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The springfield swoop gag is a gag that appears after the beginning of the intro, the title screen gags.
We see the nuclear power plant, tire fire and the duff factory. we also see BBL tower.
[[File:Springfield in the 90's.JPG|thumb|220x220px|springfield in the 90's and 2000's]]
[[File:New springfield.JPG|thumb|220x220px|springfield in hd]]
Bart the Genius: we swoop in in-between the segments of Springfield and also see the usual spark effect to transition into the start of the video documentary, and we swoop off to Springfield elementary school.
Homer's Odyssey: Exactly like on Bart the Genius , but its a little darker.
There's No Disgrace Like Home: It is cut-short, beginning with the P. The background is scratched out and the power plant & tire fire is tinted in Carolina blue. After the P, a choir singing the tune can be heard while it plays. Also, the Springfield words is soft.
Bart the General: The entrance sign of the power plant has the words in orange.
Moaning Lisa: the entrance sign of the power plant is snow white, glowing in violet.
The Call of the Simpsons: the entrance sign of the power plant is at a smooth rate, the background is a bit slim, and the P fades in a little faster.
The Telltale Head: The animation is a little slower, the background is oxford blue, and the entrance sign is in a lighter shade of aquamarine. Also, the Springfield words is at the top of the screen rather than the middle .
Life on the Fast Lane: At the beginning, the logo animates in the blue sky atmosphere background. When the music ends, the swoop fades out.
Homer's Night Out: In order for the swoop to keep in time with the opening song, the writing of the entrance sign is delayed for a few seconds. Later prints have the ''Moaning Lisa'' variant
The Crepes of Wrath: It is stretched a little bit.
Krusty Gets Busted: The 1995 CGI logo animates as normal, but after the camera is zoomed in, the camera zooms back and fades to the elementary school.
Some Enchanted Evening: Cats meow to the music
Bart Gets an "F": It moves into an underwater scene.
Treehouse of Horror: As the P fades into the swoop, the background is a CGI jungle, normally a predator reference
One Monster in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish: It is mechanized and the entrance sign is replaced by a gear. Then, the power plant dismantles itself. On standard quality, it segues into the opening credits. On the HD version, the 1985 fanfare is used, along with different sound effects when the power plant is dismantled, plus it zooms out.
Dead Putting Society: Same as the ''Treehouse of Horror'' variant, but the P fades into space.
Bart the Dare-devil : After the title screen, Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie, and Abe play the tune on kazoos while it plays.
Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment : We start with the swoop. Then, at the bottom, a four-pointed dust rises up, splits and explodes like fireworks revealing part of the sky. The last first rises up and explodes revealing the sky.

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