Treehouse of Horror XVIII
Little Orphan Millie
Husbands and Knives

Cultural references

  • This episode title is a pun on the comic strip Little Orphan Annie and Milhouse's name.
  • Uncle Norbert is a parody of Indiana Jones.
  • Adagio for Strings is played during the "dark and gloomy" scene showing the coastguards driving toward the Simpson's house. Adagio for Strings was also used for the main theme in Oliver Stone's anti-war movie Platoon. The scene itself is a parody of a scene from Saving Private Ryan, where Mrs. Ryan is informed of the death of her sons.
  • Homer's song "You're the Wilma to my Fred" is a reference to another animated sitcom, The Flintstones.
  • Part of "The Raiders March" from the Indiana Jones film, Raiders of the Lost Ark is played when Uncle Norbert flies Milhouse home in his biplane.
  • The music representing Danish culture is actually "Swedish Rhapsody No. 1" by Hugo Alfven, a Swedish composer.
  • After leaving the school bus, Bart tried Krumping. Later, Marge continues Krumping to cheer Bart up but she fails.
    • So far, The scene later became an internet meme.



  • As Bart and Milhouse roast marshmallows at the fireplace, the marshmallows change color as the camera shifts.
  • Milhouse's parents are declared lost at sea without so much as a search party being sent out. Because the ship was so far from mainland it's likely a search would've been considered impractical.


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