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The Live-action couch gag is the thirteenth and final couch gag of Season 17.


The Simpson family (played by the same live-action actors and actresses as in the live-action opening sequence that preceded this) sit on the couch as usual, and the TV credits are superimposed over the live-action TV screen.

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  • So far, this is the only couch gag of the show to be entirely in live-action.
  • This couch gag, along with the rest of the live-action opening, was taken directly from a Sky1 promotion for the show. The only difference is that in the promotion, the regular Season 2-early 20 opening sequence starts on the live-action TV screen, whereas in the original airing of "Homer Simpson, This Is Your Wife", it had the TV credits superimposed over the live-action TV screen.
  • This couch gag wasn't seen on some channels in Canada with the original airing for unspecified reasons. The couch gag wasn't also seen on the first airing in Australia, which is unknown why it was never aired in those countries outside of the US and the UK.
  • Syndicated reruns of "Homer Simpson, This Is Your Wife" on both Fox and FXX use the Kebab Grill couch gag instead of this couch gag for unknown reasons.
  • The animated couch gag is also used on Disney+.
  • The footage was shot in 16:9 widescreen and cropped to 4:3 fullscreen, making this the first ever Simpsons couch gag produced in widescreen, as the show aired in 4:3 back when it aired in 2006.
  • The couch gag was filmed and set in Orpington, Kent, near London, This opening was taken directly from a Sky One promotion for the show, with the only alteration (in right-driving countries like the USA and Canada) being a mirrored flip of the scenes where Homer drives home on the right side of the road and throws the carbon rod out, and where Marge and Maggie are driving the car to show Marge driving on the left side, unlike in the UK. The original can be seen on YouTube.

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