This is a list of television advertisements in which The Simpsons have appeared in.

Butterfinger (1988-2007)

A total of 29 Butterfinger Simpsons commercials were made. All but Plastic underwear have Bart in them.

# First Aired Title Length Description Screenshot
1 1988 No Teasing 30 seconds Bart teases Lisa about having the last Butterfinger in the house.
2 1988 The Butterfinger Group 30 seconds Bart and Milhouse argue about the existence of The Butterfinger Group.
250px-The Butterfinger Group
3 1991 The Bully 30 seconds Nelson tries to steal Bart's Butterfinger, but fails to.
4 1991 Butterfinger on a Stick Bart attempts to eat his Butterfinger Ice Cream Bar, but Maggie decides to eat it.
Butterfinger Maggie's stick
5 1991 Therapy 30 seconds Bart is in therapy with Dr. Marvin Monroe, who is showing Bart a few inkblot cards. Bart responds he only sees Butterfinger. Dr. Monroe tells Bart to give up his candy, that they can start by giving it to him. Monroe tries to take the candy bar by force, but Bart manages to escape from the office on his skateboard.
Butterfinger Monroe
6 1991 The Shock 15 seconds Homer tries to steal Bart's Butterfinger, not knowing it's wired to an electrical current.
7 1991 Butterfinger Ice Cream Bars 15 seconds Bart has gotten to Apu's shipment of Butterfinger Ice Cream Bars before everyone else. Apu then throws him out for doing it.
8 1992 The Pacifier 15 seconds Homer wants Bart to give him his Butterfinger, but instead he gets Maggie's pacifier.
9 1992 The Last Butterfinger 30 seconds Homer and Bart race to get the last Butterfinger in the supermarket. Homer almost gets it, but trips on a cart, giving enough time for Bart to catch it.
10 1992 Bart's Karate Lesson 30 seconds Akira tries to take Bart's Butterfinger, but Bart stops him by using his karate skills.
11 1992 Best Friend Bart stops Milhouse from eating a Butterfinger Ice Cream Nugget.
Butterfinger Best Friend
12 1992 Good vs. Evil 15 seconds Bart's conscience decides whether he should share or eat his Butterfinger BB's.
13 1992 Bart's Homework 15 seconds Lisa tries to help Bart with his math homework.
14 1993 The Beach 15 seconds Bart takes Homer's Butterfinger while he's buried under sand.
15 1993 Bart's Locker 30 seconds At school, Seymour Skinner and Edna Krabappel try to get Bart's Butterfingers in his locker, but Bart locks them in there.
Butterfinger ednaandskinner
16 1993 I've Been Robbed 30 seconds Someone steals Bart's Butterfingers.

Note: The suspects were Otto, Lisa, Krusty, Nelson, Mr. Burns, and Homer.

17 1993 Crime of the Century 30 seconds The thief is revealed to be Krusty the Clown.
18 1993 The Dog Biscuit 30 seconds Bart tricks Homer into eating a dog biscuit during a power outage.
Butterfinger dogtreat
19 1994 The Raid 30 seconds Bart has a nightmare in which the rest of the cast steals his Butterfinger BB's.
20 1992 Maggie's Party 15 seconds Maggie is having a party while Bart eats his Butterfinger.
Maggie's Party
21 1997 Hit a Homer 15 seconds Bart hits a "Homer" in baseball when Homer tries to steal his Butterfinger.
22 1998 Philosophy 16 seconds Martin tells Bart to share his Butterfinger BBs with him.
23 1998 Carnival 30 seconds Homer wants to trade Bart's Butterfinger for a stuffed poodle. Second time in the Butterfinger commercial series Homer says "Why you little!"
24 1998 Aliens 31 seconds Bart has been abducted by Kang and Kodos, who are confused about his Butterfinger. Bart then takes them to his leader, Homer, who gets abducted while Bart is set free.
25 1999 Smell Your Breath 15 seconds Bart once again won't let Homer have any of his Butterfingers.
26 1999 A to Z 30 seconds Bart and Lisa tease Homer with Butterfinger BB's while he's trying to read to Maggie. Note 1 of 2 Butterfinger commercials where Homer says "Why you little!"
27 1999 Itchy & Scratchy's "500 Easy Pieces" 15 seconds Bart watches an Itchy & Scratchy cartoon entitled "500 Easy Pieces" featuring a Butterfinger bar.
28 1999 Plastic Underwear 15 seconds Grampa is woken by the crunching sound of a Butterfinger eaten by Lisa. Note: This is the only Butterfinger commercial Bart doesn't appear in.
Plastic Underwear -Butterfinger Commercial
29 2000 Butterfingeritis 15 seconds Bart discovers that he has a disease called Butterfingeritis.
30 2001 Bart's Nightmare 15 seconds Bart has a nightmare that the Kwik-E-Mart is out of Butterfingers.
Bart's Nightmare (Butterfinger commercial)
31 2001 & 2002 Homer Holer 15 seconds Homer digs a Butterfinger BB. [1]
32 2007 No Teasing 30 seconds Bart gets in trouble for taking his Butterfinger [2]
33 2007 Itchy & Scrathy: Butterfinger Test n/a Itchy does a butterfinger test. n/a
34 March 2007 Dinner Butterfinger n/a Bart orders a "Squid & Shark" with Butterfinger Special. n/a
35 Unaired in UK Dougnut Trail n/a n/a n/a

Burger King

First Aired Length Description Screenshot
1990 30 seconds Lisa is playing by herself in the living room, when suddenly Bart shows up with his laser gun toy to bug Lisa. Lisa puts down Bart with her smart talk, so they booth end up arguing. Homer shows up to separate them. (Production code MC24, title "Burger King Toys")
October, 2001 30 seconds Homer tries to steal Bart's float that turns toungues black.
October, 2002 30 seconds Kang and Kodos come to the Simpsons house to steal Bart and Lisa's Freaky Floats.
February 1, 2003 30 seconds Homer wins a burger-eating competition.
2007 30 seconds Homer is watching TV, when strange forces start to drag him and slam him against the wall and ceiling.
July 22, 2007 1 minute Kang and Kodos, dressed as Burger King employees, turn everyone in town into a Simpsons character that they resemble.
July, 2007 32 seconds Krusty begs everyone to buy the Krusty Burger and not the Whopper.
July, 2007 29 seconds Homer has trouble advertising the Ultimate Double Whopper.

CC's Chips (1998)

Only a total of 6 CC's chips ads were produced for The Simpsons. All of them have Bart and Homer.


Dare Number Description
Homer runs through the Power Plant naked, but he trips on a power chord and causes a town-wide blackout.
Homer skydives from a plane and must land safely, but lands in a trampoline factory and bounces back up to the plane. Homer grabs Bart's chips, but Bart opens Homer's parachute, sending him flying backwards.
Homer must escape from a water tank while straight-jacketed and chained.
Homer has to jump off a cliff into the ocean. As soon as he emerges from the water, he sees his swimming trunks has come off.
As part of the dare, Bart performs a magic trick by cutting Homer in three. However, Homer can't eat the chips while separated.
Homer must walk across the burning coals, but Bart has not lit them yet.

C. C. Lemon (2000-2002)

# First Aired Title Length Description Screenshot
1 2001 Watching TV 15 seconds The Simpsons watching TV as a family, and enjoying CC Lemon.
2 2001 Homer and Bart Without Clothes 15 seconds Homer and Bart are naked in the kitchen. The last shot shows the entire family wearing nothing but towels.
3 2001 The Forgetting Family 15 seconds Bart, Lisa and Homer each forget something while drinking CC Lemon.
4 2001 Baseball Stadium 15 seconds Homer orders a 500mL CC Lemon at a baseball game, but his family drinks it all before he can get any.
5 2001 Homer Surfing at the Beach 30 seconds A sleeping Homer wins a surf competition.

Other advertisements

First Aired Product Length Description Screenshot
1991 The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants 20 seconds Bart plays The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants on his NES past his bedtime, much to Homer's annoyance.
1991 Bart vs. the World and Bart Simpson's Escape from Camp Deadly 30 seconds It starts with a reminder that previously Bart was playing Bart vs. the Space Mutants. Then he changes the cartridge to Bart vs. the World. Homer walks in and sends Bart to cut the grass. Bart goes there, and pulls out a Game Boy with the game Bart Simpson's Escape from Camp Deadly. Homer sees him, and takes it away. On the last shot Bart walks into his room, and finds Homer, Lisa, and Maggie playing video games.

KFC: The Big Steal (aired in Canada)

30 seconds Homer, getting a bucket and a free 2-liter 7-Up (as part of an actual promotion KFC offered) with it, thinks he's stealing it. (Later aired in Australia in 1998)
1993 KFC: Sneaking from Sector 7G (aired in Canada) 30 seconds Homer sneaks from his control room in Sector 7G to the KFC across the street, only to find that Mr. Burns has gotten there ahead of him. Mr. Burns looks over his popcorn chicken meal, which much to his surprise includes a collector's cup with Homer's face on it. (Another actual promotion that KFC offered)
Simpsons kfc 2
1993 T.G.I. Friday's 30 seconds Homer sits on the couch, dreaming about T.G.I. Friday's Christmas appetizer.
1994 Ramada Inn 30 seconds Bart and Lisa repeatedly bug Homer on a long car trip to said hotel. The ad also discusses a promotion which offered free Simpsons-themed products.
1995 Church's Chicken 30 seconds Homer, at a picnic, runs away from Jimbo, Dolph, and Kearney with a football stuck to his hand.
1995 Church's Chicken 30 seconds Homer uses Bart's piggy bank to buy food at Church's Chicken. He flies through a local Church's Chicken (via a church's chicken truck) with a meal, which lands in Bart's hands, alongside his piggy bank.
1996 1-800-COLLECT 30 seconds Homer visits the Grand Canyon and attempts to phone Bart. Unfortunately for Homer, Bart rejects the call and Homer says Why you little!
1996 Vizir detergent: Supermarket 37 seconds Marge has her family strip so she can do their laundry. (This ad, aired only in France, uses the voice actors who dub the show into French) Note: This is the only time that Lisa is naked on screen.
1997 Vizir detergent: Homer Stains 40 seconds Marge cleans a stain on Homer's shirt. (Also aired only in France).
1997 Doritos 30 seconds Homer is impatiently waiting for his snack break, so he can eat his Doritos. Unfortunately, his snack break isn't long enough to finish the bag. Aired only in the Netherlands.
1998 Intel Pentium II 30 seconds Homer becomes a genius after a Pentium II processor is implanted in his brain.
Teletoon varies Several scenes of Homer sitting on his couch watching TV, spoofing the Adidas ads, each ad ending with "Long Live Couches", followed by the Teletoon logo, with at the bottom of the screen. [3]
2002 Sabritas Lay's (Mexico) 30 seconds The family are at a soccer game, where everybody is eating random chips produced by Lay's. Homer ask why none is doing anything, so he decides to go and ask the players. He slips and lands just next to them.
April, 2002 No Problemos 30 seconds Bart uses Santa's Little Helper and a lasso to get back at Homer for stealing the milk for his No Problemos cereal (Only shown in the UK). [4]
April, 2002 No Problemos Part Two 30 seconds Bart turns the tables on Homer for stealing the milk for his No Problemos cereal (Only shown in the UK). [5]
2003 Ritz Bits 30 Seconds Comic Book Guy wants Bart's Ritz Bits. So, he trades Bart a chocolate Radioactive Man and Issue #1 of Radioactive Man. Bart then gives him the Ritz Bits box. Then Comic Book Guy sarcastically says, "Hello, this box is empty." Bart then replies "You said the box." Comic Book Guy then says "Worst trade ever!" and rips his pants.
February 1, 2004 MasterCard 30 seconds Homer runs various errands, to the classic MasterCard scripting of "tangible item: price, tangible item: price, tangible item: price, intangible item/concept: priceless".
February 13, 2006 Domino's Pizza 30 seconds A new "Ay carumba spicy fajita pizza" is delivered to the Simpsons door and as Homer lays it on the table everyone quickly grabs a slice.
2006 Sabritas Lay's (Mexico) 30 seconds Bart removes a Pog (Tazo) from a Lay's bag, and starts to play by slamming it to a pile of Tazos. He is doing so great that it impresses all the children. Even Jessica Lovejoy kisses him.
February 14, 2007 Subway 30 seconds Homer gets a subway sandwich, and Bart takes it away. [6]
2007 Renault Kangoo 20 seconds The Simpsons try out the new Renault Kangoo II. Only aired in various European countries, an English version of this commercial doesn't exist.
October, 2007 The Simpsons Game n/a Krusty gives info on the game and is furious that he isn't in it.
October, 2007 The Simpsons Game n/a Bart asks Homer if he can buy the video game and Homer is affected by video game laws of physics. [7]
December, 2007 Mister Donut (Japan) 15 seconds Some Springfield characters silhouettes are seen in a movie theater. On the screen a mini ad of Mr Donuts shows, where a donut falls and homer chases after it. The next is a zoom into the movie theater screen with an image advertising the Simpsons Movie. Then we see the Simpsons praying on the table on Christmas time. Homer interrupts saying how much he loves Christmas, specially donut ice cream. Bart wonders how they do it.
February 7, 2010 Coca-Cola: Hard Times 1 minute Mr. Burns is affected by the recession, and is forced to sell his wealth. He goes to the park really sad, but he notices every one is happy while Apu offers to him a coke. It end with Milhouse hitting a Coke bottle, and then he apologizes.
2012 Wonderful Pistachios (Get Crackin') 18 seconds Bart is slingshotting pistachios at Homer, who attempts to catch them in his mouth.
2012 Sabritas Lay's (Mexico) 22 seconds A group of kids are playing Tazos (Pogs) right outside the Simpsons house. Bart comes out on his skateboard shooting pogs with his special pog gun. While doing stunts, Bast throws a big Tazo that bounces on many places, and lands knocking everybody's tazos, making Bart the winner.
2012 The Simpsons: Tapped Out 1 minute A large shadow cast over Springfield while every person goes on their normal life.The large shadow turns to be a giant finger that lifts the Simpson's house as Homer is awaken by the rumbling noise. This Homer flees in terror, but falling buildings block his path. Scared, Homer looks up and ask: "Why are you doing this?". The screen zooms out of a tablet which another Homer is using. The large Homer replies that he just wants to tap in game Homer, to get free donuts.
2012 The Simpsons: Tapped Out Christmas 2012 Update 20 seconds Santa Homer is giving tablet computers to a few kids who are on a snowy field. After a game update explanation by a narrator, Homer flies away on a sleigh that Bart smashed while playing on his tablet.
2013 The Simpsons: Tapped Out 1 minute A man who has recently got a higher job promotion,starts to play Tapped Out. While making his in game Homer very happy, the man stops taking care of his looks, his job, and his family. At the end the man looses it all, and ends up living under a bridge still playing the game.
2013 The Simpsons: Tapped Out Halloween 2013 Update 15 seconds Maude Flanders ghost appears to the Simpsons. After scaring them, she ask if they are ready.
2013 The Simpsons: Tapped Out Christmas 2013 Update 20 seconds Homer, Krusty, Apu, Dr. Hibbert, and Rev. Lovejoy throw down presents to kids while riding Santa's sleigh.
2015 Wonderful Pistachios 15 seconds Bart uses a slingshot to feed Pistachios to Homer.


First Aired Length Description Screenshot
1992 30 seconds The Family walks next to the car at the end of the ad, as the announcer say the car is a welcome addition to the family...any family.
1993 30 seconds Homer sees Ned Flanders throw a rag at Bart's face while washing the car. Bart gets mad, and Homer tells Ned about his car. Bart bends the hose, to hold the water, as a revenge with Homer. At the same time Flanders shows Homer about his new car too. At the end the hose splashes a lot of water on Homer's face, which makes him to chase after Bart.
1993 30 seconds Homer goes to show Abe his new car, but Abe yells at Homer for not knowing how to spend his money. Homer tell him it is a Corola, and grandpa gets happy, driving away with Bart on the car.


  • The Complete Second Season
    • Butterfinger - No Teasing
    • Butterfinger - The Bully
    • Butterfinger - The Shock
  • The Complete Third Season
    • Butterfinger - One Less Sister
    • Butterfinger - Good Bart, Bad Bart
    • Butterfinger - Akira, Best Friend
    • Butterfinger - Big Surprise
    • Butterfinger - The Last Butterfinger
  • The Complete Fourth Season
    • Compulsion
    • Unforgettable Classics
    • Butterfinger - The Beach
    • KFC - The Big Steal
  • The Complete Fifth Season
    • Butterfinger - I've Been Robbed
    • Butterfinger - Crime of the Century
    • T.G.I. Friday's
    • Ramada Inn
  • The Complete Sixth Season
    • Church's Chicken - Picnic
    • Church's Chicken - Piggy Bank
    • 1-800-COLLECT
  • The Complete Ninth Season
    • Butterfinger - Aliens
    • Butterfinger - Hit A Homer
    • Butterfinger - Philosophy
    • CC's Chips Australia - Parachutist
    • CC's Chips Australia - Homerdini
  • The Complete Tenth Season
    • CC's Chips Australia - Hot Foot
    • CC's Chips Australia - Homer Saw
    • CC's Chips Australia - Cliff Diver
    • CC's Chips Australia - Streaker
    • Butterfinger - Carnival
    • Butterfinger - Two Of A Kind
    • Butterfinger - 500 Easy Pieces
    • Butterfinger - Bonecracking (Knee Popping/Osteoporosis/Plastic Underwear)
    • Butterfinger - ABC's
    • Intel Pentium II - Homer's Smarter Brain
  • The Complete Twelfth Season
    • Butterfinger - Butterfingeritis
    • Butterfinger - Bart's Nightmare
    • Burger King - Spaced Homer
    • Red Rooster - Loungarama
  • The Complete Thirteenth Season
    • Burger King - Lines Man
    • Burger King - Trick or Treat
    • Burger King - Springfield Hamburger
    • Burger King - Simpsons Watch
    • Sabritas Lay's (Mexico Only)
  • The Complete Fifteenth Season
    • Ritz Bits - Smart Trade
    • MasterCard
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