of 2F09's gag "The PTA Disbands" 2F19
125 April 30, 1995 CouchGagS6E18.jpg repeat of 2F31's gag "'Round Springfield" 2F32
126 May 7, 1995 CouchGagS6E13.jpg repeat of 2F10's gag "The Springfield Connection" 2F21
127 May 14, 1995 CouchGagS6E14.jpg repeat of 2F11's gag "Lemon of Troy" 2F22
128 May 21, 1995 CouchGagS6E10.jpg repeat of 2F07's gag "Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part One)" 2F16

Season 7

# Airdate Screenshot Gag Episode Code
129 September 17, 1995 CouchGagS7E01.jpg The theme from Dragnet plays as the couch slides away and a police lineup height chart unfurls from above. The family lines up in front of it. "Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part Two)" 2F20
130 September 24, 1995 CouchGagS7E02.jpg Like a fax machine, the couch ejects a sheet of paper with a screenshot of the family, which then floats up into the air, before sliding beneath the couch. "Radioactive Man" 2F17
131 October 1, 1995 CouchGagS7E03.jpg Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Grampa (who’s sleeping), Santa's Little Helper, and Snowball II are in a Brady Bunch-style nine-square grid, with the couch in the center square. Everyone except Grampa runs to the center square. "Home Sweet Homediddly-Dum-Doodily" 3F01
132 October 8, 1995 CouchGagS7E04.jpg The family drives around the room in go-karts, wearing Shriner fezzes. They line up in front of the couch and honk their horns simultaneously. "Bart Sells His Soul" 3F02
133 October 15, 1995 CouchGagS7E05.jpg The Simpsons are colorless blobs, and mechanical arms color and detail the family. "Lisa the Vegetarian" 3F03
134 October 29, 1995 HangingCouch.jpg The family is hung from nooses, staring blankly. Despite being dead from asphyxiation, Maggie manages to suck on her pacifier. "Treehouse of Horror VI" 3F04
135 November 5, 1995 CouchGagS7E07.jpg The Simpsons are five malfunctioning wind-up dolls who buzz and waddle their way to the couch (or at least near it). "King-Size Homer" 3F05
136 November 19, 1995 CouchGagS7E08.jpg A bowling pin clearing bar scares Snowball II off the couch, then a pinsetter places the family on the couch like bowling pins. "Mother Simpson" 3F06
137 November 26, 1995 CouchGagS7E09.jpg The whole room is underwater, the couch is made of clam shells, and a treasure chest is in place of the TV. Sea monkey versions of the family swim in and sit on the clam couch. "Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming" 3F08
138 December 3, 1995












Couch gag 2.jpg

A montage of couch gags from 8F18, 9F02, 9F10, 9F09, 8F09, 1F02, 2F31, 2F09, 2F06, 1F17, 2F11, and 9F08. "The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular" 3F31
139 December 17, 1995 CouchGagS7E11.jpg

The family sits on the couch. Homer notices a plug in the middle of the floor and pulls it, and everyone and everything gets sucked down the drain.

NOTE: Unlike the other couch gags, the floor is brown in this one. It is unknown if this is a production error. The sailboat picture's frame is also blue, and the telephone on the cabinet is missing.

"Marge Be Not Proud" 3F07
140 January 7, 1996 CouchGagS7E12.jpg The family sits, and the camera then zooms in through a mouse hole, where a family of mice with similar features to the Simpson family rush to their couch and sit as well. "Team Homer" 3F10
141 January 14, 1996 CouchGagS7E13.jpg Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie are mounted heads on the wall and Homer is a bearskin rug on the floor. A game hunter comes in, sits on the couch, and smokes a pipe. "Two Bad Neighbors" 3F09
142 February 4, 1996 CouchGagS7E14.jpg The living room is bathed in black light, with the Simpsons in fluorescent colors while a hard rock guitar riff plays. Homer turns the light on and the normal music plays. "Scenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield" 3F11
143 February 11, 1996 CouchGagS7E02.jpg repeat of 2F17's gag (but this time, the paper doesn't slide back under the couch) "Bart the Fink" 3F12
144 February 18, 1996 CouchGagS7E03.jpg repeat of 3F01's gag "Lisa the Iconoclast" 3F13
145 February 25, 1996 CouchGagS7E04.jpg repeat of 3F02's gag "Homer the Smithers" 3F14
146 March 17, 1996 CouchGagS7E05.jpg repeat of 3F03's gag "The Day the Violence Died" 3F16
147 March 24, 1996 CouchGagS7E07.jpg repeat of 3F05's gag "A Fish Called Selma" 3F15
148 March 31, 1996


Couch gag 2.jpg

repeat of 3F06's gag (all airings) / repeat of 9F08 for edited versions "Bart on the Road" 3F17
149 April 14, 1996 CouchGagS7E09.jpg repeat of 3F08's gag "22 Short Films About Springfield" 3F18
150 April 28, 1996 CouchGagS7E11.jpg repeat of 3F07's gag "Raging Abe Simpson and His Grumbling Grandson in "The Curse of the Flying Hellfish"" 3F19
151 May 5, 1996 CouchGagS7E13.jpg repeat of 3F09's gag "Much Apu About Nothing" 3F20
152 May 19, 1996 CouchGagS7E14.jpg repeat of 3F11's gag "Homerpalooza" 3F21
153 May 19, 1996 CouchGagS7E02.jpg repeat of 2F17's gag "Summer of 4 Ft. 2" 3F22

Season 8

# Airdate Screenshot Gag Episode Code
154 October 27, 1996 CouchGagS8E01.jpg The Grim Reaper is on the couch. The family runs in, but they all fall over and die one by one. The Reaper then puts his feet up on their corpses. "Treehouse of Horror VII" 4F02
155 November 3, 1996 CouchGagS8E02.jpg Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie deploy parachutes as they fall from the sky onto the couch. Homer comes down screaming and lands on his face from an unopened parachute pack. "You Only Move Twice" 3F23
156 November 10, 1996 CouchGagS8E03.jpg The couch sits in the middle of a desert; the family, in western cowboy garb, sits on the couch, which gallops off into the sunset. "The Homer They Fall" 4F03
157 November 17, 1996 CouchGagS8E04.jpg Clear blue bubble versions of the family float into the room, land on the couch, and pop. "Burns, Baby Burns" 4F05
158 November 24, 1996 CouchGagS8E05.jpg The whole scene is a Simpsons rendition of The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper album, featuring a large crowd of regulars, several objects associated with the show, wax statues of the Simpsons as they were on The Tracey Ullman Show. The last chord to the Beatles song "A Day in the Life" plays instead of the traditional Simpsons music as the family comes in, standing front and center and dressed in Sgt. Pepper regalia. Homer looks around and turns to look at the crowded scene behind him. "Bart After Dark" 4F06
159 December 1, 1996 CouchGagS8E06.jpg The family sits down, but now Bart is green. Homer fiddles with the TV antenna and Bart changes to red. Homer then returns to the couch, and smacks Bart in the back of the head in order to return him to his normal color (yellow). "A Milhouse Divided" 4F04
160 December 15, 1996 CouchGagS8E07.jpg Everybody and everything is upside-down. The Simpsons (also upside-down) come in and sit on the couch, but end up falling on the ceiling/floor. "Lisa's Date with Density" 4F01
161 December 29, 1996 CouchGagS8E08.jpg The couch is replaced with a coin slot and the words "Vend-A-Couch" written on the wall. Homer puts a coin in; nothing happens. Homer pounds on the wall four times before the couch falls on him. "Hurricane Neddy" 4F07
162 January 5, 1997 CouchGagS8E02.jpg repeat of 3F23's gag "El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer (The Mysterious Voyage of Homer)" 3F24
163 January 12, 1997 CouchGagS8E10.jpg The family flies into the room wearing jetpacks. Maggie spirals in last, landing in Marge's lap. "The Springfield Files" 3G01
164 January 19, 1997 CouchGagS8E11.jpg The couch is a giant Whack-A-Mole game, with the Simpson family as the moles. The clown hallucination music from "Homie the Clown" plays as an unseen player tries to hit one of the Simpson moles and successfully gets Homer. "The Twisted World of Marge Simpson" 4F08
165 February 2, 1997 CouchGagS8E12.jpg The couch is folded out into a bed with Grampa sleeping on it. The Simpsons fold the couch in (with Grampa shouting "Huh?" before he's folded in) and sit. "Mountain of Madness" 4F10
166 February 7, 1997 CouchGagS8E13.jpg The living room is empty. However, the Simpsons are locked outside, where Homer is struggling with the locked front door while the rest of the family waits impatiently. "Simpsoncalifragilisticexpialadohcious" 3G03
167 February 9, 1997 CouchGagS8E05.jpg

repeat of 4F06's gag

"The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show" 4F12
168 February 16, 1997 CouchGagS8E15.jpg The living room is in an "America Onlink" window on a computer screen. An unseen computer user tries to download the family, but the download shows no signs of progress after a few seconds and the user tries to exit the window (which also doesn’t work). "Homer's Phobia" 4F11
169 February 23, 1997 CouchGagS8E07.jpg repeat of 4F01's gag "Brother from Another Series" 4F14
170 March 2, 1997 CouchGagS8E17.jpg The couch is on the deck of a ship at sea in rough waters, sliding back and forth with the ship. The family, dressed in rain gear, sits on the couch, before an enormous wave washes them away. The TV surfaces moments later. "My Sister, My Sitter" 4F13
171 March 16, 1997 CouchGagS8E03.jpg repeat of 4F03's gag "Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment" 4F15
172 April 6, 1997 CouchGagS8E04.jpg repeat of 4F05's gag "Grade School Confidential" 4F09
173 April 13, 1997 CouchGagS8E12.jpg repeat of 4F10's gag "The Canine Mutiny" 4F16
174 April 20, 1997 CouchGagS8E11.jpg repeat of 4F08's gag (only now, the sounds of the mallet hitting the family members is more aggressive.) "The Old Man and the Lisa" 4F17
175 April 27, 1997 CouchGagS8E08.jpg repeat of 4F07's gag "In Marge We Trust" 4F18
176 May 4, 1997 CouchGagS8E06.jpg repeat of 4F04's gag "Homer's Enemy" 4F19
177 May 11, 1997 no gag (special opening) "The Simpsons Spin-Off Showcase" 4F20
178 May 18, 1997 CouchGagS8E07.jpg repeat of 4F01's gag "The Secret War of Lisa Simpson" 4F21

Season 9

# Airdate Screenshot Gag Episode Code
179 September 21, 1997 CouchGagS9E01.jpg The family comes in dressed as the Harlem Globetrotters, passing a basketball to each other while "Sweet Georgia Brown" plays. Maggie dunks the ball into the basket above the couch, hitting Homer on the head. "The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson" 4F22
180 September 28, 1997 CouchGagS9E02.jpg The Simpsons are dressed as astronauts and sit on the couch just as it blasts off into space. "The Principal and the Pauper" 4F23
181 October 19, 1997 CouchGagS9E03.jpg Homer runs in alone and stands in front of the couch. The top half of him pops off and on to the couch, revealing a smaller Marge standing inside the lower half of Homer, like a Russian nesting doll. The top half of Marge pops off revealing Bart, whose top half pops off revealing Lisa, whose top half finally pops off to reveal Maggie, who stays in the middle of Homer’s body, and sucks on her pacifier. "Lisa's Sax" 3G02
182 October 26, 1997 CouchGagS9E04.jpg The Simpsons sit on the couch. Metal shackles restrain their wrists and ankles and a metal cap comes down on all of their heads. The family writhes in pain as they get electrocuted. "Treehouse of Horror VIII" 5F02
183 November 2, 1997 CouchGagS9E05.jpg The couch is a trough filled with water. The Simpsons, on fire, rush to the trough and sit to extinguish the fire. They all sigh in relief as steam billows out. "The Cartridge Family" 5F01
184 November 9, 1997 CouchGagS9E06.jpg The family sits. An auto-crusher compresses them all into a rectangular block. "Bart Star" 5F03
185 November 16, 1997 CouchGagS9E07.jpg Bart runs in and spray-paints the family onto the couch, tagging it with an "El Barto" signature, and runs off. "The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons" 5F04
186 November 23, 1997 CouchGagS9E08.jpg The living room is a sauna, with three men in towels relaxing. The Simpsons (also in towels) arrive, but leave sheepishly as the three men glare at them. "Lisa the Skeptic" 5F05
187 December 7, 1997 CouchGagS9E09.jpg The family sits, and Matt Groening's live action hand spins the screenshot around, smearing the shot's paint. "Realty Bites" 5F06
188 December 21, 1997 CouchGagS9E10.jpg The Simpsons sit on the couch as normal. The camera zooms out and reveals that the living room is part of a snow globe that two hands shake to make the snow fall. (Christmas episode for this first usage) "Miracle on Evergreen Terrace" 5F07
189 January 4, 1998 CouchGagS9E11.jpg The floor is a treadmill. Marge, Lisa, Bart, and Maggie run in place for a few seconds, then successfully dismount, while Homer gets stuck on it yelling, "Marge, stop this crazy thing!" a la George Jetson in the closing credits of The Jetsons. "All Singing, All Dancing" 5F24
190 January 11, 1998 CouchGagS9E12.jpg The Simpsons go to sit on the couch, but fall when the couch gets pulled back. Nelson Muntz comes from behind the couch and laughs. "Bart Carny" 5F08
191 February 8, 1998 CouchGagS9E13.jpg Similar to the couch gag on "Homer's Triple Bypass", the Simpsons are minimized and are trying to get on the giant couch. Unlike the couch gag to "Homer's Triple Bypass", The Simpsons take a little longer to climb onto the couch and, once they reach the top, Santa's Little Helper grabs Homer and carries him away in his mouth. "The Joy of Sect" 5F23
192 February 15, 1998 CouchGagS9E14.jpg The Simpsons are frogs (with Maggie as a tadpole) jumping to a lily pad "couch". Homer turns on the TV with his tongue. (according to the Season 9 DVD commentary, Dan Castellaneta's niece came up with the idea for this couch gag) "Das Bus" 5F11
193 February 22, 1998 CouchGagS9E05.jpg repeat of 5F01's gag "The Last Temptation of Krust" 5F10
194 March 1, 1998 CouchGagS9E06.jpg repeat of 5F03's gag "Dumbbell Indemnity" 5F12
195 March 8, 1998 CouchGagS9E17.jpg A vine grows in the middle of the living room and sprouts into a tree bearing Simpsons family versions of various fruits and vegetables: Bart is a strawberry, Homer is a squash, Marge is an asparagus, Maggie is broccoli, and Lisa is a pineapple. "Lisa the Simpson" 4F24
196 March 22, 1998 ElBartoCouchGag.jpg
repeat of 5F04's gag (but this time, Bart peeks from around the TV first to make sure the coast is clear) "This Little Wiggy" 5F13
197 March 29, 1998 CouchGagS9E19.jpg In a parody of the Rocky & Bullwinkle bumpers, The Simpsons fall off a cliff during a lightning storm as the Rocky & Bullwinkle theme plays throughout. Their eyes are shown floating towards the heavens. The scene then cuts to The Simpsons sprouting from the ground amidst a garden of flowers. Bart spits up a clod of dirt. "Simpson Tide" 3G04
198 April 5, 1998 CouchGagS9E08.jpg repeat of 5F05's gag "The Trouble with Trillions" 5F14
199 April 19, 1998 CouchGagS9E09.jpg repeat of 5F06's gag "Girly Edition" 5F15
200 April 26, 1998 ChalkboardGagS9CouchGagE22.jpg The Simpson family finds themselves in Mrs. Krabappel's classroom, where Bart is writing the blackboard punishment phrase "I will not mess with the opening credits", making a chalkboard gag within a couch gag. "Trash of the Titans" 5F09
201 May 3, 1998 CouchGagS9E10.jpg repeat of 5F07's gag "King of the Hill" 5F16
202 May 10, 1998 CouchGagS9E12.jpg repeat of 5F08's gag "Lost Our Lisa" 5F17
203 May 17, 1998 CouchGagS9E14.jpg repeat of 5F11's gag "Natural Born Kissers" 5F18

Season 10

# Airdate Screenshot Gag Episode Code
204 August 23, 1998 CouchGagS9E12.jpg repeat of 5F08's gag "Lard of the Dance" 5F20
205 September 20, 1998 CouchGagS10E02.jpg Similar to "Marge vs. the Monorail", the living room is filled with supporting characters from the show. Unlike "Marge vs. the Monorail", however, the living room is now a movie theater and the Simpsons are shuffling their way through to find a seat. After they sit down, Homer leans in and eats from the Comic Book Guy's popcorn tub. "The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace" 5F21
206 September 27, 1998 CouchGagS10E03.jpg Two firemen hold the couch like a safety net. Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie land safely on the couch. Homer, however, falls screaming through the floor. "Bart the Mother" 5F22
207 October 25, 1998 CouchGagSeason10E04.jpg The family never makes it to the couch; Bart falls off of his skateboard, Lisa gets catapulted into the garage roof, and Homer gets run down by Marge (with Maggie next to her as they honk horns) as she drives into the garage. Meanwhile, in the living room, Freddy Krueger (of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies) and Jason Voorhees (of the Friday the 13th movies) sit on the couch. Freddy says, "I don't get it. They should be here by now," and Jason replies, "Eh, what are you gonna do?" and they resume watching TV. "Treehouse of Horror IX" AABF01
208 November 8, 1998 CouchGagS10E05.jpg Marge enters with a laundry basket, humming as she hangs wet sheet versions of Homer, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie on a clothesline. "When You Dish Upon a Star" 5F19
209 November 15, 1998 CouchGagS10E06.jpg The family sits. A safety bar lowers over their laps and the couch zooms around the room like a roller coaster car. "D'oh-in' in the Wind" AABF02
210 November 22, 1998 CouchGagS10E07.jpg The family sits. Salon-style hair dryers descend onto their heads and lift up, revealing the family members with swapped hairdos. Homer has Maggie's spikes, Marge has Bart's spikes, Bart has Lisa's spikes, Lisa has Homer's "combover", and Maggie has Marge's big, blue bouffant (the weight of which causes Maggie to fall off the couch). "Lisa Gets an "A"" AABF03
211 December 6, 1998 CouchGagS9E14.jpg repeat of 5F11's gag "Homer Simpson in: "Kidney Trouble"" AABF04
212 December 20, 1998 CouchGagS9E06.jpg repeat of 5F03's gag "Mayored to the Mob" AABF05
213 January 10, 1999 CouchGagS9E09.jpg repeat of 5F06's gag "Viva Ned Flanders" AABF06
214 January 17, 1999 CouchGagS10E11.jpg In a parody of the famous scene in Dr. Strangelove where Slim Pickens’s character rides the bomb, the Simpsons (wearing white cowboy hats) straddle the couch, which sprouts a point on its back (pushing away the side table) and is dropped from a trap door in the floor. The Simpsons scream “Yahoo!” as they plummet into oblivion. "Wild Barts Can't Be Broken" AABF07
215 January 31, 1999 CouchGagS10E12.jpg The living room is in shallow water and the Simpsons sit on the couch. When an iceberg floats by, the couch sinks vertically like the RMS Titanic and the family clings to dear life as it goes under. Maggie resurfaces on a couch cushion moments later with the remote control in hand. "Sunday, Cruddy Sunday" AABF08
216 February 7, 1999 CouchGagS10E05.jpg repeat of 5F19's gag "Homer to the Max" AABF09
217 February 14, 1999 CouchGagS10E07.jpg repeat of AABF03's gag "I'm with Cupid" AABF11
218 February 21, 1999 CouchGagS10E06.jpg repeat of AABF02's gag "Marge Simpson in: "Screaming Yellow Honkers"" AABF10
219 February 28, 1999 CouchGagS10E03.jpg repeat of 5F22's gag "Make Room for Lisa" AABF12
220 March 28, 1999 CouchGagS10E17.jpg Marge and Homer are depicted as children while Bart and Lisa are depicted as adults (and Maggie is a baby doll in Homer’s arms). Homer reaches for the remote control, but Lisa slaps it away from him. "Maximum Homerdrive" AABF13
221 April 4, 1999 CouchGagS10E18.jpg The family slips on banana peels on the floor, flipping upside-down in the air, but all land safely on the couch. "Simpsons Bible Stories" AABF14
222 April 11, 1999 CouchGagS10E11.jpg repeat of AABF07's gag "Mom and Pop Art" AABF15
223 April 25, 1999 CouchGagS10E02.jpg repeat of 5F21's gag "The Old Man and the "C" Student" AABF16
224 May 2, 1999 CouchGagS4E10-02.jpg
Couch gag 2.jpg
repeat of 9F08's gag "Monty Can't Buy Me Love" AABF17
225 May 9, 1999 CouchGagS10E12.jpg repeat of AABF08's gag "They Saved Lisa's Brain" AABF18
226 May 16, 1999 CouchGagS10E23.jpg The Simpsons sit on the couch, but get sucked inside and come out looking like a shredded piece of paper. "Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo" AABF20

Season 11

# Airdate Screenshot Gag Episode Code
227 September 26, 1999 CouchGagS11E01.jpg The Simpsons (as they are currently drawn) run in and find their crudely-drawn counterparts from The Tracey Ullman Show. Both families look at each other and run screaming out of the room. "Beyond Blunderdome" AABF23
228 October 3, 1999 CouchGagS11E02.jpg The family comes in, colorless and marked with numbers. A group of Korean painters come in to color the family, but forget to outline the eyes on Homer and Marge. "Brother's Little Helper" AABF22
229 October 24, 1999 CouchGagS11E03.jpg The family comes in. Marge notices Matt Groening's signature at the bottom of the screen and wipes it off. A caricature of Matt Groening (complete with graying beard, glasses, and a tacky orange and yellow Hawaiian shirt) comes in and resigns the scene. "Guess Who's Coming to Criticize Dinner?" AABF21
230 October 31, 1999 CouchGagS11E04.jpg The family members (mostly) appear as they have in previous Halloween episodes: Homer is a jack-in-the-box (from II), Bart is a mutant fly (from VIII), Marge is a witch (also from VIII), and Maggie is an alien (from IX); Lisa, an ax murder victim (the only one not based on a previous episode), comments on the lackluster Halloween special hosted by Kang and Kodos ("What do aliens have to do with Halloween?"). Maggie yells, "Silence!" (in Kang's voice) and blasts Lisa with her ray-gun. "Treehouse of Horror X" BABF01
231 November 7, 1999 CouchGagS11E05.jpg The living room is set up like a trendy nightclub (complete with a disco ball, a velvet rope, three 20-something club hoppers, and a bouncer). The bouncer lets Marge, Lisa, Bart, and Maggie in, but sends Homer away. "E-I-E-I-D'oh" AABF19
232 November 14, 1999 CouchGagS11E06.jpg A cement truck pours out concrete statues of the Simpson family. The top half of Homer’s statue quickly breaks off and falls to the floor. "Hello Gutter, Hello Fadder" BABF02
233 November 21, 1999 CouchGagS11E07.jpg The Simpsons sit on the couch and the wall spins around as seen in "Homer the Heretic". Instead of an empty couch, however, a Vincent Price-esque mad scientist and a shackled and scared Ned Flanders are on the other side of the wall. "Eight Misbehavin'" BABF03
234 November 28, 1999 CouchGagS10E23.jpg repeat of AABF20's gag "Take My Wife, Sleaze" BABF05
235 December 19, 1999 CouchGagS11E09.jpg Marge, Lisa, Bart, and Maggie slide down a fire pole that's next to the couch. Homer, however, gets stuck in the hole and flails about helplessly, and says, "Get me down!" "Grift of the Magi" BABF07
236 January 9, 2000 CouchGagS11E10.jpg A crash test dummy version of the family sits. The couch slides forward and slams into the TV (simulating a car crash test), then pulls back into place. Crash test dummy Homer's head falls off from the trauma. "Little Big Mom" BABF04
237 January 16, 2000 CouchGagS11E11.jpg Sigmund Freud is seen sitting in a chair next to the couch. Homer hops on the couch and yells, "Oh, doctor, I'm crazy!", then sobs hilariously as everyone else stares sadly at each other. "Faith Off" BABF06
238 January 23, 2000 CouchGagS10E17.jpg repeat of AABF13's gag "The Mansion Family" BABF08
239 February 6, 2000 CouchGagS11E13.jpg The family leaps into the room, all dressed in white karate uniforms and black belts. They chop the couch to pieces while Homer does a spinning kick and clicks on the TV with the remote. "Saddlesore Galactica" BABF09
240 February 13, 2000 CouchGagS11E14.jpg Everyone (save Maggie, who's with Marge) comes in on bumper cars and slams Homer into the wall repeatedly. "Alone Again, Natura-Diddily" BABF10
241 February 20, 2000 BABF11simpsonstrain.jpg The couch is sitting in the Evergreen Terrace Subway Station. The family (seated on a bench) gets on the next train that arrives on the track and leaves. "Missionary: Impossible" BABF11
242 February 27, 2000 CouchGagS11E03.jpg repeat of AABF21's gag "Pygmoelian" BABF12
243 March 19, 2000 CouchGagS11E05.jpg repeat of AABF19's gag "Bart to the Future" BABF13
244 April 9, 2000 CouchGagS11E01.jpg repeat of AABF23's gag "Days of Wine and D'oh'ses" BABF14
245 April 30, 2000 BABF16.jpg The Simpsons (except Maggie, who is in Marge's arms) are barefoot and briskly walking across a bed of hot coals. When the family sits on the couch, they prop their feet up, revealing their black and smoldering soles. "Kill the Alligator and Run" BABF16
246 May 7, 2000 CouchGagS11E20.jpg Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie (dressed in jungle loincloths) swing into the room on a vine gracefully like Tarzan. Homer, however, swings by, and crashes offscreen like George of the Jungle. "Last Tap Dance in Springfield" BABF15
247 May 14, 2000 CouchGagS11E02.jpg repeat of AABF22's gag "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge" BABF18
248 May 21, 2000 CouchGagS11E22.jpg The family sits down. Bart puts a coin in the "Magic Fingers" slot on his side of the couch. The couch vibrates away, taking the family with it. "Behind the Laughter" BABF19

Season 12

# Airdate Screenshot Gag Episode Code
249 November 1, 2000 None (Halloween intro) "Treehouse of Horror XI" BABF21
250 November 5, 2000 BABF20.jpg Bart puts a whoopee cushion under Homer's spot. When the family sits down, Homer sits on it and triggers its farting sound. Homer grins sheepishly at Marge, Lisa, and Maggie (who are frowning) while Bart laughs. "A Tale of Two Springfields" BABF20
251 November 12, 2000 BABF17.jpg The shot opens on the TV rather than the couch. The family runs in and freezes in mid-air, and the camera pans around them in Matrix-style bullet-time. When the camera is angled on the couch, time resumes normally, and they sit down without further incident. "Insane Clown Poppy" BABF17
252 November 19, 2000 CouchGagS12E04.jpg Maggie is on the couch. The rest of the Simpsons waddle in dressed as Teletubbies and Maggie applauds with delight. "Lisa the Tree Hugger" CABF01
253 November 26, 2000 CouchGagS12E05.jpg A skating ramp is set up next to the couch. Marge (with Maggie in hand), Bart, and Lisa successfully do skateboard tricks off the ramp and onto the couch. Homer, however, falls off the ramp and, adding injury to insult, gets hit on the head with his own skateboard. "Homer vs. Dignity" CABF04
254 December 3, 2000 CouchGagS12E06.jpg Santa’s Little Helper dances on his hind legs like Snoopy on A Charlie Brown Christmas while a Peanuts-esque piano riff plays. When the family comes in, Santa’s Little Helper slowly stops dancing, sits on his hind legs, and barks. "The Computer Wore Menace Shoes" CABF02
255 December 10, 2000 CouchGagS12E07.jpg The Simpsons swim to the couch in deep-sea diving gear. The camera zooms out to reveal that the living room is in a fish bowl. "The Great Money Caper" CABF03
256 December 17, 2000 CouchGagS12E08.jpg A football is thrown in the center of the living room. The Simpsons, dressed as football players, tackle each other for the ball. Maggie squirms out with the ball in hand, spikes it, and does a victory dance. "Skinner's Sense of Snow" CABF06
257 January 7, 2001 CouchGagS12E09.jpg The Simpsons are placed on the couch by the transport tubes used on Futurama. A yellow-skinned Philip J. Fry is in on the couch for a split second before he’s sucked up and replaced by Bart. "HOMЯ" BABF22
258 January 14, 2001 CouchGagS11E07.jpg repeat of BABF03's gag "Pokey Mom" CABF05
259 February 4, 2001 CouchGagS12E11.jpg The couch is replaced by a valet parking spot. The Squeaky-Voiced Teen pushes a couch in place for the Simpsons to sit down. He then holds his hand out for a tip and leaves angrily when he doesn’t get it. "Worst Episode Ever" CABF08
260 February 11, 2001 CouchGagS12E12.jpg The living room floor is frozen over. The Simpsons ice skate to the couch. When Homer sits down, his side of the couch falls through. (First couch gag to be digitally animated) "Tennis the Menace" CABF07
261 February 18, 2001 CouchGagS11E11.jpg repeat of BABF06's gag "Day of the Jackanapes" CABF10
262 February 25, 2001 CouchGagS12E14.jpg The couch is outside a prison wall. A siren wails and a searchlight moves as the Simpsons (dressed in striped prison jumpsuits) tunnel their way to the couch. "New Kids on the Blecch" CABF12
263 March 4, 2001 CouchGagS11E13.jpg repeat of BABF09's gag "Hungry, Hungry Homer" CABF09
264 March 11, 2001 CouchGagS11E14.jpg repeat of BABF10's gag "Bye Bye Nerdie" CABF11
265 April 1, 2001 CouchGagS4E10-02.jpg
Couch gag 2.jpg
repeat of 9F08's gag "Simpson Safari" CABF13
266 April 29, 2001 CouchGagS12E05.jpg repeat of CABF04's gag "Trilogy of Error" CABF14
267 May 6, 2001 CouchGagS11E06.jpg repeat of BABF02's gag "I'm Goin' to Praiseland" CABF15
268 May 13, 2001 CouchGagS11E10.jpg repeat of BABF04's gag "Children of a Lesser Clod" CABF16
269 May 20, 2001 BABF11simpsonstrain.jpg repeat of BABF11's gag "Simpsons Tall Tales" CABF17

Season 13

# Airdate Screenshot Gag Episode Code
270 November 4, 2001 None (Halloween intro) "Treehouse of Horror XII" CABF19
271 November 11, 2001 CABF22.jpg The Simpsons are in the simplistically drawn sailboat painting located behind the couch. They jump out of the painting by going in the "water". The living room is wet from the splash and Homer uses his finger to clean his ear out while clicking on the TV with the remote. "The Parent Rap" CABF22
272 November 18, 2001 CouchGagS12E08.jpg repeat of CABF06's gag "Homer the Moe" CABF20
273 December 2, 2001 CouchGagS12E14.jpg repeat of CABF12's gag "A Hunka Hunka Burns in Love" CABF18
274 December 9, 2001 BABF17.jpg repeat of BABF17's gag "The Blunder Years" CABF21
275 December 16, 2001 CouchGagS13E06.jpg The couch is a slot machine that shows Homer, Marge, Bart, and Lisa in the tumbler windows. Maggie, however, is replaced by lucky number "7" as a pile of gold coins spill out. "She of Little Faith" DABF02
276 January 6, 2002 Simpsons Opening Couch Gag Season 13 (With Gardener Trimming Hedge Into Shape of Family).jpg The couch is replaced by a hedge. A gardener comes in and creates a topiary of the Simpsons. "Brawl in the Family" DABF01
277 January 20, 2002 CouchGagS13E08.jpg The Simpsons sit on the couch as normal. A crane game clamp comes down and picks up Homer, who screams, “Ow! My brain!” as he's being pulled out of frame. (Some later airings have Homer screaming in pain) "Sweets and Sour Marge" DABF03
278 January 27, 2002 DABF09.jpg Homer, dressed as Charlie Chaplin's "The Tramp" character, waddles in, twitches his nose, and sits down. The other family members, dressed as other archetypical silent film characters, join Homer. "Jaws Wired Shut" DABF05
279 February 10, 2002 CouchGagS13E10.jpg The family arrives to find two repo men carrying the couch away. As Homer cries over this, a confused Marge looks at Homer, while the kids watch TV. "Half-Decent Proposal" DABF04
280 February 17, 2002 CouchGagS4E10-02.jpg
Couch gag 2.jpg
repeat of 9F08's gag "The Bart Wants What It Wants" DABF06
281 February 24, 2002 CouchGagS13E12.jpg The family catches the Squeaky Voice Teen making out with his girlfriend on the couch. "The Lastest Gun in the West" DABF07
282 March 10, 2002 CouchGagS13E13.jpg The family runs in to find the Blue Man Group performing on drums in front of the couch. Homer murmurs, "What the-?!" (in reruns and repeats of this couch gag in other episodes, The Blue Man Group plays more aggressively and Homer's "What the--?!" is muted out) "The Old Man and the Key" DABF09
283 March 17, 2002 CouchGagSeason13E14.jpg Drawn in pencil, the family sits in a flipbook flipped by live-action hands (possibly Matt Groening's). "Tales from the Public Domain" DABF08
284 March 31, 2002 CouchGagS13E15.jpg The family are marionettes who get caught in each other's strings. The camera pans up to reveal Matt Groening as the puppet master, who throws the puppets down and sighs in frustration. "Blame It on Lisa" DABF10
285 April 7, 2002 repeat of DABF01's gag "Weekend at Burnsie's" DABF11
286 April 21, 2002 CouchGagS13E06.jpg repeat of DABF02's gag "Gump Roast" DABF12
287 April 28, 2002 CouchGagS13E08.jpg repeat of DABF03's gag "I Am Furious (Yellow)" DABF13
288 May 5, 2002 CouchGagS13E10.jpg repeat of DABF04's gag "The Sweetest Apu" DABF14
289 May 12, 2002 CouchGagS13E12.jpg repeat of DABF07's gag "Little Girl in the Big Ten" DABF15
312 May 19, 2002 DABF09.jpg repeat of DABF05's gag "The Frying Game" DABF16
313 May 22, 2003 CouchGagS13E13.jpg repeat of DABF09's gag (but with different audio; the group plays more loudly/aggressively and Homer stays silent.) "Poppa's Got a Brand New Badge" DABF17

Season 14

# Airdate Screenshot Gag Episode Code
290 November 3, 2002 None (Halloween intro) "Treehouse of Horror XIII" DABF19
291 November 10, 2002 DABF22.jpg Homer is on water skis, with the others on him, as he ski-jumps over sharks; everybody lands on the couch, but Homer is without his legs, which are in the sharks' mouths. Homer doesn't notice (a reference to the term "jumped the shark", describing a TV show that has reached its peak and is now declining in quality or has done something to cause it to decline prematurely). "How I Spent My Strummer Vacation" DABF22
292 November 17, 2002 DABF20.jpg Spoofing the Get Smart opening, Homer walks through a series of futuristic doors, falls through the bottom of a phone booth, and lands on the couch, where the others are already sitting. "Bart vs. Lisa vs. the Third Grade" DABF20
293 November 24, 2002 DABF18.jpg The couch is drawn on a Sketch A Etch, and Homer says, "Woo-hoo!" when the drawing is completed. "Large Marge" DABF18
294 December 1, 2002 DABF21.jpg In a parody of the Macintosh paint program Kid Pix, a mouse cursor drags Homer from the left side of the couch to the right, changes the wall color to green, and replaces the boat painting with the Mona Lisa. (Final couch gag to be traditionally animated) "Helter Shelter" DABF21
295 December 15, 2002 EABF01.jpg

The family sits on the couch. Homer clicks on the remote control and sends the family to the Stone Age, clicks it again to send them to the Roman Empire, where they watch a gladiator match, and clicks it a final time to return them to the present.

"The Great Louse Detective" EABF01
296 January 5, 2003 EABF02.jpg The Simpsons are deep-fried in a fast-food deep fryer, then emptied onto the couch and salted. "Special Edna" EABF02
297 January 12, 2003 EABF03.jpg In black and white, the Simpsons are wearing early 20th-century clothing and are watching the TV from a girder at a construction site. (Done in the style of Charles C. Ebbets' photograph "Lunch Atop a Skyscraper".) "The Dad Who Knew Too Little" EABF03
298 February 2, 2003 EABF04.jpg The Simpsons stick their heads through a cutout of the couch and have their pictures taken. "The Strong Arms of the Ma" EABF04
299 February 9, 2003 EABF06.jpg A giant baby picks up doll versions of the Simpson family and plays with them. "Pray Anything" EABF06
300 February 16, 2003 EABF05.jpg The Simpsons and their living room are all made out of gingerbread; Homer takes a bite out of Bart's head. "Barting Over" EABF05
301 February 16, 2003 DABF18.jpg repeat of DABF18's gag "I'm Spelling as Fast as I Can" EABF07
302 March 2, 2003 CouchGagS13E15.jpg repeat of DABF10's gag "A Star Is Born-Again" EABF08
303 March 9, 2003 EABF01.jpg repeat of EABF01's gag "Mr. Spritz Goes to Washington" EABF09
304 March 16, 2003 CouchGagSeason13E14.jpg repeat of DABF08's gag "C.E. D'oh" EABF10
305 March 30, 2003 DABF22.jpg repeat of DABF22's gag "'Scuse Me While I Miss the Sky" EABF11
306 April 13, 2003 EABF02.jpg repeat of EABF02's gag "Three Gays of the Condo" EABF12
307 April 27, 2003 EABF13.jpg The Simpsons are mimes, walking against the wind and then sitting on a non-existent couch, as if a couch was there. "Dude, Where's My Ranch?" EABF13
308 May 4, 2003 EABF03.jpg repeat of EABF03's gag "Old Yeller-Belly" EABF14
309 May 11, 2003 EABF04.jpg repeat of EABF04's gag "Brake My Wife, Please" EABF15
310 May 18, 2003 EABF06.jpg repeat of EABF06's gag "The Bart of War" EABF16
311 May 18, 2003 EABF05.jpg repeat of EABF05's gag "Moe Baby Blues" EABF17

Season 15

# Airdate Screenshot Gag Episode Code
314 November 2, 2003 None (Halloween intro) "Treehouse of Horror XIV" EABF21
315 November 9, 2003 EABF18.jpg The family runs to the couch, only to shrivel to piles of dust. "My Mother the Carjacker" EABF18
316 November 16, 2003 EABF20.jpg A Polaroid photo ejects onto the couch, and it develops into a photo of the family. "The President Wore Pearls" EABF20
317 November 23, 2003 EABF22.jpg A Play-Doh press on the back wall presses Play-Doh versions of the Simpsons out onto the couch. "The Regina Monologues" EABF22
318 November 30, 2003 DABF20.jpg repeat of DABF20's gag "The Fat and the Furriest" EABF19
319 December 7, 2003 FABF01.jpg The Simpson family goes down on assigned ramps and lands on the couch on a superhero lair, all dressed as Batman-style superheroes. "Today, I Am a Clown" FABF01
320 December 14, 2003 FABF02.jpg The couch is a street bench in Japan, and everyone is a famous anime character: Homer is Ultraman, Marge is Jun from Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, Lisa is Usagi Tsukino from Sailor Moon, Bart is Astro Boy, and Maggie is Pikachu from Pokémon. "'Tis the Fifteenth Season" FABF02
321 January 4, 2004 FABF03.jpg Somebody offscreen throws knives at the wall while the Simpsons are seated on the couch, and when Homer reaches for a bowl of chips, a knife nearly hits him. "Marge vs. Singles, Seniors, Childless Couples and Teens and Gays" FABF03
322 January 11, 2004 FABF04.JPG The Simpsons are squeezed like frosting out of a pastry bag onto the top of a cake. "I, (Annoyed Grunt)-Bot" FABF04
323 January 25, 2004 FABF05.JPG The Simpsons' heads pop out of a giant piece of apple pie, which Homer takes a bite out of. "Diatribe of a Mad Housewife" FABF05
324 February 8, 2004 FABF06.JPG A tray is placed into a microwave, and the family rises as the tray is cooked. "Margical History Tour" FABF06
325 February 15, 2004 FABF07.JPG A woman throws some seeds into a plot of dirt where the couch usually is and waters them, which makes the Simpsons sprout up like plants. "Milhouse Doesn't Live Here Anymore" FABF07
326 February 22, 2004 FABF09.jpg The Simpsons are in bags on a moving dry-cleaning rack, which stops over the couch. "Smart and Smarter" FABF09
327 March 14, 2004 FABF08couchgag.jpg In a parody of Powers of Ten, the couch scene pans out until it reaches outer space, where the galaxies are replaced with atoms, which pan out until they reach Homer's head and then the couch scene again. Afterwards, Homer says, "Wooowwww." (reairings and repeats of the couch gag in other episodes redub "Wooowww" with "Cool." or "Weird.", and have Kang and Kodos laughing instead of staying silent) "The Ziff Who Came to Dinner" FABF08
328 March 21, 2004 EABF18.jpg repeat of EABF18's gag "Co-Dependent's Day" FABF10
329 March 28, 2004 EABF20.jpg repeat of EABF20's gag "The Wandering Juvie" FABF11
330 April 18, 2004 EABF22.jpg repeat of EABF22's gag "My Big Fat Geek Wedding" FABF12
331 April 25, 2004 FABF04.JPG repeat of FABF04's gag "Catch 'Em if You Can" FABF14
332 May 2, 2004 FABF08couchgag.jpg repeat of FABF08's gag "Simple Simpson" FABF15
333 May 9, 2004 FABF03.jpg repeat of FABF03's gag "The Way We Weren't" FABF13
334 May 16, 2004 FABF08couchgag.jpg repeat of FABF08's gag "Bart-Mangled Banner" FABF17
335 May 23, 2004 FABF02.jpg repeat of FABF02's gag "Fraudcast News" FABF18

Season 16

# Airdate Screenshot Gag Episode Code
336 November 7, 2004 None (Halloween intro) "Treehouse of Horror XV" FABF23
337 November 14, 2004 CouchGagS16E02-1.jpg The couch is outside, mounted on the end of a catapult. The family sits on the couch, and then get launched skyward. "All's Fair in Oven War" FABF20
338 November 21, 2004 CouchGagS16E03.jpg The family runs into the living room to find the couch missing, only to have the couch fall and crush them. "Sleeping with the Enemy" FABF19
339 December 5, 2004 CouchGagS16E04.jpg The Simpsons sit down on the couch as normal. The twist is that the Simpsons now have the head of Moe Szyslak. "She Used to Be My Girl" FABF22
340 December 12, 2004 CouchGagS16E05.jpg After the family takes their usual places on the couch, the couch rises into the air and is actually part of the tendril of an anglerfish (which bears a striking resemblance to the one from Finding Nemo), which eats the family. "Fat Man and Little Boy" FABF21
341 January 16, 2005 CouchGagS16E06.jpg The family runs into the room and take their usual places on the couch. Nothing happens, so Lisa then asks directly to the viewers, "What? Can't we sit on the couch without something happening?" Homer then gets impaled by a spear and yells, "D'oh!" "Midnight Rx" FABF16
342 January 30, 2005 CouchGagS16E07.jpg The living room is a desert with all of the furniture and fixtures made of sand. The family crawls to the couch, but the room dissolves, leaving them under the desert sun. "Mommie Beerest" GABF01
343 February 6, 2005 CouchGagS06E08.jpg The family enters the living room and in front of the couch, they climb on top of the other like a totem pole. "Homer and Ned's Hail Mary Pass" GABF02
344 February 13, 2005 CouchGagS16E09.jpg The family hops into the living room dressed as chess pieces: Homer is the king, Marge is the queen, Bart is a rook, Lisa is a knight and Maggie is a pawn. "Pranksta Rap" GABF03
345 February 20, 2005 CouchGagS16E10.jpg The family, dressed as hockey players with cuts and scrapes, skate into the living room and skate around the couch. Homer is carrying the Stanley Cup with Maggie sitting in the bowl. (There was a lockout in NHL that season) "There's Something About Marrying" GABF04
346 March 6, 2005 FABF08couchgag.jpg repeat of FABF08's gag (but this time, Kang and Kodos are heard laughing and Homer says "Cooool." at the end) "On a Clear Day I Can't See My Sister" GABF05
347 March 13, 2005 GABF06 couch.jpg The family comes into the darkened living room. The lights suddenly turn on, the living room is set up with balloons and streamers, and a group of recurring characters (Edna Krabappel, Chief Wiggum, Julius Hibbert, Kirk Van Houten, Jimbo Jones, Nelson Muntz, Kent Brockman, Hans Moleman, Bumblebee Man, Milhouse Van Houten, Moe Szyslak, Lenny Leonard, Carl Carlson, Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, Mr. Burns, Comic Book Guy, Kearney Zzyzwicz, Professor Frink, Principal Skinner, Dolph Starbeam, Barney Gumble, Judge Constance Harm, and others) yell out "Surprise!". Homer then gets surprised as he has a heart attack and collapses. "Goo Goo Gai Pan" GABF06
348 March 20, 2005
The family enters the living room and sits on the couch like normal. "Homer" then pulls off his face, revealing himself to be Sideshow Bob. He pulls out a knife and chases Bart out of the living room. (Note that some airings use an alternate version where after Sideshow Bob grabs his knife out, Bart starts to panic and runs out of the living room screaming with no chase happening. Some airings use the Duplicate Family couch gag instead.) "Mobile Homer" GABF07
349 April 3, 2005 CouchGagS16E14.jpg The family sits on the couch, only to have a spit come through the wall and the floor open up to reveal fire down below. The couch and family begins rotating over the fire like a kebab over a grill. Marge's hair catches fire and the boat painting falls off the wall. "The Seven-Beer Snitch" GABF08
350 April 17, 2005 CouchGagS16E16.jpg The living room is an almost fully assembled jigsaw puzzle, with only the pieces with the Simpsons' heads needing to be placed. The person completing the puzzle places all the heads on correctly except for Homer and Maggie, after which the person switches the two. "Don't Fear the Roofer" GABF10
351 May 1, 2005 CouchGagS16E15.jpg Several toy forms of transportation come into the living room, only to change Transformers-style into the family: Homer is Optimus Prime, Marge is Skyfire, Lisa is Hound, Maggie is Bumblebee, and Bart is Jazz. "Future-Drama" GABF12
352 May 1, 2005 CouchGagS16E02-1.jpg
repeat of FABF20's gag "The Heartbroke Kid" GABF11
353 May 8, 2005 DABF20.jpg repeat of DABF20's gag "A Star is Torn" GABF13
354 May 8, 2005 CouchGagS16E04.jpg repeat of FABF22's gag "Thank God It's Doomsday" GABF14
355 May 15, 2005 CouchGagS16E05.jpg repeat of FABF21's gag "Home Away from Homer" GABF15
356 May 15, 2005 CouchGagS16E21.jpg The family floats into the living room as parade balloons, and Snowball V pops the one that looks like Homer after it scares Snowball V. "The Father, the Son and the Holy Guest Star" GABF09

Season 17

# Airdate Screenshot Gag Episode Code
357 September 11, 2005 CouchGagS17E01.jpg The family enters the living room through a metal detector, except for Homer, who sets it off. After three failed attempts, Homer, who is now stripped down to his briefs, is detained by a security guard who is inspecting him with a handheld scanning wand. "Bonfire of the Manatees" GABF18
358 September 18, 2005 CouchGagS17E02.jpg The living room is made of clay. Six balls roll to the couch and form into Homer, Marge, Lisa, Maggie, Bart, and Gumby. "The Girl Who Slept Too Little" GABF16
359 September 25, 2005 CouchGagS17E03.jpg The family enters the living room and takes their places on the couch, then an on-screen TiVo style menu pops up asking if the viewer would like to delete or save this recording. "Delete this recording now" is selected and the screen goes blank. "Milhouse of Sand and Fog" GABF19
360 November 6, 2005 None (Halloween intro) "Treehouse of Horror XVI" GABF17
361 November 13, 2005 CouchGagS17EP05.jpg The family runs in to sit on the couch, but it turns into a monster and chases them out of the house. Everyone's couches come to life and start attacking and swallowing the people sitting on them; after showing Hans Moleman, Grampa, Sherri, Terri, Eddie, and Lou getting attacked by couches, Professor Frink is attacked by a futuristic flying couch with laser weaponry, and Moe is attacked by the booths in his bar, but fights quite well with his shotgun. Homer eventually takes shelter in a store called "Couch World", where he is piled upon by dozens of couches. (an unusually long couch gag, as it runs for exactly forty seconds) "Marge's Son Poisoning" GABF20
362 November 20, 2005 CouchGagS17E06.jpg The family enters the living room and take their usual places on the couch, only the camera pulls back and the living room and the family are part of an alien zoo exhibit on Rigel 7. "See Homer Run" GABF21
363 November 27, 2005 CouchGagS17E07.jpg The couch is replaced with a bird's nest and the family members take their usual places. A large bird enters the room and feeds Homer a giant worm. "The Last of the Red Hat Mamas" GABF22
364 December 11, 2005 CouchGagS17E08.jpg A pair of animated hands deals five cards on the couch: the jack of diamonds (Bart), the queen of diamonds (Marge), the king of diamonds (Homer), the ace of diamonds (Lisa), and a joker (Maggie). "The Italian Bob" HABF02
365 December 18, 2005 Simpsons Christmas Stories Couch Gag.PNG A copy of "The Springfield Shopper" spins into frame, with the headline "COUCH GAG THRILLS NATION" and a black and white photo of the Simpsons already seated. "Simpson Christmas Stories" HABF01
366 January 8, 2006 2006.png
The Simpsons sit on the couch as normal and a camera flashes, setting off a series of family portraits. In the 2006 and 2007 portraits, they all look the same. In 2008, Homer is missing, Marge is wearing black, and the kids are wearing their Sunday clothes. In 2009, Lenny has taken Homer's place and Bart and Lisa both begin puberty. In 2010, Carl has taken Marge's place and Lenny is still there. In 2011, Marge is back, but Lenny is gone and replaced by Jimbo Jones. In 2012, Homer is back, but is now a robot. In 2013, every member of the Simpson family is a robot. "Homer's Paternity Coot" HABF03
367 January 29, 2006 Bonanza Couch Gag 1-2.PNG
Bonanza Couch Gag 2nd Image.PNG
In a parody of the Bonanza opening sequence, a map of Springfield burns away to reveal the family on horseback in the countryside (The couch is nowhere to be found, however). The Bonanza-esque music that plays continues over the TV credits. "We're on the Road to D'oh-where" HABF04
368 February 26, 2006 CouchGagS17E02.jpg repeat of GABF16's gag "My Fair Laddy" HABF05
369 March 12, 2006 Assembly Line Couch Gag.PNG The couch moves down an automated assembly line, and Homer is added by a mechanical arm. "The Seemingly Never-Ending Story" HABF06
370 March 19, 2006 Laser Beam Couch Gag 1-2.PNG
Laser Beam Couch Gag 2-2.PNG
The family enters the living room only to find out that their access to the couch has been blocked by laser beams. They work their way through the laser beams and sit down. The beams shut off and Homer's head drops to the floor. "Bart Has Two Mommies" HABF07
371 March 26, 2006 Real Life Couch Gag.PNG The family, played by live-action actors, sits on the couch just before the TV credits come on, which is superimposed over the live action TV. (Syndicated airings have a repeat of the Kebab Grill couch gag instead) "Homer Simpson, This Is Your Wife" HABF08
372 April 2, 2006 CouchGagS17E03.jpg repeat of GABF19's gag "Million Dollar Abie" HABF09
373 April 9, 2006 CouchGagS17E08.jpg repeat of HABF02's gag (but this time Homer shouts "Woo-hoo!" after the cards are dealt, since this can be a Royal Flush) "Kiss Kiss Bang Bangalore" HABF10
374 April 23, 2006 CouchGagS16E16.jpg repeat of GABF10's gag (but this time, Homer says D'oh! when the heads are mixed up and giggles when they are fixed) "The Wettest Stories Ever Told" HABF11
375 April 30, 2006 GABF06 couch.jpg repeat of GABF06's gag "Girls Just Want to Have Sums" HABF12
376 May 7, 2006 CouchGagS16E15.jpg repeat of GABF12's gag "Regarding Margie" HABF13
377 May 14, 2006 2006.png
repeat of HABF03's gag "The Monkey Suit" HABF14
378 May 21, 2006 CouchGagS17EP05.jpg repeat of GABF20's gag "Marge and Homer Turn a Couple Play" HABF16

Season 18

# Airdate Screenshot Gag Episode Code
379 September 10, 2006
Couch Gag No.206.png
The couch is replaced by four wooden stools. An instrumental version of "Pop Goes the Weasel" plays as the family plays musical chairs. When the music stops, everyone, except for Homer, sits down, and Homer groans in disappointment. "The Mook, the Chef, the Wife and Her Homer" HABF15
380 September 17, 2006
Couch Gag No.207.png
Everyone but Homer sits on the couch. King Homer, from Treehouse of Horror III, grabs Marge through a window and drags her to the top of the Empire State Building, where he is attacked by biplanes. "Jazzy and the Pussycats" HABF18
381 September 24, 2006
Vending Machine couch gag.png
A vending machine is in place of the couch, which is filled with snacks that resemble Simpsons characters (including the family). Ralph Wiggum comes in, selects a Homer figurine, and bites the head off before leaving. "Please Homer, Don't Hammer 'Em" HABF20
382 November 5, 2006 None (Halloween intro) "Treehouse of Horror XVII" HABF17
383 November 12, 2006
Couch Gag No.209.png
The family sits down and gets moved across the floor in a car wash, where they get sprayed with water, squirted with hot wax, and scrubbed with brushes. Marge's hair turns puffy, Maggie's pacifier goes missing, and everyone looks exhausted as three men wipe them dry and puts a new pacifier into Maggie's mouth. "G.I. (Annoyed Grunt)" HABF21
384 November 19, 2006
Couch Gag No.210.png
In a computer window, everyone is drag-and-dropped onto the couch, which is then drag-and-dropped into the computer's trash can. The mouse then clicks on "empty trash" from the dropdown menu. "Moe'N'a Lisa" HABF19
385 November 26, 2006
Couch Gag No.211.png
The Simpsons have the bodies of cockroaches. When the lights turn on, they all scuttle off. "Ice Cream of Margie (with the Light Blue Hair)" HABF22
386 December 10, 2006
Couch Gag No.212.png
A pair of cartoon hands cuts a piece of paper into the shape of Homer. The hands then pull out the paper to reveal a chain shaped like the rest of the Simpsons. Homer can be heard saying, "Woo-hoo!" "The Haw-Hawed Couple" JABF02
387 December 17, 2006
Couch Gag No.213.png
The family (in Christmas attire) sits on the couch, and the camera pulls out to reveal they are in a Christmas ornament which is on their Christmas tree. Santa's Little Helper and Snowball V rest nearby as the last notes of a Christmas tune play instrumentally in the background. "Kill Gil, Volumes I & II" JABF01
388 January 7, 2007
Couch Gag No.214.png
The family on the couch is pinned up, one by one, onto a bulletin board. "The Wife Aquatic" JABF03
389 January 28, 2007
Couch Gag No.215.png
The family, as infants in diapers, crawls into the living room and up onto to their usual place on the couch. They begin to age into their current appearance. "Revenge is a Dish Best Served Three Times" JABF05
390 February 11, 2007
Couch Gag No.216.png
The Simpsons are paper dolls, and are each dressed into their regular clothes. "Little Big Girl" JABF04
391 February 18, 2007
Couch Gag No.211.png
none/repeat of HABF22's gag "Springfield Up" JABF07
392 March 4, 2007
Vending Machine couch gag.png
repeat of HABF20's gag "Yokel Chords" JABF09
393 March 11, 2007
Bonanza Couch Gag 1-2.PNG
repeat of HABF04's gag "Rome-Old and Julie-Eh" JABF08
394 March 25, 2007
Couch Gag No.217.png
Homer evolves from a single-celled organism which continuously divides to a more complex organism—first as a jellyfish, then a common fish that nearly escapes the clutches of an octopus that looks like Mr. Burns. Getting out of the ocean, Homer evolves into a prehistoric lizard that extends his tongue to snack on an insect that resembles his power plant coworker, Lenny. Homer then evolves into a slightly larger lizard with a scale on his back that sees a pterodactyl resembling Principal Skinner's mother, Agnes, flying overhead. Homer then evolves into a rat that gets chased by a tyrannosaurus rex resembling Bart, who then gets into a battle with a stegosaurus resembling Lisa. Homer hides in a hole just before a large asteroid crashes on Earth, wiping out all dinosaur life. Homer comes out of the hole, passing the skeletal remains of T-Rex Bart, before changing into a sloth, then a monkey as he approaches a jungle, becoming more apelike upon swinging through the trees. Leaving the jungle, a brief Ice Age occurs as he evolves from a Neanderthal, to a Cro-Magnon, to an upright walking caveman. Caveman Homer passes by Moe (who is also a caveman), who then devolves into a rat creature. As Homer continues walking, he evolves into men from different historical eras (a nomad from the Middle Ages, a Spanish explorer, a Pilgrim, and a 19th-century intellectual) until he finally evolves into his modern self and enters the house, stepping over Santa's Little Helper. With the rest of the family sitting on the sofa, Marge asks him "What took you so long?", but Homer can only give an exhausted sigh of relief. (This is the second longest couch gag to date as it runs over 1 minute long; the longest being the Rick and Morty Couch Gag from "Mathlete's Feat") "Homerazzi" JABF06
395 April 22, 2007
Simpsons Christmas Stories Couch Gag.PNG
repeat of HABF01's gag "Marge Gamer" JABF10
396 April 29, 2007
Couch Gag No.206.png
repeat of HABF15's gag "The Boys of Bummer" JABF11
397 May 6, 2007
Couch Gag No.209.png
repeat of HABF21's gag "Crook and Ladder" JABF13
398 May 13, 2007
Couch Gag No.218.png
The Simpson family comes in and sits on the couch. A second family comes and also sits on the couch. Eventually, hundreds of multiple families come in, and the whole house gets overflowed by them. One of the Homers shouts, "Hey, don't shove!" "Stop or My Dog Will Shoot!" JABF12
399 May 20, 2007 no gag (special opening/24-themed) "24 Minutes" JABF14
400 May 20, 2007 no gag (the Family Portrait short from The Tracey Ullman Show is shown, along with a caption that reads, "20 Years Ago...") "You Kent Always Say What You Want" JABF15

Season 19

# Airdate Screenshot Gag Episode Code
401 September 23, 2007
Couch Gag No.219.png
The entire opening sequence is changed to show a ruined Springfield being rebuilt in the aftermath of The Simpsons Movie. As construction work goes on around them, The Simpsons join Plopper the pig on the couch to the tune of "Spider-Pig". Homer holds him and says "My summer love", to which Plopper squeals in delight. "He Loves to Fly and He D'ohs" JABF20
402 September 30, 2007
Couch Gag No.217.png
repeat of JABF06's gag (but this time, Marge's line after Homer enters the living room is "Did you bring the milk?") "The Homer of Seville" JABF18
403 October 7, 2007
Couch Gag No.220.png
The living room is made of Lego bricks and the family is built one by one out of Legos. Homer can be heard shouting, "Woo-hoo!" when a 2x4 Lego brick is put on his head, and "D'oh!" when a black 1x2 Lego brick (representing his two strands) is placed on his head instead. "Midnight Towboy" JABF21
404 October 14, 2007
Couch Gag No.221.png
The family sits down as normal, except Maggie is missing. Homer looks to the empty space where Maggie is, then gets lifted by a giant Maggie as the camera pulls out to reveal the living room being part of a dollhouse and the family as the dolls that live within. Maggie puts the miniature Homer in her mouth and sucks it like a pacifier. "I Don't Wanna Know Why the Caged Bird Sings" JABF19
405 November 4, 2007 no gag (Halloween episode) "Treehouse of Horror XVIII" JABF16
406 November 11, 2007
Couch Gag No.222.png
The family (already seated on the couch) appears on the cover of Modern Couch Gag magazine. "Little Orphan Millie" JABF22
407 November 18, 2007
Couch Gag No.223.png
A pair of hands opens up a book and reveals a pop-up centerfold of the family sitting on the couch. "Husbands and Knives" JABF17
408 November 25, 2007
Couch Gag No.224.png
A magician walks into the living room and uses his cape to make the couch and the Simpsons appear. "Funeral for a Fiend" KABF01
409 December 16, 2007 FABF08couchgag.jpg repeat of GABF05's gag (but this time Homer says "Weird." at the end) "Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind" KABF02
410 January 6, 2008
Couch Gag No.225.png
A medieval tapestry shows the Flanders stealing the Simpsons' couch. The Simpsons then take it back and kill the Flanders. "E. Pluribus Wiggum" KABF03
411 January 27, 2008
Couch Gag No.226.png
The family is sitting on the couch. The screen zooms out to show them as a painting in a museum that says "This is not a couch gag" in French. Mrs. Vanderbilt and a man look at the painting. "That '90s Show" KABF04
412 February 17, 2008
Couch Gag No.227.png
Each family member rushes into the living room and attaches themselves to a giant-size baby mobile, which Homer tips. "Love, Springfieldian Style" KABF05
413 March 2, 2008
Couch Gag No.228.png
Two hands add to a Lite-Brite of the family on the couch. "The Debarted" KABF06
414 March 9, 2008
Couch Gag No.229.png
The family are small toys on the couch. Professor Frink puts drops of water on them and they all grow to normal size, except Homer, who needs a bucket of water. "Dial "N" for Nerder" KABF07
415 March 30, 2008
Couch Gag No.230.png
Wile E. Coyote paints a fake couch on the wall which the Simpsons run to, except for Maggie, who sticks her tongue out and takes off, Road-Runner style. The remaining family members sit on the couch except for Homer, who falls through the wall and yells, "D'oh!" "Smoke on the Daughter" KABF08
416 April 13, 2008
Couch Gag No.231.png
The Simpson family is painted on the couch. "Papa Don't Leech" KABF09
417 April 27, 2008
Couch Gag No.225.png
repeat of KABF03's gag "Apocalypse Cow" KABF10
418 May 4, 2008
Couch Gag No.223.png
repeat of JABF17's gag "Any Given Sundance" KABF11
419 May 11, 2008
Couch Gag No.217.png
repeat of JABF06's gag "Mona Leaves-a" KABF12
420 May 18, 2008
Couch Gag No.210.png
repeat of HABF19's gag "All About Lisa" KABF13

Season 20

# Airdate Screenshot Gag Episode Code
421 September 28, 2008 CouchGags20e01.jpg The Simpsons are incased in Carbonite by Bounty Hunter Boba Fett. (A reference to Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back) "Sex, Pies, and Idiot Scrapes KABF17
422 October 5, 2008
Couch Gag No.233.png
The Simpsons see themselves sitting on the couch where Mount Rushmore should be. Bart remarks "Aye Caramba!" Lost Verizon KABF15
423 October 19, 2008
Couch Gag No.234.png
The Simpsons are caught in a twister and when they land, they are on a farm in black and white. (A reference to The Wizard of Oz)

Double, Double, Boy in Trouble

424 November 2, 2008 None (Halloween intro) Treehouse of Horror XIX KABF16
425 November 9, 2008
Couch Gag No.235.png
The Simpsons come out of cuckoo clocks. Dangerous Curves KABF18
426 November 16, 2008
Couch Gag No.236.png
The Simpsons rush to the couch in 79 AD, and Mount Vesuvius explodes and covers them in ash. Homer and Lisa Exchange Cross Words KABF19
427 November 30, 2008
Couch Gag No.237.png
Bart is writing on the chalkboard, "I will not bring the chalkboard home," another chalkboard gag within a couch gag. Mypods and Boomsticks KABF20
428 December 7, 2008
Couch Gag No.213.png
repeat of JABF01 The Burns and the Bees KABF21
429 January 25, 2009
Couch Gag No.238.png
The Simpsons run to the couch in a box. Comic Book Guy puts a $19.99 sticker on it and says "Worst. Couch Gag. Ever." (Last couch gag to be in 4:3 standard-definition) Lisa the Drama Queen KABF22
430 February 15, 2009
Couch Gag No.239.png
The Simpsons run to find that the couch is missing, and they chase it around the world and into outer space. (First couch gag to be in 16:9 high definition) Take My Life, Please LABF01
431 March 1, 2009
Couch Gag No.240.png
The Simpsons go through the openings of The Honeymooners, The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Brady Bunch, and Cheers. In the Cheers segment, Sideshow Bob enters in reference to Kelsey Grammer's character in Cheers, the family runs out screaming and ends up at the couch in the opening of their show with a sigh of relief. How the Test Was Won LABF02
432 March 8, 2009
Couch Gag No.241.png
The Simpsons come in and find their couch beaten and torn. Funeral music plays as they bury the couch in the backyard. The Simpsons then visit a ranch to pick out a new couch. The Simpsons sit on a black and white spotted couch, which throws Homer off it. The Simpsons are now back in the living room, sitting on their new couch. Homer is in a body cast and turns on their wall-mounted flatscreen TV. No Loan Again, Naturally LABF03
433 March 15, 2009
Couch Gag No.242.png
The couch is strung up like a piñata. A blindfolded Ralph Wiggum comes in, swinging a stick and hits the couch, making the Simpsons spill out on the floor. Gone Maggie Gone LABF04
434 March 22, 2009
Couch Gag No.243.png
The Simpsons are dog show participants being lead on leashes by men in fancy suits. A judge awards Bart the blue ribbon, and Homer attacks Bart. In the Name of the Grandfather LABF11
435 March 29, 2009
Couch Gag No.244.png
The Simpsons are a meal at a fancy restaurant (Homer is a garden salad, Lisa's face appears in a bowl of soup, Marge is a plate of spaghetti and meatballs, Bart is a T-Bone steak, and Maggie is the mint that comes with the restaurant bill), which Comic Book Guy eats. After he wipes his mouth with a napkin, a stain appears that resembles The Simpsons sitting on the couch. Wedding for Disaster LABF05
436 April 5, 2009
Couch Gag No.245.png
The screen is white. A cartoon hand flips an animation cell that has eyes on it, flips another that has Homer's skeleton sitting cross-legged, flips another that has Homer's stomach and a can of Duff beer on the lap, flips another that has Homer naked, another where the rest of the family are fully clothed and sitting in mid-air, and another where The Simpsons are in their living room and sitting on the couch. Marge notices Homer is still naked and pulls down an animation cell that has Homer's clothes. Eeny Teeny Maya, Moe LABF06
437 April 19, 2009
Couch Gag No.246.png
The living room is covered in thick, jungle plants. The Simpsons slash their way through in order to reach the couch, and find an ape version of the Simpson family already seated. The ape Simpsons hoot and screech, scaring off the human Simpsons. The Good, the Sad and the Drugly LABF07
438 April 26, 2009
Couch Gag No.247.png
There is an Olympic-sized pool leading to the couch. The Simpsons take their places on the marks and swim to the couch once a starter pistol goes off. Marge is first, Lisa's second, Bart is third, and Maggie is last. The family looks around, wondering where Homer is. Unfortunately, Homer is now unconscious as he floats in the pool. Father Knows Worst LABF08
439 May 3, 2009
Couch Gag No.248.png
The living room is the seating area in the Colosseum during the era of the Roman Empire. The Simpsons (dressed in togas) rush to an empty space to sit down. The sounds of a gladiator match can be heard offscreen. The audience cheers as the head of a gladiator flies into the audience, and Bart catches it. Waverly Hills, 9-0-2-1-D'oh LABF10
440 May 10, 2009
Couch Gag No.249.png
A large marble rock is in the living room where the couch should be. A French sculptor quickly chisels out a statue of The Simpsons sitting on the couch. The sculptor then turns the statue of the Simpsons into a statue of a Civil War soldier on a horse. Four Great Women and a Manicure LABF09
441 May 17, 2009
Couch Gag No.240.png
repeat of LABF02's couch gag Coming to Homerica LABF12

Season 21

# Airdate Screenshot Gag Episode Code
442 September 27, 2009
Couch Gag No.250.png
The Simpsons are at an underground train station where a train pulls in and opens its doors, revealing the living room, complete with couch. The Simpsons get in and sigh as the door closes and the train pulls off. (This couch gag is similar to the one from "Missionary: Impossible", but from a different angle) Homer the Whopper LABF13
443 October 4, 2009
Couch Gag No.251.png
The Simpsons, wearing white cowboy hats, exchange gunfire around the couch. Maggie comes out from behind the sailboat Screenshot on the wall and blasts the room with a machine gun. Bart Gets a "Z" LABF15
444 October 11, 2009
Couch Gag No.239.png
repeat of LABF01's couch gag The Great Wife Hope LABF16
445 October 18, 2009 None (Halloween intro) Treehouse of Horror XX LABF14
446 November 15, 2009
Couch Gag No.252.png
The Simpsons, dressed in prehistoric-style clothing, run onto the couch (really a log, which is in a prehistoric area, resting on a tar pit) and sinks with it into a tar pit. Their skeletons, their prehistoric clothing, and the log are all in a museum exhibit. "The Devil Wears Nada" LABF17
447 November 22, 2009
Couch Gag No.253.png
Instead of the couch, the Simpsons (dressed as Victorian-era Christmas carolers) appear next to a Christmas tree and sing a parody of "The 12 Days of Christmas," featuring twelve Grampas grumbling (as they stand in a customer return line), eleven Barneys belching (as they lie drunk in the snow), ten Lennys leaping (over a fence), nine Carls dancing (in a ballroom), eight Moes a-milking, seven Selmas smoking, six Flanders praying, five golden Frinks (Professor Frink's heads are on five gold coins), four crawling nerds (Database, Wendell, Martin, and Milhouse crawling from Nelson Muntz), three-eyed fish (Blinky), two special Ralphs, and (as the Simpsons walk to the couch) a Maggie in a Snuggly. "Pranks and Greens" LABF18
448 November 29, 2009
Couch Gag No.254.png
The Simpsons, Patty, and Selma gather around the dinner table for a Thanksgiving meal, but soon gather their plates and head for the couch where they watch a football game on TV. "Rednecks and Broomsticks" LABF19
449 December 13, 2009
Couch Gag No.255.png
The living room furniture (the couch cushions, the rug, the flat-screen TV, and the lamps) are all dancing to disco music just as the Simpsons come in. Once Homer yells, "Hey!", the furniture returns to normal and the Simpsons sit on the couch. "O Brother, Where Bart Thou?" MABF01
450 January 3, 2010
Couch Gag No.256.png
Homer is standing on a coiled platform, which launches him (and the rest of the Simpson family) through a pinball game called "Couch Gag Chaos". "Thursdays with Abie" MABF02
451 January 10, 2010
Couch Gag No.257.png
The couch is seen inside a human egg. Each family member is a sperm cell swimming towards and penetrating the egg to sit on the couch. The zygote then divides multiple times, forming a Mr. Burns embryo, who says, "Excellent!" after being formed. "Once Upon a Time in Springfield" LABF20
452 January 31, 2010
Couch Gag No.258.png
Homer runs to the couch first. He pulls out a myPhone, presses the "Couch Gag" app, and downloads Bart, Lisa, Marge, and Maggie. When Homer gets an incoming call from Mr. Burns, he screams and eats the phone. "Million Dollar Maybe" MABF03
453 February 14, 2010
Couch Gag No.259.png
The Gypsy deals five tarot cards featuring Homer (the King of Cups), Marge (the Queen of Cups), Bart (the Fool), Lisa (the Princess), and Maggie (the Death card) on a blue table. Unfortunately, Grampa gets the Death card, so he gets scared and turns the Death card towards the gypsy, who then gets a heart attack and dies. Boy Meets Curl" MABF05
454 February 21, 2010
Couch Gag No.247.png
repeat of LABF08's gag "The Color Yellow" MABF06
455 March 14, 2010
Couch Gag No.242.png
repeat of LABF04's gag "Postcards From the Wedge" MABF04
456 March 21, 2010
Couch Gag No.260.png
A rain cloud moves over a crop field behind the Simpson House. It rains, the cloud leaves, and various fruits grow out of the ground. The Simpsons (all except Homer) are bugs and sit on the largest fruit; Homer, as a grub, pops out of the fruit. "Stealing First Base" MABF07
457 March 28, 2010
Couch Gag No.243.png
repeat of LABF11's gag "The Greatest Story Ever D'ohed" MABF10
458 April 11, 2010
Couch Gag No.261.png
The couch is outside the house, which is a cardboard set that falls down on the Simpsons. "American History X-cellent" MABF08
459 April 18, 2010
Couch Gag No.244.png
repeat of LABF05's gag (but this time, Comic Book Guy says "terrible" after eating. Also, the eating sounds are not heard and Comic Book Guy says his usual rude comments after he eats each food. But his "Ah." was the same before "terrible".) "Chief of Hearts" MABF09
460 April 25, 2010
Couch Gag No.262.png
The Simpsons chase after the couch through the articles on The Springfield Shopper. The couch gives in and reunites with the family after seeing an ad about it in the classified section. "The Squirt and the Whale" MABF14
461 May 5, 2010
Couch Gag No.263.png
The Simpsons running into the living room, and are lifted onto the sofa and into the air by several supporting characters as everyone sings to Ke$ha's "Tik Tok". "To Surveil With Love" MABF12
462 May 9, 2010
Couch Gag No.264.png
The Simpsons are a miniature model constructed by Nelson, which is then blown up with a firecracker, and Nelson says, "Ha Ha!". "Moe Letter Blues" MABF13
463 May 16, 2010
Couch Gag No.265.png
Harold from Harold and the Purple Crayon draws the Simpson living room just as the family runs in to sit. Homer asks Harold to draw him a beer, and he obliges. Homer pats the child on the head. "The Bob Next Door" MABF11
464 May 23, 2010
Couch Gag No.266.png
Homer and Bart appear as hand puppets, and they begin attacking each other. The view pans down, and Homer is shown strangling Bart himself. "Judge Me Tender" MABF15

Season 22

# Airdate Screenshot Gag Episode Code
465 September 26, 2010 ESMCouchGag.jpg The Simpsons sit on the couch with a banner hung above saying "22 Seasons congratulations from FOX" A FOX representative invites Maggie to blow out a candle on a cake, then eats the cake himself, leaving the Simpsons family. The banner then falls down. Elementary School Musical "Banner" MABF21
467 October 3, 2010 LoanALisaCouchGag.jpg The family runs in to find a corpse on their floor. The police arrive, and the family flees on the couch driven by Homer. They are caught and placed in a police lineup. There, they are identified as the murderers instead of the Flanders's and the Hibbert's, and are jailed and then electrocuted. When electrocuted, they scream and light up (the sign the family holds has the production number's code on it) "Loan-a Lisa" MABF17
467 October 15, 2010 MoneyBartCouchGag.jpg The family is seated on the couch, which turns out to be a picture hanging in a sweatshop that produces animation cells and merchandise in harsh environments. At the end, the camera zooms out to show the scene taking place inside a prison-esque 20th Century Fox structure. "MoneyBART" MABF18
468 November 7, 2010 None (Halloween intro) "Treehouse of Horror XXI" MABF16
469 November 14, 2010 Lunce murdock.png Captain Lance Murdock jumps over the Simpsons with his motorcycle, but injures himself afterwards. "Lisa Simpson, This Isn't Your Life" MABF20
470 November 21, 2010 134.png
In a spoof of Avatar, the Simpson family are transferred into Nav'i bodies, and each member tries to get a "couch-monster", but only Bart manages to get it. The couch flies to a mountain, which Bart turns on the TV. "The Fool Monty" NABF01
471 November 28, 2010 Proffrinkgayness8.png
Simpsons naked.png
Dead suicide bart.png

After getting shrunk by Professor Frink, the tiny family tries to rush to the couch, only for them to rush into a mouse hole and get stuck in a mouse trap.

"How Munched Is That Birdie in the Window?" NABF02
472 December 5, 2010 None (Christmas intro) "The Fight Before Christmas" MABF22
473 December 12, 2010 Moe1.png
The Simpsons are shown in an advent calendar. "Donnie Fatso" MABF19
474 January 9, 2011
Couch Gag No.274.png
The couch prepares for the day, which consists of getting out of bed in the morning, shaving, eating breakfast, riding the bus to work, clocking in at the back entrance of the Simpson home and going to its usual spot in the living room, where the Simpsons run in and sit down normally. "Moms I'd Like to Forget" NABF03
475 January 16, 2011
Couch Gag No.275.png
The couch is a bowl, and an arm releases five scoops of ice cream resembling the Simpsons into the bowl then tops the ice cream with chocolate syrup, whipped cream. and a cherry. Santa's Little Helper licks the sundae, taking scoops of the ice cream away, and burps as he leaves the room. "Flaming Moe" NABF04
476 January 23, 2011
Couch Gag No.262.png
repeat of MABF14's gag "Homer the Father" NABF05
477 February 13, 2011
Couch Gag No.276.png
Homer trips and sprains his ankle before he reaches the couch, to the consternation of Lenny, Carl, Moe and Barney (wearing warm-up suits), and Mr. Burns, their coach. Burns sends Barney in to substitute for Homer, and Homer gives a thumbs-up as two paramedics wheel him away on a stretcher "The Blue and the Gray" NABF06
478 February 20, 2011
Couch Gag No.277.png
Similar to the couch gag with the family as hockey players but are playing hockey where they hit each other with their sticks Lenny & Carl dressed as referees blow whistles and the family gets sent to the penalty box. Homer spits out a tooth. "Angry Dad: The Movie" NABF07
479 March 6, 2011
Couch Gag No.278.png
Family being selected via game. "The Scorpion's Tale" NABF08
480 March 13, 2011
Couch Gag No.279.png
The Simpsons sit on the couch. A springboard then comes out and smashes them to the screen. "A Midsummer's Nice Dream" NABF09
481 March 27, 2011 156789045345574.png
In an ASCII version, The Simpsons sits on the couch normally and Bart puts the word "Fatso" on Homer's stomach. Homer says "D'oh!". "Love is a Many Strangled Thing" NABF10
482 April 10, 2011 no gag (no opening sequence either) "The Great Simpsina" NABF11
483 May 1, 2011
Couch Gag No.281.png
The Simpsons come onto the couch and the camera zooms out revealing the scene to be a video cover. It zooms out again to show the exterior of a video rental store, which is being demolished by a giant wrecking ball. The Real Housewives of Fat Tony NABF12
484 May 8, 2011
Homer Scissorhands (Intro) 5.JPG
The couch is on display in the Smithsonian Museum. The Simpsons break into the museum as criminals/cat-burglars, and make their way to the couch by disguising themselves to blend in with the various exhibits they pass through. When they reach the display with the couch, a blast from a spray can reveals that the couch is surrounded by a grid of laser beams, but with gaps shaped like the Simpsons' silhouettes. The family then step through the gaps and sit on the couch. "Homer Scissorhands" NABF13
485 May 15, 2011 Couch gagnumber8.png A white screen comes up, showing text of where the furniture and family would be. "500 Keys" NABF14
486 May 22, 2011 None (shortened intro) "The Ned-liest Catch" NABF15

Season 23

># Airdate Screenshot Gag Episode Code
487 September 25, 2011 None (shortened intro) "The Falcon and the D'ohman" NABF16
488 October 2, 2011 Gumball.png The entire couch scene is drawn and animated by John Kricfalusi. "Bart Stops to Smell the Roosevelts" NABF17
489 October 30, 2011 None (Halloween intro) "Treehouse of Horror XXII" NABF19
490 November 6, 2011
Homer Scissorhands (Intro) 5.JPG
repeat of NABF13's couch gag "Replaceable You" NABF21
491 November 13, 2011 None (shortened intro) "The Food Wife" NABF20
492 November 20, 2011 None (shortened intro) The Book Job NABF22
493 November 27, 2011 None (shortened intro) The Man in the Blue Flannel Pants PABF01
494 December 4, 2011
Couch Gag No.285.png
A sword with the label "Property of Ned Flanders" is stuck on the couch. Homer tries to remove it, but to no avail. Ned Flanders tries and is successful. Homer and the rest of the family sit on the couch as Ned leaves. Homer, who's annoyed at Ned, slouches onto the couch and groans in annoyance. The Ten-Per-Cent Solution PABF02
495 December 11, 2011
Couch Gag No.286.png
The Simpsons are gingerbread cookies, who run on a plate set out for Santa Claus. Gingerbread Homer eats his own arm. Holidays of Future Passed NABF18
496 January 8, 2012
Couch Gag No.287.png
In a Victorian-period setting, the lights go out and there is a gunshot. When the lights turn back on, Homer is found dead and Bart is arrested for his father's murder. Marge (the real culprit) sits on the couch and hides the smoking gun in her hair. Politically Inept, with Homer Simpson PABF03
497 January 15, 2012
Couch Gag No.288.png
Similar to the couch gag from the season five's "The Last Temptation of Homer," the Simpsons find themselves on the set of The Late Show With David Letterman. Unlike the couch gag from that episode, the Simpsons are shown racing through New York City to get to Letterman's studio, David Letterman guest stars as himself, and Letterman actually speaks to the family. The D'oh-cial Network PABF04
498 January 29, 2012
Couch Gag No.240.png
repeat of LABF02's couch gag "Moe Goes from Rags to Riches" PABF05
499 February 12, 2012
Couch Gag No.289.png
The Simpsons go into their living room. Moe says "Happy 500th episode!" Many citizens of Springfield are also there. Lisa points out that it's actually episode 499. Moe tells them that Fox won't do this again, which makes everyone disappointed. "The Daughter Also Rises" PABF06
500 February 19, 2012 500thsi.png A few earlier couch gags appear at normal speed, then screenshots of the previous couch gags appear, right up until the gag from "The Daughter Also Rises". Afterwards, the Simpsons run to the couch as normal, look around, and then the screen zooms out to reveal the previous couch gags in a 25x20 mosaic saying "500". The screen then shatters, and shows Homer strangling Bart and says "Why you little!" (looking similar to the promo image for "Angry Dad: The Movie"). "At Long Last Leave" PABF07
501 March 4, 2012
Couch Gag No.291.png
In a parody of the opening to "Game of Thrones", various structures rise from the ground via rolling gears, with the family and other characters dressed in medieval clothes. The monorail is seen, passing through various locations, including Springfield Gorge, Moe's Tavern, the church and the Kwik-E-Mart. Moleman gets bowled over by the giant Lard Lad Donuts statue, several three-eyed crows fly out of the nuclear plant, passing by the largest object outside of town, the couch, which remains unoccupied, before a GoT-style transition transitions to the TV credits. "Exit Through the Kwik-E-Mart" PABF09
502 March 11, 2012
Couch Gag No.292.png
The family lies down on a sushi mat, then gets rolled up and diced into sushi. Maggie pops up from a roll unharmed. "How I Wet Your Mother" PABF08
503 March 18, 2012
Couch Gag No.293.png
A banner above the couch reads "America: The Most Powerful Country In The World". The years the show has been on appear on screen, with characters popping in and out (Leon Kompowsky, Stampy with Ralph in his mouth, Poochie, Leprechaun, the ghost of Maude, Baron Von Kiss-A-Lot, Goose Gladwell, Chazz Bubsy, Plopper, and Princess Penelope) Homer and Bart spray paint the banner to read "Too Big to Fail, We Hope", and in the last shot, Maggie holds a Chinese flag. "Them, Robot" PABF10
504 April 15, 2012
Couch Gag No.294.png
In Bill Plympton's first couch gag, an extended sequence shows Homer having a whirlwind romance before meeting Marge. After Homer married Marge, the couch attempts to commit suicide from jumping into a garbage truck, but Homer saves the couch and takes it back home. Eventually, the family is on the couch and Maggie is on a smaller couch. "Beware My Cheating Bart" PABF11
505 April 29, 2012 Couch gagnumber8.png repeat of NABF14's couch gag "A Totally Fun Thing That Bart Will Never Do Again" PABF12
506 May 6, 2012
Couch Gag No.295.png
The scene switches to a stadium with the family amongst the crowd. A voice on the loudspeakers says "Raise your cards now!" and most of the crowd holds up a card making a picture of the family on the couch. Homer finishes his hot dog and holds up a card of his face, finishing the picture as he says, "Woohoo!" "The Spy Who Learned Me" PABF13
507 May 13, 2012 134.png
repeat of NABF01's couch gag "Ned 'N Edna's Blend" PABF15
508 May 20, 2012
Couch Gag No.296.png
Zii versions of the family are on the couch, but Homer repeatedly fails to sit down. The real Homer slams his controller down, then tries to sit on the couch, but doesn't and sits on the floor in frustration. "Lisa Goes Gaga" PABF14

Season 24

# Airdate Screenshot Gag Episode Code
509 September 30, 2012 509.png Based on The Longest Daycare, the Simpsons are butterflies that come out of their cocoons and nearly get smashed by Gerald (the baby with a unibrow who Maggie hates). Maggie stops Gerald from smashing the butterfly Simpsons, and all four of them fly off into the sunset. "Moonshine River" PABF21
510 October 7, 2012 None (Halloween intro) "Treehouse of Horror XXIII" PABF17
511 October 21, 2012 (Canada); November 4, 2012 (USA) AdventuresInBabysittingCanadaCouchGag.png

Original airing: no gag

International/online airing: The family gets layered from their bone to skin while Homer is eating a donut.

"Adventures in Baby-Getting" PABF18
512 November 11, 2012 512.png In a parody of Wacky Races, the Simpsons race against many characters, but all of them crash near the finish line and Grampa wins. "Gone Abie Gone" PABF16
513 November 18, 2012 513.png A tattoo gun draws the family and couch on a patch of skin, revealed as Marge's lower back; she quickly puts her dress on to cover it. "Penny-Wiseguys" PABF16
514 November 25, 2012 514.png Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie sit on the couch as normal. But Homer comes in later and surprises them with a bloody ax. This zooms out to reveal "Tales from the Couch" "A Tree Grows in Springfield" PABF22
515 December 9, 2012 None (shortened intro) "The Day the Earth Stood Cool" PABF20
516 December 16, 2012 None (shortened intro) "To Cur, with Love" RABF01
517 January 6, 2013 517.png The Simpsons are awards: Homer is an Oscar, Marge is an Emmy, Lisa is a Grammy, Bart is a Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Award and Maggie is a Stanely cup. They sit on a trophy shelf and get crushed by a crusher, being turned into a "Best Grampa Award". "Homer Goes to Prep School" RABF02
518 January 13, 2013 518.png The couch sequence is a trailer for an action movie called The Couch. "A Test Before Trying" RABF03
519 January 27, 2013
Couch Gag No.304.png
The couch is part of a dunk tank. After the Simpsons sit down, Nelson hurls a ball at the target and the family falls into the water. "Changing of the Guardian" RABF04
520 February 10, 2013
Couch Gag No.305.png
The Simpsons all look like Moe Szyslak (as seen in the couch gag for "She Used to Be My Girl") and announce that their new sitcom, The Szyslaks has been cancelled. "Love Is a Many-Splintered Thing" RABF07
521 February 17, 2013
Couch Gag No.306.png
The family sits on the couch as normal, until a knight uses his sword to decapitate everyone, but ends up only decapitating Homer and chopping some of Marge's hair off. Everyone is mortified, except Lisa, who just says "ew!". "Hardly Kirk-ing" RABF05
522 March 3, 2013
Couch Gag No.307.png
The Simpsons do their own version of the Harlem Shake called the Homer Shake. "Gorgeous Grampa" RABF06
523 March 10, 2013
Couch Gag No.308.png
The second couch gag by Bill Plympton. In a hotel, the family prepare to kill each other with various objects. Maggie turns the lights on, and it turns out the objects were not harmful at all. As Bill Plympton's signature is being signed on the drawing, Maggie pulls out a gun and shoots the lights. "Black-Eyed, Please" RABF09
524 March 17, 2013
Couch Gag No.309.png
The family are all Easter eggs except Homer who sits down and squashes the others. "Dark Knight Court" RABF10
525 April 14, 2013 Breaking Bad couch gag.png In a parody of the Breaking Bad opening, Marge bakes cupcakes and Homer comes along and take some of the mixture. She puts the cupcakes in the oven and they rise. She then has a bake sale. Milhouse takes on and we see Homer watching through binoculars. Eventually, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman are watching the couch gag on their TV. "What Animated Women Want" RABF08
526 April 28, 2013
Couch Gag No.311.png
The Simpsons jump from a blimp and go sky diving. Everyone successfully pulls out their parachute except for Homer's that falls off. Homer then falls on everyone else and they crash land into the living room and destroy the couch. "Pulpit Friction" RABF11
527 May 5, 2013
Couch Gag No.312.png
The Simpsons are sculpted in ice sitting on the couch. "Whiskey Business" RABF12
528 May 12, 2013
Couch Gag No.313.png
The whole of Springfield are action figures in a 3D plasticine-like world. "The Fabulous Faker Boy" RABF13
529 May 19, 2013
Couch Gag No.314.png
The Simpsons are all sea creatures, who get eaten by Blinky. "The Saga of Carl" RABF14
530 May 19, 2013

Original/international (except Canada)/online airing: The Simpsons are dandelions. The TV blows on them, causing their seeds (which are actually the family members) to fly around the room.

Canada airing: A loon, a Canadian hockey player, John A. MacDonald and a beaver all sit on the Simpsons’s couch. O Canada (the national anthem of Canada) plays. The Simpsons rush in and shove them aside, but their guests say nothing. Maggie sucks on a hockey puck.

"Dangers on a Train" RABF17

Season 25

# Airdate Screenshot Gag Episode Code
531 September 29, 2013
Couch Gag No.317.png
Just as it's seen in Season 11's "E-I-E-I-D'oh" and Season 22's "Elementary School Musical", the couch is roped off, this time in honor of the series' 25th season. A bouncer lets Marge and the kids sit on the couch and refuses to let Homer do so. In the end credits, the couch gag is continued with the bouncer letting everyone in Springfield in. The bouncer also lets the families from Family Guy, Bob's Burgers, American Dad!, and The Cleveland Show in (the latter after a brief protest of racism). Homer is still turned away, and is eventually tazed. "Homerland" RABF20
532 October 6, 2013
Couch Gag No.318.png
Guillermo Del Toro-style opening, with various references to horror and sci-fi monsters and movies. The gag ends with Lisa falling through a hole Alice in Wonderland-style and ending up in the ending sequence of Pan's Labyrinth (a Del Toro film), where she is hypnotized by the Hypnotoad from Futurama. "Treehouse of Horror XXIV" RABF16
533 November 3, 2013
Couch Gag No.319.png
A parody of The Hobbit that shows the family on a trek to the couch. "Four Regrettings and a Funeral" RABF18
534 November 10, 2013
Couch Gag No.320.png
The family (save Maggie) tries to get to the couch as if they are climbing from different directions. However, gravity pulls them away, and Homer falls up through the ceiling and into the sky. "Yolo" RABF22
535 November 17, 2013
Couch Gag No.321.png
The Simpson family shows their version of the first Thanksgiving, where they (as Pilgrims) escape persecution by boarding the Mayflower (which looks similar to the sailboat in the painting that hangs above the couch). The Simpsons soon sail to Plymouth Couch (a parody of Plymouth Rock), where Apu (an Indian) offers them a Thanksgiving dinner for $19.95 a person. "Labor Pains" RABF19
536 November 24, 2013
Couch Gag No.322.png
A "Silly Simpsony" cartoon, titled "Musicville", where everyone is a musical instrument. Based on Disney's Silly Symphony short, "Music Land". "The Kid is All Right" SABF02
537 December 8, 2013
Couch Gag No.323.png
The Simpson family are flailing tube man balloons on a used couch lot. Balloon Bart steals a pair of scissors and cuts Balloon Homer, who flies into power lines. "Yellow Subterfuge" SABF04
538 December 15, 2013
Couch Gag No.324.png
Christmas version of the opening sequence, this time a retelling of "The Night Before Christmas." "White Christmas Blues" SABF01
539 January 5, 2014 None (shortened intro) "Steal This Episode" SABF05
540 January 12, 2014
Couch Gag No.325.png
Bill Plympton's third couch gag that features the family changing reality and channel surfing. "Married to the Blob" SABF03
541 January 26, 2014
Couch Gag No.326.png
Homer is watching the Super Bowl when he goes to get a pack of beer. Trouble is, Bart tossed the six-pack on an overhead power line. Homer goes to retrieve the six-pack, only to be electrocuted and cause a power outage across Springfield. "Specs and the City" SABF06
542 March 9, 2014
Couch Gag No.327.png
The family rush to the couch as normal. Suddenly, the power goes out. Marge goes to fix the fuse, and when the lights come back on, the family is now drawn Triplets of Bellville-style, and everything has a French aesthetic to it. Bart plays with a do-it-yourself foie gras kit, Lisa plays an accordion, Marge searches for Maggie, and Homer goes to eat a snail off the TV, unaware that Maggie is stuck between his buttcheeks. "Diggs" SABF08
543 March 9, 2014
Couch Gag No.328.png
Pangaea (Earth's single largest land mass) breaks apart into 5 Simpson family-shaped continents, only for an asteroid (shaped like Moe) to destroy the planet. "The Man Who Grew Too Much" SABF07
544 March 16, 2014
Couch Gag No.329.png
Homer is the patient from the board game "Operation." Other characters appear as the pieces, such as Lisa (who is Brainy (the brain)) and Moe (who is Elbow Bender (the elbow)). After the "Pain in the Butt" (Bart) is removed, he grabs the forceps and sticks in the side, making Homer buzz and shout, "D'oh!" as Bart laughs. "The Winter of His Content" SABF09
545 March 23, 2014 None (shortened intro) "The War of Art" SABF10
546 March 30, 2014
Couch Gag No.330.png
The Simpsons are running through the streets of Pamplona, Spain, as couch bulls are chasing after them. When the family arrive to the couch, a bull slams Homer and takes his place on the couch. "You Don't Have to Live Like a Referee" SABF11
547 April 6, 2014
Couch Gag No.331.png
The entire opening sequence is done in Minecraft. When the family arrive to the couch, Moe, appearing as a creeper, says "How you doin'?" and explodes part of the house. "Luca$" SABF12
548 April 13, 2014
Couch Gag No.332.png
The couch and floor are covered in bubble wrap, which the Simpsons pop. "Days of Future Future" SABF13
549 April 27, 2014
Couch Gag No.333.png
A couch gag animated by Michal Socha in which the family travel inside Homer's body to his brain, which is couch-shaped. "What to Expect When Bart's Expecting" SABF14
550 May 4, 2014 None (shortened intro) "Brick Like Me" RABF21
551 May 11, 2014
Couch Gag No.334.png
The Simpsons are pawns in The Game of Life, which ends when a Grim Reaper pawn shows up on the couch. "Pay Pal" SABF15
552 May 18, 2014
Couch Gag No.335.png
The family and Matt Groening are part of a panel at San Diego Comic-Con. When Comic Book Guy asks if there's going to be another Simpsons movie, everyone except Maggie leaves. "The Yellow Badge of Cowardge" SABF18

Season 26

# Airdate Screenshot Gag Episode Code
553 September 28, 2014
Couch Gag No.336.png
Homer is watching TV, and realises that the date on the TV is wrong, so uses the remote to change it. As the date changes, he turns into the original Homer from the shorts. He then turns the date forwards, and eventually turns into a surreal depiction of a future episode of the show created by Don Hertzfeldt. After remembering other future episodes he says "D'oh" "Clown in the Dumps" SABF20
554 October 5, 2014
Couch Gag No.337.png
The Simpsons find Itchy about to kill Scratchy on the couch. Homer intervenes by removing Itchy and allowing Scratchy to stay on the couch for several months, which ultimately starts annoying the family. Homer brings back Itchy who effectively murders Scratchy. "The Wreck of the Relationship" SABF17
555 October 12, 2014
Couch Gag No.338.png
A parody of the cover of the 1970 Cat Stevens album Tea for the Tillerman, with its title track playing over it "Super Franchise Me" SABF19
556 October 19, 2014 None (Halloween intro) "Treehouse of Horror XXV" SABF21
557 November 2, 2014 None (Halloween intro) "Opposites A-Frack" SABF22
558 November 9, 2014
Couch Gag No.339.png
The Simpsons sit on the couch, but it turns out to be Hedonismbot. "Simpsorama" SABF16
559 November 16, 2014
Couch Gag No.340.png
The couch is a ski lift. The family walks in, ready to go skiing. The couch rises up. Seconds later, the couch comes back down and the family are all injured. Except for Maggie, who comes in and has a medal and isn't injured. "Blazed and Confused" TABF01
560 November 23, 2014
Couch Gag No.341.png
The family are playing with their smartphones as they walk in. But, they don't pay attention to where they're going and bump into each other and fall over. They pick up their smartphones and carry on playing. "Covercraft" TABF02
561 December 7, 2014
Couch Gag No.342.png
In a parody of Disney's Frozen, there is a message that reads; “Now for obligatory Frozen reference”. Afterwards, the family tries to sit on a snow couch, where Lisa, as Elsa, is sitting. Bart hits her with a snowball and she immediately creates a giant ice palace, with Bart stuck at the top. Homer appears as Olaf, and bites his own nose, disappointed to discover it is simply a carrot. "I Won't Be Home for Christmas" TABF03
562 January 4, 2015
Couch Gag No.343.png
A piano version of "Great Gate of Kiev" is played in the background as the gag showcases artwork of each Simpson. The camera turns to the Simpsons sitting at an art gallery. Homer grabs the remote control and all the artwork on the wall changes channels. "The Man Who Came to Be Dinner" RABF15
563 January 11, 2015
Couch Gag No.344.png
In a parody of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Homer, Marge and Bart are shown walking into their home. They find out that someone has been eating their porridge and broke their couches but they catch Lisa who is sleeping on Bart's couch. She wakes up to find the three of them surrounding her, causing a fight between them that ends with the Simpsons eating parts of Homer's body. The scene is revealed to be a story Homer told to a traumatized Maggie. "Bart's New Friend" TABF05
564 January 25, 2015 None (Shortened intro) "The Musk Who Fell To Earth" TABF04
565 February 8, 2015
Couch Gag No.345.png
People start to eat each Simpson off of a sushi plate that is sitting on a moving boat except for Homer who falls into the water and gets eaten by a fish after the boat flips over. "Walking Big & Tall" TABF06
566 February 15, 2015
Couch Gag No.346.png
A 16-bit version of the Season 2-early Season 20 opening sequence by Paul Robertson, Ivan Dixon (directors/animators) and Jeremy Dower (music). "My Fare Lady" TABF07
567 March 1, 2015
The Princess Guide couch gag.jpg
A fax copy of the Simpsons tries to come through. But then it suffers a paper jam, which Homer pleasantly says "Mmm, paper jam". "The Princess Guide" TABF08
568 March 8, 2015 None (shortened intro) "Sky Police" TABF09
569 March 15, 2015
The Simpsons sit on the couch, only to be sucked into a portal. They come in again and the same thing happens two times more. The fourth time, Bart doesn't sit on the couch. As the rest of the family gets sucked in, Bart uses the remote to get rid of the portal. He sits down to watch television when he discovers and holds Homer's decapitated head. "Waiting for Duffman" TABF10
570 April 19, 2015
Couch Gag No.349.png
5 ears of corn are placed on the couch, which then heats up in order to pop the Simpson family. Homer, who takes longest to pop, is burned. Peeping Mom TABF11
571 April 26, 2015
Couch Gag No.334b.png
Same couch gag as SABF15, but instead of death threatening them, it's Grampa. Background music is also added. The Kids Are All Fight TABF12
572 May 3, 2015
Couch Gag No.351.png
Bart, Maggie, Lisa and Marge join up on the couch as penguins in a living room made of ice, before Homer as a walrus jumps on it from the left and swallows them all up. Let's Go Fly a Coot TABF13
573 May 10, 2015
Couch Gag No.352.png
Homer fails at making goal saves, as Maggie continues kicking soccer balls at him until he is buried in them. Bull-E TABF15
574 May 17, 2015
Couch Gag No.353.png
In a gag written and animated by Rick and Morty creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, the Simpsons sit down on the couch, but Rick and Morty suddenly crash their ship into the house, killing them. Panicking, Rick collects some of the family's gooey remains in a vial and sends Morty to have new Simpsons made while he cleans up the wreckage. While Morty travels to an alien world to get the materials needed to restore the family, Rick proceeds to ransack the Simpsons' home, stealing their possessions and freezing Ned Flanders. When Morty returns, Rick finishes the restoration process. However, because Rick cleaned the vial with his spit, the family members all resemble deformed versions of Rick. The two fly off, destroying the frozen Flanders in the process, and Bart declares "No more guest animators, man!" Mathlete's Feat TABF16

Season 27

# Airdate Screenshot Gag Episode Code
575 September 27, 2015
Couch Gag No.354.png
A parody of several Beatles album covers. The last cover features the double decker bus running over The Simpsons who were recreating the Abbey Road walk. Every Man's Dream TABF14
576 October 4, 2015 None (shortened intro) Cue Detective TABF17
577 October 11, 2015
Couch Gag No.355.png
Each Simpson parks a spot on the couch until a monster truck Maggie runs them over. Puffless TABF19
578 October 18, 2015 None (shortened intro) Halloween of Horror TABF22
579 October 25, 2015
Couch Gag No.356.png
The episode opens with a Kricfalusi-style animated short where the Simpson children are trick-n-treating before being set upon by soul-hungry spirits with a monstrous Frank Grimes among them. The spirits chase after the Simpson children to their house, with the Frank Grimes monster taking Homer's soul. Treehouse of Horror XXVI TABF18
580 November 8, 2015
Feast (fat) Couch Gag.png
In a parody of the Disney short "Feast" (known here as "Fat"), Santa's Little Helper gets fed by the family until he becomes fat and is sent to the Springfield Retirement Castle, where he's fed strained prunes and dies afterwards. He is greeted by God. He sees the Fit Dog Heaven but God sends him to Fat Dog Hell where a signs says free pizza. Friend with Benefit TABF21
581 November 22, 2015
Star Wars Couch Gag.png
In a parody of Star Trek, the Simpsons are in the Donut Enterprise that shoots their couch, and then gets shot by a ring of couches. Lisa with an "S" TABF20
582 December 6, 2015
Dice Couch Gag.png
Homer rolls the dice, which reveals all the Simpsons, but his side flips to Mr. Burns. Homer than says "D'oh!" Paths of Glory VABF01
583 December 13, 2015
Rotoscoped Couch Gag.png
Homer and Bart complain about the animation in the gag. Lisa tells them it is called rotoscoping. Barthood VABF02
584 January 3, 2016 None (shortened intro) The Girl Code VABF03
585 January 10, 2016
LA-Z Rider Couch Gag.png
While sitting alone on the couch, Homer puts on shades and descends into a 1980s-style opening sequence titled La-Z Rider, as "Push It to the Limit" by Paul Engemann plays. Teenage Mutant Milk-caused Hurdles VABF04
586 January 17, 2016 None (shortened intro) Much Apu About Something VABF05
587 February 14, 2016
LIitA - Couch gag.png
The couch leaves the family and they embark on an adventure to find their sofa. In the end, it is revealed that was a dream while Homer was sleeping on the couch. But then Marge leaves Homer for spending too much time in the couch. Love Is in the N2-O2-Ar-CO2-Ne-He-CH4 VABF07
588 February 21, 2016
Gal of Constant Sorrow Couch Gag.png
The Simpsons are a football team, Bart passes Maggie to Homer, who jumps the couch and breaks the wall behind it, scoring a point. Gal of Constant Sorrow VABF06
589 March 6, 2016
Lisa the Veterinarian Couch Gag.png
In Bill Plympton's fourth couch gag, the television and the couch dreams of the television bouncing on the couch and both having fun. At the end of the dream, the television tries to bounce on the couch but gets prevented by the plug and it falls on the floor. Lisa the Veterinarian VABF08
590 March 13, 2016 None (shortened intro) The Marge-ian Chronicles VABF09
591 April 3, 2016
The Burns Cage Couch Gag.png
Homer sends a message with emoji of him, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie and the couch, and receives in answer "Meh" "I don't get it" "Needs a payoff" "Created by Matt Groening", to which he says "Oh, sorry, yes sir", and "Developed by James L. Brooks Matt Groening Sam Simon", to which he says "Who are this guys?", and the receiver sends "Meh" again. The Burns Cage VABF10
592 April 10, 2016
How Lisa Got Her Marge Back Couch Gag.png
The Simpsons family wakes up from cryo sleep in a spaceship except Homer. Marge opens his pod but he comes out as bones. How Lisa Got Her Marge Back VABF11
593 April 24, 2016
The Simpsons become different Disney characters with Maggie as 1920s era Minnie Mouse, Lisa as Cinderella, Marge as Snow White, Homer as Baloo and Bart as Sorcerer Mickey (animated by Disney veteran Eric Goldberg) Fland Canyon VABF12
594 May 8, 2016
Couch Gag No.367.png
The wall behind the couch breaks and the Simpsons family finds themselves in the Duff Stadium during a rugby match. Homer next finds himself piled under the rugby team. To Courier with Love VABF14
595 May 15, 2016 None (shortened intro) Simprovised VABF13
596 May 22, 2016
Couch Gag No.368.png
In the living room, Marge suggests building a couch, so Homer orders one from a store and tries to assemble it. He fails, so he steals the Flanders' couch. Orange is the New Yellow VABF15

Season 28

# Airdate Screenshot Gag Episode Code
597 September 25, 2016
Adventure Time Couch Gag.png
In a parody of the Adventure Time intro, it zooms up through what looks like a simpsonized Land of Ooo and ends in a tree house, then a parodied version of the Adventure Time theme plays. Monty Burns' Fleeing Circus VABF20
598 October 2, 2016
MyPad Couch Gag.png
Homer is on the couch, but Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie are in different positions in the living room. A hand with a myPhone taps Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie into a text, leaving Homer the only one on the couch. The hand attempts to put Homer into the texts, but fails due to his size. He says, "I'm too fat!". Then the hand pulls out a myPad, but it still doesn't work, after that the hand grabs a hammer and knocks Homer out with it until he's unconscious. Friends and Family VABF18
599 October 9, 2016 None (shortened intro) The Town VABF17
600 October 16, 2016
POTCs Couch Gag.png
In a couch gag named, "Planet of the Couches", the Simpsons are being chased by couches through a field, until they are caught and imprisoned. The Simpsons' couch breaks them out, and leads the family to a buried Lard Lad statue. Homer then grabs a rock and slams it on the couch, making it unconscious. The Simpson family sits on the couch. Treehouse of Horror XXVII VABF16
601 October 23, 2016
Art Couch Gag.png
Marge and Lisa push Homer into a art museum. He then looks at distorted-like paintings and then sees the world like the paintings. He walks out of the art museum to see a distorted Springfield, and walks back to his home and sits on the distorted couch with a distorted Maggie. Homer tries to blend in, but ends up in the wrong art form, and says D'oh! in a speech bubble. The TV credits are also distorted. Trust But Clarify VABF21
602 November 6, 2016 None (shortened intro) There Will Be Buds VABF22
603 November 13, 2016
Screenshot 2016-11-14 at 5.30.20 PM.png
Everyone, except for Lisa sit on a couch made of clouds on a heavenly Roman scenario. The family looks around for her and she appears from a hole on Homer's forehead reading Homer's Odessey. Homer then covers the hole with Maggie's pacifier. Havana Wild Weekend VABF19
604 November 20, 2016
Bart gets the remote Couch Gags.png
Only Bart sits on the couch as the rest of the family was killed during the opening. He looks around for them, grabs pictures of his family, puts them on the couch, grabs the remote and turns the TV on. Dad Behavior WABF01
605 December 4, 2016
Russian Art Couch gag.png
The Simpsons go to sit on the couch, but it's nowhere to be seen. A group of Russian soldiers point guns at the family and they immediately surrender. the gag turns into a painting similar to "The Third of May 1808" and Homer yells "D'oh!" The Last Traction Hero WABF03
606 December 11, 2016
The Simpsons run to the couch, dressed as characters from A Christmas Carol. (Homer is the Ghost of Christmas Present, Marge is Jacob Marley, Lisa is The Ghost of Chrismas Past, Maggie is the Ghost of Christmas Future, and Bart is Tiny Tim) Mr. Burns (dressed as Ebenezer Scrooge) says "Smithers, release the Christmas hounds!" and the hounds chase them off the couch. The Nightmare After Krustmas WABF02
607 January 8, 2017
Play Set Couch Gag.png
The Simpsons go to sit on the couch, then it turns as part of a Simpsons Couch Gag playset. It zooms out revealing more Simpsons toys, until enough to see Bart and Marge. Bart is trying to get a toy as it is only 3 for $1, but Marge says not to get it and pulls Bart off. Pork and Burns WABF06
January 15, 2017 None (shortened intro) The Great Phatsby WABF04
610 February 12, 2017
Maggie in a safe couch gag.png
The Simpsons sit on the couch, but Maggie is missing. Marge moves the picture behind the couch and opens a safe to reveal Maggie and gold. Fatzcarraldo WABF07
611 February 19, 2017
Missing Sailboat Couch Gag.png
The family arrives at the couch, but Homer notices the sail boat painting has disappeared. Bart suggests another animated show stole it. Homer walks on the set of South Park and The California Raisins but can't find it, and booes the raisins, but in the fight that follows a fire starts, he escapes through a door to find that the Nerd from Robot Chicken, who is watching a video of the previous Robot Chicken couch gag, bought it from Bart on a bid. Homer, while the Nerd rambles on, steals the painting and leaves a paper one, and runs through the stages back home, killing the South Park characters too, announcing he did retrieve it, only to find the family replaced it, and Marge swears her disappointment. The Cad and the Hat WABF08
612 March 5, 2017
Plinko Couch Gag.png
A pachinko machine is shown, with the family at the bottom. Everyone but Homer gets many balls in. Homer is sad but on opening his mouth he swallows one and chokes. Kamp Krustier WABF09
613 March 12, 2017
S28e16 7.jpg
Bill Plympton's fifth couch gag. In the living room, crudely-drawn versions of Homer, Marge, Lisa, Maggie, and Bart walk in and sit on the couch. As the camera pans upwards, it is revealed that Maggie drew the crudely-drawn family, and she continues drawing. The camera continues to pan upwards as Lisa is drawing Maggie, Bart is drawing Lisa, Marge is drawing Bart, and Homer is drawing Marge while holding a bitten donut and another pencil in his other hand. When Homer tries to finish his donut, the pencil on his other hand stabs him in the face as he screams in pain while blood squirts out. The scene stops as Bill Plympton's signature appears and Homer finishes screaming. 22 For 30 WABF10
614 March 19, 2017
S28e18 5.jpg
Most of the Simpson family's pets are seen on the couch, including Santa's Little Helper, Snowball V, Santa's Little Helper's puppies, Mr. Pinchy, Plopper, Mojo the Helper Monkey, Nibbles, Stampy, Hendrix, Strangles, Laddie, Raymond Bird, Chirpy Boy, Bart Junior, the Bolivian tree lizard, Bart's raccoon, Princess, Pokey, the Screamapillar, Jub-Jub, and Lou. Stampy then trumpets afterwards. A Father's Watch WABF11
615 April 2, 2017
S28e19 6.jpg
The family arrives at the couch dressed up as X-Men characters. Homer is Professor X, Marge is Mystique, Bart is Angel, Lisa is Storm, and Maggie is X-23. Stan Lee appears and complains, "There's nothing too short that I can't cameo!" The Caper Chase WABF12
616 April 30, 2017
The Big Bang Theory Couch Gag.png
In a parody of The Big Bang Theory opening, a song plays to the tune of said show's theme song as the camera zooms through the universe. We get close to the planet Earth and learn a brief history of The Simpsons from the beginning to present day, while brief second screenshots of older Simpsons moments are shown. We then see the Simpsons run to the couch and sit on it, which then disappears out from under them. Looking for Mr. Goodbart WABF13
617 May 7, 2017
S28e21 1.jpg
The Simpsons are shown as Chia Pets on a plant display cart instead of the couch. Someone off-screen waters them, and the grass in each of the family members grow. However, only Homer's sideburns and beard succeed to grow, but his two head hairs grow in seconds later. This is the very first couch gag to appear in place of the intro (meaning that the episode immediately begins with the couch gag). Moho House WABF14
618 May 21, 2017
S28e22 4.jpg
The family (except Maggie), in snow suits, are ice climbing to the top of an ice shelf. Homer then asks for the couch, which a sherpa brings up, and the family sits. Another sherpa brings the TV in, but collapses, and the sherpa who brought the couch up is out of breath and carries his partner to safety. Maggie appears, who finished her ice climb, but hits her ice axe on Homer's foot, causing the couch and the family (but Maggie) to freeze and melt.

NOTE: This episode does have the normal intro, but it´s part of the episode.

Dogtown WABF15

Season 29

# Airdate Screenshot Gag Episode Code
619 October 1, 2017 None (shortened intro) The Serfsons WABF17
620 October 8, 2017 None (shortened intro) Springfield Splendor WABF22
621 October 15, 2017
Reverse Couch Gag.png
The Simpsons are all different furniture in their living room (Homer as the couch, Marge as the TV, Bart as the lamp next to the phone, Lisa as the other lamp, and Maggie as the sailboat painting). Then, the different pieces of furniture sit on Homer. Whistler's Father WABF16
622 October 22, 2017 None (Halloween intro) Treehouse of Horror XXVIII WABF18
623 November 5, 2017
S29e05 couch gag (2).PNG

S29e05 couch gag (10).PNG

S29e05 couch gag (17).PNG

S29e05 couch gag (24).PNG

S29e05 couch gag2 (5).PNG

S29e05 couch gag2 (11).PNG
The family goes through different decades. First, they appear in the 1800s as the Simpsonovich family, where they run in to the 1800-style living room, sit on the couch, and peel potatoes. When they hear a knock, they lift the couch and take it with them as they leave the room and three soldiers come in. The Simpsonovichs are now sitting on their couch on a ship with many other people and their couches. They leave the ship and are now in the US, where they are granted access. However, the Szyslaks don't get access, so they get quarantined. Then, the Simpsons are in the early 1900s, where they are living in a small apartment doing things; Homer is sewing, Maggie is in a crib, Bart is playing with a baseball, Lisa is crocheting, and Marge is doing the laundry, including hanging the couch outside to dry with the other clothes. Next, the Simpsons are in the 1950s, where only Homer and Marge are sitting on the couch while other couples are dancing. Then, the Simpsons are in the present day, where they are in their normal living room, but the house starts to get flooded, so they lift their couch and leave the house with it. Finally, they are in the future, where they're sitting on the couch in a UFO with other Springfieldians as the UFO flies away from Earth. The Simpsons arrive in the acceptance room, where a Rigellian places a Rigellian family name next to the Simpsons' name, to which Homer shouts, "D'oh!" Grampy Can Ya Hear Me WABF19
624 November 12, 2017
S29e06 couch gag (2).PNG

S29e06 couch gag (3).PNG

S29e06 couch gag (10).PNG

S29e06 couch gag (17).PNG

S29e06 couch gag (24).PNG

S29e06 couch gag (25).PNG
In a silent film known as "Another Couch Gag Classic", the Simpsons run into their living room, where Lisa points out the couch to Homer, but Marge scolds her for pointing. Homer checks the time, and sees that it's now 8am, so he tells the kids to get to work. Bart and Lisa walk to the coal mine in sorrow with the other kids, but Marge tells them that they forgot Maggie, so she gives Maggie to them. After an elevator ride to the underground coal mine, Lisa realizes that they went too far down, and that they're now in Hell with dancing devils. Bart, however, decides to stay in Hell and starts to dance with the devils. The Old Blue Mayor She Ain't What She Used To Be WABF20
625 November 19, 2017
The Shrimpsons 48.png

The Shrimpsons 55.png
Based on "The Shrimpsons" opening sequence, the Simpson family (as fish) swim into their underwater living room, which is decorated with coral, underwater plants, and other decorations that are from the coral reef, and sit on the couch. Suddenly, a fishing hook grabs the couch with the family in tow, and is raised to the surface, where Ned Flanders grabs the couch and says, "Okily dokily!" as he places them inside a lobster cage. Once in it, Homer says, "Aw, our own home." However, a few lobsters are seen crawling towards the family. Singin' In The Lane WABF21
626 December 3, 2017
S29e08 couch gag (1).PNG

S29e08 couch gag.PNG

S29e08 couch gag (2).PNG

S29e08 couch gag (3).PNG
The Simpsons sit on the couch as usual, but turns into a figure similar to the Lincoln Memorial, and then is seen as a Lincoln coin. Mr. Burns then presents this to Homer as his raise, to which Homer says, "D'oh!" Mr. Lisa's Opus XABF01
627 December 10, 2017
S29e09 couch gag (32).PNG

S29e09 couch gag (34).PNG

S29e09 couch gag (36).PNG

S29e09 couch gag (38).PNG
The Simpsons run in and sit on the couch as usual, but they suddenly pop like popcorn, and are placed on a string, which is then wrapped around the tree. Homer yells, "D'oh!"

(NOTE: In some versions of this couch gag, the family is in their Christmas attire (elf costumes), but in others, they're just in their regular outfits.)

Gone Boy XABF02
628 January 7, 2018 None (shortened intro) Haw-Haw Land XABF03
629 January 14, 2018
S29e11 couch 2.PNG

S29e11 couch 6.PNG
The couch gives birth to a baby couch, but Homer drops the baby couch and Maggie sits on it. Frink Gets Testy XABF04
630 March 18, 2018 None (shortened intro) Homer Is Where the Art Isn't XABF05
631 March 25, 2018
Your Face Couch Gag family.png
Homer's Face couch gag 3 Scenes Plus a Tag from a Marriage XABF06
632 April 1, 2018
S29e14 couch (1).PNG

S29e14 couch (4).PNG

S29e14 couch (7).PNG
Museum of television. Fears of a Clown XABF08
633 April 8, 2018
S29e15 couch gag.PNG
Someone connects the dots The Simpson (plus Homer with 3 eyes) and as he finishes, Homer is seen 3-eyed and yells "D'oh!". No Good Read Goes Unpunished XABF07
634 April 15, 2018 None (Shortened intro) King Leer
635 April 22, 2018 None (Due to Lisa extended sax before skip the couch gags) Lisa Get the Blues XABF11
636 April 29, 2018 None (Shortened intro) Forgive and Regret XABF09
637 May 6, 2018
S29e19 Ferris Wheel Couch Gags.png
S29e19 Ferris Wheel Couch Gags 2.png
S29e19 Ferris Wheel Couch Gags 3.png
Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 8.42.55 PM.png
S29e19 Ferris Wheel Couch Gags 5.png
S29e19 Ferris Wheel Couch Gags 6.png
S29e19 Ferris Wheel Couch Gags 7.png
Ferris Wheel Left Behind XABF12
638 May 13, 2018
Throw Grampa from the Dane Couch Gag.png
The Simpson family gets printed out from printers, but Homer gets paper jammed, and then says "Mmm..., Jam" Throw Grampa from the Dane XABF13
639 May 20, 2018
Flanders' Ladder Couch Gag.png
The Simpson family goes to sit on the couch but the couch is not there. Marge rings a bell and Puritans starts building a wooden one. After sitting on it, Homer tries to change the channel with the remote, but one of the Puritans informs him there's no electricity, to which Homer D'ohs. Flanders' Ladder XABF14

Season 30

# Airdate Screenshot Gag Episode Code
640 September 30, 2018
Bart's Not Dead couch gag.png
A series of clips from each season is shown (for a full list, see the references page). An alien family is then seen sitting on a couch in the Star System HD 102365 - 30 Light Years Away from Earth. The adult male alien asks why Homer sounds like Walter Matthau. Bart's Not Dead XABF19
641 October 7, 2018 None (Shortened intro) Heartbreak Hotel XABF15
642 October 14, 2018
Bob's Burgers Couch Gag.png
After getting hit through the door of the Simpson house, Homer appears in Bob's Burgers, during the show's opening sequence. He gets scared at this. Meanwhile, the family look in on him and talk about Homer, wondering what he is doing. My Way or the Highway to Heaven XABF17
643 October 21, 2018 None (Halloween intro) "Treehouse of Horror XXIX XABF16
644 November 4, 2018
Baby You Can't Drive My Car Couch Gag.png
The Simpson family gets on exercise bikes, and everyone but Homer go to move around the house with them. Homer then D'ohes. Baby You Can't Drive My Car XABF18
645 November 11, 2018
From Russia Without Love Couch Gag.png
The Simpson family is inserted as toasts into the couch, transformed into a toaster, Homer gets stuck and burns out before yelling "D'oh". From Russia Without Love XABF20
646 November 18, 2018 None (Shortened intro) Werking Mom XABF21
647 November 25, 2018 None (Shortened intro) Krusty the Clown XABF22
648 December 2, 2018
Daddicus Finch Couch Gag.png
Bart, Maggie, Lisa and Marge arrive at the couch, finding Homer sleeping on it, dreaming of other opening sequences. The first, in an underwater setting, one sees Blinky flying across the title screen, then the scene at the garage sees them being mermaids, with Homer getting hit in the head by Bart, almost hit by Lisa and Marge and Maggie hitting him and swimming with him inside. Then on the couch we see Homer sleeping again, dreaming of the second sequence. The second sees Three-eyed crow flying across the title screen, sees the normal sequence at the garage, pencil-drawn. They then arrive at the couch with Homer sleeping, starting the third sequence. The third one sees just the couch sequence with the family as atoms. The sequences then go back to the first one, to see Homer waking up and the rest staring at him, to which Homer says "Sorry, no room." and goes back to sleep. Daddicus Finch YABF01
649 December 9, 2018
'Tis the 30th Season Couch Gag.png
Marge, Lisa, Maggie and Bart are upside down on the ceiling. When wampa-Homer comes to attack them, Bart uses the force to grab the light saber and cut its hand. The monster reattaches it and hugs Marge, and they all say "Merry Christmas", and then the wampa's hand comes off once again. 'Tis the 30th Season YABF02
650 January 6, 2019
Mad About the Toy Couch Gag.png
The Simpson family are at a football game, where on the sidelines they sit on the couch, dressed as football players, and Homer spins Maggie on his fingers, and then gets congratulated by the public. Mad About the Toy YABF03
651 January 13, 2019
The Girl on the Bus Couch Gag.png
The Simpson family arrives to find Thanos on the couch. Maggie gives him her pacifier which he places on his Infinity Gauntlet, proceeding to vaporize the family, except Maggie, who joins him on the couch. The gauntlet proceeds to suck on the pacifier as they get comfortable to watch tv. The Girl on The Bus YABF04
652 February 10, 2019
I'm Dancing As Fat As I Can Couch Gag.png
The family arrive at the couch, where a heart shaped chocolate box is located, and fill the spot in it. Mr. Burns grabs Homer and tries to eat him, just to spit him out in disgust and Homer D'ohes. I'm Dancing As Fat As I Can YABF06
653 February 17, 2019 None (Shortened intro) The Clown Stays in the Picture YABF05
654 March 3, 2019 The Simpson family arrives on the couch as cups, with cup fillers on top filling them. Duff Beer for Homer, Diet Buzz for Marge, lemonade for Lisa, Baby Buzz for Maggie and Buzz Cola for Bart. Homer's cup overflow and he falls on the floor, saying "Refill". 101 Mitigations YABF07
655 March 10, 2019 Homer and Marge are participating at the Pyramid game show. Phrase is "Things a couch would say". Marge starts with "You sit on me, there's a remote in my crack.", Homer answers "Uh, problems I have.". Marge suggests "I could use a slip cover.", to which Homer answers "Uh, things your sister would say.". Finally, Marge says "Uh, you haven't replaced me since 1989." and Homer suggests correctly "Things a couch would say.", and Marge says "Yes." with the crowd cheering. I Want You (She's So Heavy) YABF08
656 March 17, 2019 None (Shortened intro) E My Sports YABF09
657 March 24, 2019 None (Shortened intro) Bart vs. Itchy & Scratchy YABF10
658 March 31, 2019 Homer arrives at the couch, with the whole scene, except him, in black and white, then he D'ohes. Girl's in the Band YABF11
659 April 7, 2019 Bart, Maggie, and Lisa star in the opening of "My Three Kids", with Groundskeeper Willie as angry Uncle Angus I'm Just a Girl Who Can't Say D'oh YABF12
660 April 28, 2019 repeat of LABF02's couch gag D'oh Canada YABF14
661 May 5, 2019 None (Shortened intro) Woo-hoo Dunnit? YABF15
662 May 12, 2019 The family arrives at the couch, but the room looks made of paper, they touch it to check it. Homer doesn't notice and tries to sit on the couch, falling beyond the paper on the stage Crystal Blue-Haired Persuasion YABF16

Season 31

# Airdate Screenshot Gag Episode Code
663 September 29, 2019