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A line of video games have been made based on The Simpsons' and its characters, particularly the eponymous family, due to the show's popularity. To date, 24 games have been developed and published by numerous video game companies. Although the first association of the Simpsons in gaming began with an LCD game titled Bart Simpson's Cupcake Crisis, The Simpsons Arcade Game by Konami released in Arcade and DOS was the first video game for the franchise.

  1. The Simpsons Arcade Game (1991)
  2. Bart vs. the Space Mutants (1991)
  3. Bart Simpson's Escape from Camp Deadly (1991)
  4. Bart vs. the World (1991)
  5. Bart's House of Weirdness (1991)
  6. Bart vs. The Juggernauts (1992)
  7. Krusty's Fun House (1992)
  8. Bartman Meets Radioactive Man (1992)
  9. Bart's Nightmare (1993)
  10. Itchy & Scratchy in Miniature Golf Madness (1993)
  11. Bart & the Beanstalk (1994)
  12. Virtual Bart (1994)
  13. The Itchy & Scratchy Game (1995)
  14. The Simpsons Cartoon Studio (1996)
  15. Virtual Springfield (1997)
  16. The Simpsons Bowling (2000)
  17. The Simpsons Wrestling (2001)
  18. The Simpsons: Night of the Living Treehouse of Horror (2001)
  19. The Simpsons Road Rage (2001)
  20. The Simpsons Skateboarding (2002)
  21. The Simpsons: Hit and Run (2003)
  22. The Simpsons: Minutes to Meltdown (2007)
  23. The Simpsons: Itchy & Scratchy Land (2009)
  24. The Simpsons Arcade (2009)
  25. The Simpsons Game (2007)
  26. The Simpsons: Tapped Out (2012)
  27. LEGO Dimensions (2015)

Simpsons video games have spanned all sorts of video game genres and systems, including The Simpsons: Hit & Run, The Simpsons Road Rage, The Simpsons Skateboarding, The Simpsons: Virtual Springfield, The Simpsons: Bart vs. The Juggernauts and Krusty's Fun House. The recent generation has been somewhat more well received by the general public, starting with The Simpsons Road Rage (based on Crazy Taxi): There have been two Simpsons pinball games; one released after the first season, and the other still available.

Vivendi Universal Games, the publisher of recent Simpsons games, announced shortly after the release of The Simpsons: Hit and Run that there was a sequel in the works. However, no news or any development has been announced since then. The plans by Vivendi to create a sequel were no doubt cancelled when Electronic Arts announced in November 2005, that they would purchase the exclusive licensing rights to publish future Simpsons video game titles, including a potential tie-in to the upcoming Simpsons feature film, as Electronic Arts has successfully overseen many film-to-video game projects.ref

In May 2007, EA announced the release of a new title, The Simpsons Game, expanding the franchise to consoles including the Wii, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 3.[2] Also in May 2007, Microsoft announced the release of a limited-edition The Simpsons Xbox 360. According to The Simpsons Channel, Microsoft only gave away 100 units of the promotional system.[3]




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